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if i'm not on here... i'm eating, sleeping, doing college work, talking to my girlfriend, and of course... play soccer around town...


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J. fett wrote:

I'm new here and my favorite thing about boba is his determination. i think i spelt that wrong

Very good point. When Fett makes up his mind to do something, it'll get done. THAT'S determination...

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I love my kitties!!! I have two brown/tan/black sweeties and a new one thats gray/white mix. My favorite is Chewie (chewbacca)...named her that cause she has hair that sticks way outa her ears...lol



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i'm at the beach & I miss my girlfriend... I wish she were here!!!  ilu Natalie!


Very true... his collection of gizmos and weapons and the sort exceed all of the other characters in sw. And I agree with the other guys... sticking to the weapon you know...makes sure you're the most effective and deadly you can be. Boba rocks at that fo sho... Plus, when you get to liking your E33 blaster and nice n' handy poison darts, why change? (its like how i'm attached to my car)



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Heh, and you're just joining us! Yeah, I agree with cloneapart...nice collection! You're a Fett fan so you'll fit right in here on the boards. Welcome and glad to have ya aboard...


The Cloner wrote:

I think both of them did something like that.

Nothing's wrong with Fixer, he's a pure and uncomplicated soldier, he's the second-in-command of your squad and he aims better than Scorch!

I hope Sev didn't die, he aims even better than Fixer.

Yes, I think thats why he's my least favorite of the squad. He's "pure and uncomplicated"... One big thing about the others is that they have their own little quirk. I absolutely love Sevs attitude...that dull humor that cracks jokes his killing spree. Scorch is the goofball that loves to see the fireworks and blow it all to oblivion. Boss brings a little bit of each of these in a combo that brings the squad together. And Fixer.... he's just there... I find it hard to describe him or to relate to him. Maybe thats why I view him like I do...


Werda Verd wrote:

lol--just good like that.....jk. yeah. But Scorch blows crap up, Sev blows people heads off, and you play as Boss. Fixer just, does computer stuff. whatever that means. but he was cool, at times. And he's a commando, which automatically makes him better than, like, almost everyone. ever. anywhere.

He lacks a sense of humor... I don't remember him laughing much with the other commandos in the game. He seems to me somewhat of a "goody goody" and stricto ratter...if ya catch my drift. He follows everything by the manual and any creative or inventive methods he's quick to scoff at 'em. He reminds me of one of those people who needs to loosen up and take a chill pill... the friend that when he's around, everything gets quiet and things aren't as fun anymore. Anyone agree with me? (btw, we are talking about Fixer)


Back to subject,  Did Sev really die? and, Who was your favorite character in this game?


Sadriel_Fett wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:

yeah, and you move WAY too fast!! can't even keep my gun on target half the time. not enough people, etc. I suck online,

Yeah, you do move a lot faster when you're doing multiplayer.  I noticed when you switch to your pistol you really can truck a lot faster than with your rifle, but when you switch back to you rifle you slow down pretty quick.  That helped crossing distances pretty quick, if you spawn on the other side of the map or something.  But if you run into an enemy while you're running back, you're pretty much hosed becasue they outgun you, before you can switch back.

Moving fast is the name of the game on multiplayer. A person can't kill you before you change weapons...unless you happen to turn a corner and they have a shotgun to your head. Especially if you have a scroll button on your mouse...changing weapons is cake. Multiplayer can be annoying the first couple of times you play it, but once you get the hang of it and get sorta good at it...it rocks! There are plenty of people playing it...there's maps with 30-40 people in them, which is plenty for the maps provided. By the way, private message me if you want to get a multiplayer game together... TheCloner already buzzed me and we're planning on getting a game together sometime soon... Teaming up and playing multiplayer with other Fett fans will rock if we can get it together!

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Fett_II wrote:

i get the feeling there's been a topic about this, but i'm gonna post anyways.

Yeah, there was an old topic on this... I think i've changed my mind since then, so... Ol' Palpy has me wanting to have zappers built into my fingers. I would go sit on a bench in the mall and zap fat bottom girls as they walked by...heheh...that would be soo much fun!!!! (plus of course annihilate anyone that annoys me)

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What!?!?!?  sorry, never heard of it in my entire life... (is it anime?)



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Doggg,  that cars a BEAST!!! It looks like it could fly (literally), to be honest...



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the Ewoks weren't my favorite... but by far they weren't the worst. I do find it hard to believe they took out the "legion of my best troops" as ol' palpy described them. The only thing I can think is that there were a WHOLE BUNCH of those lil jokers...lol.    Alright alright...back on subject.  I still think Jar-Jar surpassed any character in stupidity...



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Terron wrote:
Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Crossover: Destroy Jango Fett with Boba Fett.

I don't know what to say to that one.  Any thoughts?

A sick sense of humour, should I say?

Agreed... and I've never heard of that "Love is...." achievement thing....???


The Cloner wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:

I like being with my brothers more. i know it was supposed to be like that, but....it was well made, but i liked Geonosis and Kashyyk more.

Niner? wrong squad, vod

Sorry, for some reason I always say Niner when I mean to say Fixer. And vice versa.

It is easy to get them mixed up...they're soo much alike.

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AA... you get 9/10    Bane has a seriously sinister look to him....

Yeah, I think it would pretty much suck to hear him say... "Goodbye..." as he pointed any one of his weapons to your head. I think it might be even worse if he suddenly yelled "BANG!!" when he had it up to your head and didn't actually fire...lol. That would be enough to make anyone wet their pants...


Kashyyk is where my avatar came from... I think I probably liked those levels the most... It was the best world to play on. .................................btw, I HATE IT WHEN YOUR SQUADMATES GET IN THE WAY!!! (stupid ai)

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Its paint....that resembles blood in a very menacing way. SEV ROCKS!!!



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LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you Aaron!!! Who came up with such a cool idea anyway?

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The Cloner wrote:

I once wanted to see what would happen if you attacked and killed your squadmates. First they just make angry or surprised comments, but soon they cut contact with you, Niner becomes the boss (I think) and they start shooting you. I don't know what happens if you kill all of them and do the mission alone, though. I loaded an earlier save.

I don't think its possible to kill them all then finish the mission alone. When you get the the arrows (the end of a level), if you don't have all of your squad members alive, it won't let you pass and finish the level. I also don't think its possible to kill all of your squad mates before they kill you... unless you were some uber-commando...lol



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hmmm... I've never thought of their similarities, but you're right. I think their character/attitudes are a bit different...but they do have alota the same equipment. (i must think about this more...)


Valthonin wrote:
Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Maybe if we gave him a crest and the power of the sun...


Thats a little random... What's your opinion? Wings or Jetpack?


The Cloner wrote:

And by the way, saving as many clones as you can was fun.

Thats interesting... My dark-side tendencies got ahold of me one time i guess and I went through those first couple of level and killed every clone I came across...just for fun. lol. (btw...don't try and kill your own squad mates...they don't like it very much)