I remember watching what happened and thinking that so many people died for something that they didn't understand or had no part of. But then I come here and see people, especially BFFC Draco, spewing out verbal crap, trying to be a tough guy and am lost! I know that I will most likely be banned from this site and that upsets me as I love starwars and Boba Fett. But what makes u different from them when u say stupid things like that! What happened was the most shocking thing I have witnessed in my 27 years of life. But what you say is wrong, these people don't have the lives that you lead. They believe that your religion is wrong the same way you think that they are wrong. What difference is there that they killed Americans on home soil when you send a troops over there to kill insurgents on their soil. No one is right, each side loses! I cried when I saw what happened in New York but people are still dying! No-one wins!

Why are my ideas twisted? It seems to me that placing hope and trust in the invisible man is kinda screwed up, especially when the only proof you have on the subject is a book that was written by men who say the invisible man told them what to write? Twisted? No my friend, realist! We would all love to think that we are going to live forever in a paradise and there is some one looking out for us, but the reality is you make your own fate, no one is guiding you! I respect that you are a devout christian and I have said what I think is correct in my opinion. So as with most christians, there needs to be respect given back for alternate ideas and beliefs not just a flat out 'No, thats not correct".

How can you argue with science! All these people say that science is wrong yet take their meds when they are sick and give money to charities so the same people who say they are wrong can try and find a cure for cancer! These same people think that there is an invisible person that created all of life and these people listen and give money to other people that say they talk to someone that they can't prove exists! And people say I am crazy! If God is real he forgot about us a long time ago! Yet science can tell me when and how an animal died ten thousand years ago..................... which one sounds like a safer bet?


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Nice guitar man! That thing looks like it would melt ears! Cool little amp set! I had a marshall but traded it in for a Hughes and Kettner Head and bin! Thing set me back like 5 grand but it rules the school!

revan07 wrote:

Why you need a Babysitter pete?

Yeah mate, my two  year old son is a little to young to sit through something at the cinema! He sits through most of the other movies but that is at home!

I saw all the OT when they were out again in '97, I slept out for tix for TPM and spent 19 hours lined up for the first show! AOTC was 9 hours lined up and because I was in Japan for ROTS it came out a month later but I still saw the first show! Clonewars came out today but I need a babysitter! I saw TPM 7 times at the movies, AOTC I saw 5 times and 3 for ROTS! And I am hangin' for the Clonewars, saw a preview at celebration Japan an it looked rad!!!

Ummmm..... I like Australia and hope they do well but no-one is going to beat China! Also I love watching the Japanese Baseball team! The rest is kinda boring! I would rather watch grass grow then sit in front of the tele and watch people compete in sports that no- one would watch at any other time in the last four years! And Mel, its probly best not to tell the Aussie meaning! Though it's damn funny to read!


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Ummm........ when I signed up it said name..... so I put down my name......didn't know that it would be my username! If I could change it, it would be Max Power............hehehehehe!  I am so lame!

When I am not here I am hangin' with my boy Oz and my wife Shelle. We do lots of shopping at second hand stores for SW toys and stuff, always looking for that diamond for a dollar! I write childrens stories and also songs for my band in Australia and my own solo project! Have a circle pit in my living room with my son with The Neckromantix blearing! I play golf on occasion and darts as well! I have also started a new hobby of trying to make my own margaritas, so that can take up a night and most of the next day if they are good! Sides that........... texas hold 'em and my beloved Wii!!


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I understand what you are saying, and can see how compared to the US and EU that it could seem small. I just took it for what it was and was just stoked to be at one at all! I don't think that you could ever match the US because they have everything at their fingertips and there is no language barrier to get through! Glad you enjoyed meeting Jeremy as he is good guy and doesn't mind having a chat! Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! They are great people and its nice to have another person from Nippon on the site!


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Sorry to go against what you said mate, but my family travelled from Osaka and spent all three days at the convention! It was great! We had a blast everyday and we were there from open to close and we were not bored or disappointed at any stage. We went to all the shows and all the forums on collecting and about stuff released in Japan only. We meet and got pictures with Jeremy, Daniel Logan, Temura Morrison, Mark Hamill, Dave Filoni (director of the new CW movie) and Ray Park plus pictures signed by all three fetts to my son Oscar!  We spoke to Daniel for a good 15 minutes and Jeremy too. When we meet Temura, my son was cranky, as he is two, and did not want to be in a picture so he said just come back later when he is happy and grab me for a photo!!! It was really nice of him and they were all great with my son! Mark Hamill said he was the cutest Yoda he had ever seen, as Oscar had his costume on. We rode the Dewback, sat in the falcon and sat with Jabba. We saw sneak peaks of the new Clone Wars movie introduced and explained by the director Dave Filoni. We also got to see all three Fetts on stage talking together about the characters they played! We went to the VIP party where all the actors came out on stage and talked to the crowd and got some great bargins at the toy stores. The 501'st were there and where more then happy to be in a million photos with me and my son and I got a bounty hunter shirt with a bantha  skull on the front and the "Kanji for hunt for money" on the back. Over all the trip cost my family over 2 grand for the whole weekend and I don't regret spending a cent! I wish it went for a week! I am sorry you didn't enjoy it but don't paint it in a bad light cause you are cynical about Japan! It was rad!


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I love Tolkien and was a bit wary when they said that they were doing the movies! But Jackson did a great job! Would have liked to see the stuff that they missed but you cant please everyone! The books are far better then the movies but they were still great! I also love his other books, which I collect when I can spare a few thousand dollars! My prize collection is a first edition "Farmer Giles of Ham" still in the original dust jacket! It was a present and is right up there with my Osaka Tin wind-up Boba Fett as my most favorite item I own! Can't wait for the Hobbit, my wife has Smaug tattooed on her foot from the title page of the book! Looks Mad!


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My fave song is a slow song and a cover of Fleetwood Mac called "Landslide" by the Smashing  Pumpkins! Sides that on the heavy side, "Journey to the end of the East Bay" by Rancid, "Falling in Love" by NoFX and "Bored and Extremely Dangerous" by Bad Religion! Don't get the cover mixed up with the Dixichicks cover one cause they murdered it! The smashing pumpkins one is beautiful and haunting!


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The biggest pimp in star wars would be with out a doubt Prince Xizor! The dude had more style then all of Alderran put together! He had Leia under his spell in SOTE and had his own fembot in Gurri! Cant get much more pimp daddy then that!


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Dave Hughes all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlin was also great especially in the Aristocrats and Dogma!


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'The Shining' is my favorite horror, followed by 'House of a Thousand Corpses' by Rob Zombie. I am also a fan of 'Plan 9 from outerspace' and anything with Bela Lagosie (not correct spelling)! But like Draco said Highschool musical gave me nightmares for weeks! Thought Disney made kids movies!


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Werda has hit the nail on the head! Asimov is the king of sci-fi! The Foundation Saga was the highlight, followed by The Gods themselves, Little lost Robot and Caves of Steel! I also loved Farmer Giles of Ham by Tolkien and Memnoch by Anne Rice. Starwars wise, Zahn is great and the B.H Trilogy was good too! Harry Potter also gets and mention cause they are great reads! On different genres, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and The Hells Angels were great books by the late, great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson!!!!


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I snowboard, wakeboard and skate, I used to surf but it got to tough down at Burleigh Point for me! I love watching the rugby league especially the State of Origin (go Queensland) and the Brisbane Broncos. I love watching cricket and dont mind playing if there are stubbies involved! I love the Japanese Baseball League, Hanshin Tigers all the way! I am also fascinated by Sumo Wrestling! Sides that darts, but that is at bars so I don't think that can really be counted as an active sport!

Thanks Sadriel!

You may not have a big fett collection but you have two figures that I dont have so you have my respect! Good work on the shelf, where do I place orders and do you ship to Japan?


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He has got alot of my money off me but he created something that has changed the face of entertainment as we know it! So he has my respect............and my money!(did I mention that?)

I know that this is an old topic but my Toy's r us finally got them in. The question that I have to ask is that Boba has no chest emblem, is this a mistake or are all the figures world wide the same? Mine is a Japanese release.


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June 13th 1981, damn there are some youngsters here!!!

I understand what you are saying mate I am the same in the fact that I buy from dealers and that but from the pics it looks like he bought alot of stuff straight form the shelves! I am not trying to pick a fight here, its just what I believe. Everyone is entitled to do and buy what they want. Sorry if my post upset you in anyway!


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Got one last month for about $4 at toys'r'us! Its not coming out of the pack though!