I think he would take it off, just to sleep.

I remember reading in one the books(Tales Of The Bounty Hunters) that he takes it off when he sleeps in the pilot chair in the cockpit.

Also later on in Jabba's Palace he's in his quarters lying on a bed and the helmet  is balanced on his stomach. So i think there would be a few times when he would feel it was safe enough to take it off (although why he does it in Jabba's palace of all things, is a mystery to me yikes )

That looks pretty sweet!! I agree with Fett_II the Revan mask is more my style. I wonder if he does requests......

I'd have to say either my Boba Fett Pez dispenser (which i got last week off Ebay, been looking for that for ages big_smile ) or the Boba Fett Burger King toy (which i had sent from the US). I personally think they're both cool smile

It is very addictive Devil Girl, as the pringles sayings goes - once you pop, you can't stop!!
I realy hope they bring the original cast back, it won't be the same without them. I remember reading an article a while back, where Ben Browder was interviewed and he stated that he would go back to Farscape if it ever happened again. I guess all we can do is hope big_smile


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I have both a Wii & 360, both are worth buying. the PS3 is a total ripoff at the moment (i live in the UK so won't be getting any price drop, just a bundle deal sad  ) I spend most of my time on my 360, just waiting for some more killer
aps to come out on the Wii. big_smile   I'm sorry Draco but you do have to pay to get the old games.

I don't know how many of you are Farscape fans, But for those of you that are i've just read on IGN (www.ign.com)
that it is to return as a mini series on the web!! Here's a link to that article (http://uk.tv.ign.com/articles/805/805136p1.html)

Please let this happen, this is THE best sci-fi tv series ever. Lets hope they bring back the original cast. What do you think?


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I found it via Yahoo a few years back, but only recently came back and decided to join message board. Thanks for being the best site out there!!   big_smile


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I'm 22 , i always thought Draco was alot older, from the way he type's his posts big_smile


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Dengar's in my top 5 Bounty Hunters, it's quite funny cause i'm reading his story in Tales Of The Bounty Hunters at the mo, its a very good story. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't read TOTB.


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hard choice but it would have to be his flamethrower or the jet pack for me, i'd love to go zooming around with that thing strapped to my back and the flamethrower would always come in useful at a BBQ big_smile


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Jedi: Plo Koon (he looks sooo cool) or Aayla Secura (serouisly hot!!)
Sith: Darth Maul (awesome martial arts)


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Indy, no doubt


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Boba would'nt win he's too young (give him 10 years then let him have another shot at it) as much as i hate to say it
Mace would have killed him if Palpatine had'nt walked in.


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I would have to say my favourite boba fett collectible would have to be my Boba Fett Marmit figure (which cost me a fair bit off Ebay). It is realy sweet, either that or my Kotobukiya Boba Fett smile


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Sev Fett wrote:

I would say when Boba was knocked into the Sarlacc by a blind Han in the back.  Hello 360 degree vision?  big_smile

I Agree with Sev that whole scene just seems like a comedy act, this is the most deadly bounty hunter in the galaxy
and he get knocked into the Sarlacc by a half blind guy with a stick. What was Lucas thinking!!!!!! mad

I've got the Concept Boba and am now waiting in high anticpation for the Holiday Special Boba ( i couldn't believe it when i saw the HS Version in the SW Magazine, felt like jumping up and doing a dance) smile

I've got the Repackaged (Tubed) version and absolutely love it, such detail. i'm now getting Darth Maul & Jango Fett
figures cause they look awesome. smile


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i have to agree BobaFett243,  i think for such a cool character to die that way is criminal.

It just makes me wince to watching it, cause it seems like a comedy sketch. Such a tough kickass bounty hunter taken out by a half-blind guy with a stick. What was Lucas thinking!! Ah well at least the EU brings him back big_smile


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Count me in i've always thought it would be a brilliant idea for boba to get his own game, there's so much that can be done.


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Hi everyone. i'm a big fan of Boba Fett and love this site, i realy like reading the collectors forum and excited to see so many Fett fans, This is very COOL!!