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I have to agree with Cloneapart. I wouldn't want Clinton in the White House. It might seem shameful because I am a woman, but..... In most other countrys men are dominant over women. I would personally be afraid that if a woman pres was elected it might make us look weak and they might not take us seriously, but who knows.
It will all work out : )

That would be hilarious!


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My little girl watches The Wonder Pets. OMG!!! It's a cute show but I can NEVER get that dumb song outta my head.  " The phone, the phone is ring-ing. Hold on, we'll be right there.....there's an aminal in twouble..there's an aminal in twouble somewhere." AHHHHH


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I have his entire collection. Can you believe someone was throwing all his books away??!! I found this big box on someones driveway next to the trash. (YOINK!) I took them of course and I gotta say that I really liked Desperation...and The Green Mile series.


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Went to Barstow to ride the dirtbikes!! t was sooooo cold that day. About 35 degrees or so.


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I have a T-Mobile,Plum  Samsungt509...or something like that.  I only like it cause it doesnt make a big bulgde in my back pocket. It's very slim and little.


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Hmm... I just want to be happy. Maybe own my own house aaaaand hopefully I will be much better at riding my dirtbike!

Hee hee, they should make a poster of Chewie running through the forest while looking at the camera....kind of blurry like the way they portray big foot on the National Enquirer.

Yeah, I think he could care less.


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Ambidextrous    wink


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Ahahahaha, that was rad.

It would be cool to have more people in the chat room.
It seems like people go on...have a conversation with themself and then leave hahaha.
I have!
It would be fun to have a weekly discussion or something in the chat room. Just to get more people on there.

Meh, what do I know  wink


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Go for it!!!!!
Tattoos are addicting and expensive though.


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Oh no!!

Are you letting people draw silly stuff on your cast?


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It's nice to put a name with a face. Good idea!

http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x153 … arsmug.jpg

http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x153 … 5cf4ef.jpg

http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x153 … arrrrr.jpg


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Heh heh, that was cute.


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Why thank you!
Have a safe and rockin New Years!!!!


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Meh, why not. This year I got......
Gift card to the movies
Quite a few GC to Chili's
Luke S. Lightsaber
SW Calendar
Tiffany necklace
some make up
Gift Card to Nordies
A Blue Tooth (due to the new hands free law) all of my family got one
An Easy Up and two nice camping chairs


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The cookie jars and mugs were on the aisle where all the little cheap stocking stuffers and candy canes were. I believe  it's where they keep all the fine chocolates. The rest of the Star Wars decorations are on the aisle where they keep the stockings and ornaments. I have been to several Targets and the set up is the same in all of them, so I hope you can find what you are looking for.

I wouldn't be able to choose my color....unless I was Darth Sintas, heh heh then it would be red.

I'm sure he could care less about the whole thing

Finally Macy's departmetn store has the collection of Boba Fett shirts and hoodies from Marc Ecco (sp?)! Check it out, I'm on my way to get my sweater!


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The new layout is awesome...moer people need to check it out.

OMG that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Very nice job  smile


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Sintas Vel is going to be in Revelation, and upcoming Legacy of the Force book. I know that it doesn't relate to the topic, but it still is cool.

Whaaa??? This is the first time I heard anything about it. big_smile
Tell me more!!! Yeah, Boba does have alot of tricks up his sleeve.