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My hobbies are Collecting Fett/SW Memorabilia(addicted to Ebay) ,  reading, listening to music, Playing on my X360/Wii, watching movies/anime,  Oh and coming here to brighten up my day big_smile


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Thanks Sadriel

GHF i was talking about flight's & accomadation, that sort of thing


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I think he could make a good drummer in a band, i could see him doing some pure beats!!!! big_smile


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Lol big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile


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Yep it sure looks a blast, i might go next year (if i can get the money together)


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Hi Jinx, Welcome to the BFFC, hope you're having fun smile


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ROFL big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile  this is brilliant, can't stop laughing, i think Mr T wins........ just


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ROFL!!!! That is brilliant Draco big_smile


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i'm sorry to hear that Green, is it your dream to become an artist ?


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Yoda would mash Boba.

Nice name Tusken big_smile


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I'd have to say Sev is my favourite.

I don't know that much about him (beside's the fact he's a complete psycho), but i saw the helmet recently and it just clicked.
SO COOL!! big_smile


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Thanks for that Sandriel, so much for a collector to drool over big_smile , did anyone's heart skip a beat when the Master Replica Boba Fett helmets came up?

Valthonin if you're looking for a Boba Fett Pez dispenser try Ebay, i got lucky and got one for £3 ($6) buy it now.

Been looking for ages to get one smile


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Black closely followed by blue, black is an awesome colour to wear (especialy for ninja's big_smile )


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Naruto Shippuden is brilliant just watched ep19 can't wait for 20. Such a brilliant show!!


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Awesome, is that your tatoo or just an eg. ?


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Happy Birthday Karson have a great day on saturday!!

Brilliant Pic Alo big_smile


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That comic is brilliant Maltese, i'm SO jealous about Naruto : Clash Of Ninja  being an american exclusive sad. (BIG NARUTO FAN!!!)

Sonic Adventure 2 was a brilliant game on the cube, let's hope Sega bring out some good sonic games on the Wii, i know they've done Sonic and the Secret Rings which is supposed to be good. i'm looking for something more in the vein of SA2.

Thanks for agreeing Karson. My GT on my 360 is the same as my name here "ninjaX008" if anyone wants to play at all big_smile

It is a very cool trailer, although i'm not sure about the whole "stopping an Imperial Stardestroyer with the force"
nice idea but i think it's going abit over-the-top. Still the rest of the trailer is awesome. Cant wait till next year!!

Cool, i hope he's enjoying it big_smile

I'm re-reading it at the mo, i'm on Zuckuss/4-lom's story. Such a great book.

Boba's probably so used to wearing it, he forget's to take it off to go to sleep!! LOL smile


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Like in X2? He's cool especially the scene with mystique.

Nightcrawler "they say you can imitate any one, even de voice"

Mystique (using Nightcrawlers voice) "even de voice"

Lol cracks me up everytime big_smile

They are both brilliant vids, A friend told me about them. So i went looking and i couldn't believe how good they are!! I mean there are some good Fan Film lightsabre battles that people have made, but RVD realy took it to the next level!! smile


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Hard choice but it would have to be (Ze Incredible) Nightcrawler for me:

1) that teleporting ability is Sooo cooool
2) he's awesome with swords
3) he has brilliant sense of humor

big_smile i sort of cheated for that one i had the book by the side of me. It would be kind of hard to sleep in it though, not to mention very hot!!


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I have to agree i think Obi would win, he taught Luke & he's been through the clone wars , oh & he's fought many sith big_smile