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I am 195cm (6'4") and still growing taller, because I am 14 years old.

Owned you all big_smile

Space Rangers II Soundtrack, my favourite soundtrack and my favourite game

Most of you have propably never even heard of the game.. sad


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The search window is working great most of the time.

When you type in Favorite Ship the search result should be.. This
[EDIT: Argh the link stopped working!]

Fettipedia. Now this is what I've been waiting for!


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Surely this already exists.


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Excellent, should I say?


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Only one, Darth Tyranus. Just so.. Noble.
And, he has a really cool lightsaber.

I suggest we start an Ewok fan club.

Sev Fett wrote:

Ah sorry.  It's been awhile since I've played either of them so I got mixed up.  They were in KotOR II.

No problem. To tell the truth, I haven't even played KotOR II.

Sev Fett wrote:

Yah the Zeison Sha and Jal Shey were in KotOR.

Did you mean KotOR II.

Thank you.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Um if you have a mouse wheel, hold control while scrolling.

Exactly what I do.

Sev Fett wrote:
Terron wrote:
Mereel wrote:

I'd have to say Bandon's fiber armor for K1
Good protection, force powers, upgradable, looks cool

Incorrect. Using the Force when equipped with an armor = Impossible.
I tried, trust me.

Not true.  There are a few armors that do not restrict force powers.  The Zeison Sha and Jal Shey Armor.

Ahem, I was talking about Darth Bandon's fiber armor and KotOR, what the topic originally was made about.

Mereel wrote:

I forgot that I had I a mod that changed that...

Interesting... Where could I get this mod?


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Don't worry, it's not only you.

I'd prefer the 'old' style too..

Mereel wrote:

I'd have to say Bandon's fiber armor for K1
Good protection, force powers, upgradable, looks cool

Incorrect. Using the Force when equipped with an armor = Impossible.
I tried, trust me.

Heavy Exoskeleton. Protects well and (when upgraded) also adds +3 Strength and +3 Constitution.
And for a weapon, Yusanis's brand. Turns superior when fully upgraded.


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Now this is what I've been waiting for!
I'll change my avatar right away.. to a larger one

Though I'd prefer 120x120


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Valthonin wrote:

Kind of invincible dont you think?

Why would a true Jedi need blasters or thermal detonators or vibro swords?

Im sorry, I just keep seeing these uberJedi's popping up. Am I the only one with a good old fashioned Jedi who has a simple Jedi robe and a regular green lightsaber? Why does everyone have to have super rare amazing lightsabers? Or impenetrable armor?

Yes way (lol), now I agree!


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See this.. http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … =2&p=4

I think my post is up-to-date (the fifth one)


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draco fett wrote:




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green helmeted fett wrote:

Mine are mostly abba, lol. Terron can we talk in the chat room? i'm bored. thx. Sorry for spamming.

It is not spam, you know. You posted your on-topic opinion, what is most important.


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Miba wrote:

Besides, anything you start at 12 will deffinately not still be there when you're grown up

Are you trying to tell us  anything you start at like 15 (or 18) will last forever.?
No way

I know what you mean and I know you mean well but..

No offense, but you are not his mother


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My favourite bands are HIM and The Rain (the Finnish ones), and of course, Slipknot.
Not to mention T.A.T.U. Touching songs.


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Now I finally know where A_A is from!
Adeptus_Astartes definately sounds cool.. Ten points


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Si Titran wrote:

Double sabers take practice, but eventually one would get used to using them. While they have more deadly striking power, they are less pricise than the single bladed varitey.


Notification: It is not that easy to fight with a double-bladed sword.
We can't use the Force like Darth Maul does. His butterfly attacks are more like show acrobatics than fighting.
Can't say they're effective..?

As an épée fencer I fight with a single sword.
And yes, I am right-handed