Shark-like sixth sense, what would alert of nearby movement, movement behind me for example

Then why are certain reputation points of certain users deleted in silence?

A simple question, perhaps asked before, but who can delete/edit the Karma points of a user?
Admin and the Mods, I guess?

Now this is extraordinary - a new member accidentally steals my 'secondary' username.
Greetings anyway, Mordred.

My (primary!) username is straight from a game - read my signature
And I change my title very often, but Perfect Enemy is a beautiful song


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Masterchief wrote:

that is because you have a happy life....................:(

Now that is a lie


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Masterchief wrote:

It was howling in my ears , as if I was a guilty person. Terron, if you have negetive things to say, get off, because I'm not happy. Thanks. sad

Nothing negative here.. it is just too bad I have almost never felt that way


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Masterchief wrote:

There was a strong wind today, and I get the feeling it's against me aswell.

A bit off topic, maybe, but what do everyone have against the wind? It is lovely

Republic commando is a good game but the weapons are ridiculous.
I am now talking about the power of the weapons.
The republic elite should have better rifles, don't you agree?

My favourite weapon is the Geonosian (Surprise..) Elite Beam Rifle or whatever is it called


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Assassination is simply murder of a person who is in the public eye, such as a politician, or a organized crime boss.

Almost straight from Wikipedia, you know?

And an assassination is a murder but a murder is not an assassination.
(Lol Sherlock!)


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A bit off-topic, but.. My opinion:
Murder is a murder but an assassination is an assassination.
Two things so close but still so completely different..

(Btw cool avavar Cerastes_Vipera , not new, but great)

Keeping up the Slave I and his weapon arsenal must take a huge amount of credits
Not all, but a lot


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A largely customized figure, right?

Alo Fett wrote:

I think "Duel of the fates" is the name of the piece.

...When Darth Maul fights Qui-gon and Obi-Wan, right?

I almost forgot to mention John Williams:  the Separatist and the droid army marches were Awesome

Republic Commando is available on both PC and Xbox.


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Hey please, my comment was just an usual note, not pointed at anyone!

Hey please edit your posts and add this "SPOILER!!!" thingy, please

Someone may not have yet finished the game sad
(I have, don't worry)

On Republic Commando.

Werda Verd wrote:

I like the one one the last part of Kashykke (sp)

Fixer/Scorch: Why aren't we moving.

Boss:Sev, the button.

Sev: Oh, right.


That was soooo great
I got instantly killed because shooting and laughing at the same time is.. self-destructive


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Fett_II wrote:

i don't lie.

And I never said that.
It is good to speak straight and true.


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I mean no disrespect, but keep it real. Everyone just cannot have those super-rare allergies etc.
People often lie about their health making it sound sooo much worse than it really is

(Just a little notification, go on)

There are numerous topics like this.

(Suggestion for mods: Lock this)

The Cloner wrote:

And Count Dooku is the best Sith Lord in my opinion, Christopher Lee is indeed a great actor.

100% Agreed

Everything what happened on Geonosis despite Jangos death

See these first

Boba Fett's Death (No Spoilers)
boba's death