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Awesome, Definetly get one of those when it comes out smile

I'd say it's got to be paint, cause it would flake & turn brown if it was blood. Still saying it's paint means Sev must be very artistic to get looking like that big_smile

Boba hears about these pictures, so he steals han's computer only to find that..........


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

Oh the hours of laughter...

LMAO big_smile i would pay to hear Boba say that!!!


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Awesome, thanks Cujo



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fett having enough of dying decides to join a brass band.........

but is bought back by Eddie Murphy in a tooth fairy costume

Mine are:
1-Slave 1
5-Jedi Fighters from ROTS

boba decided's he's had enough, so he goes to Kamino for a fishing holiday


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Rengaw has a point, it's nice to look upon what i've spent my money and to share my obsession with like-minded people. I look forward to seeing your collection in 2025 big_smile

Then Cartman comes through a time portal and eats all the Cheese Puffs, but he goes hyper and eats the whole planet & Boba Fett!!!

Sweet Armour, wish i could get me some of that smile


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"Hello. What have we here" 
-Lando's smooth line to Leia

"Looking?  Found someone, you have, I would say, hmmm? Mwahahaha"
-Yoda to Luke (the laugh Yoda does cracks me up every time)

-Bossk's reply to Admiral Piett's comment about Bounty Hunters
(bonus points to anyone who can translate whatever it is that he say's, i've always wondered big_smile )


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Obi-Wan falls to the floor laughing and Vader assumes victory, so he continues his journey.


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brilliant smile got to level 4 (The balloon level) then ran out of time. that level is hard big_smile


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Jango glares at Mace then turns to Boba and gives him a friendly wave. big_smile


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Xbox Live is awesome and by far the best online service for any console. I only got online about 2 months ago and i'm realy enjoying it smile

Oh and my Gamertag is : NinjaX008
feel free to send a friend request.


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Awesome soft toy Devil Girl, you a very talented. Your son must be very proud of you big_smile


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big_smile It's nice to see people that are as nuts about BF as i am, what do you think to the BF 12" Marmit figure?  i got one recently off Ebay and am quite proud of it smile


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big_smile big_smile big_smile That what i'd like to find out!!! lol, must've cost a few K


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Wow cool i'm quite a fan of Sharpy's BF Roundup, i caught sight of it on Youtube some months ago and loved it!!
glad to see you on the site & very jealous of your collection (Especialy the life sized statue big_smile)

I personally think Star Wars is cool (Guess that definetly makes me a nerd big_smile )

ah well each to his/her own

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that GL can get the live action series just right, otherwise it will terribly..terribly wrong
(like Holiday Special wrong *shudder*)

I think the Clone Wars 3D might be pretty good, it'll be intresting to see what they do with it. I'm crossing my fingers for some episode's purely devoted to Plo Koon smile

LOL big_smile  Robot Chicken is hilarious, the Admiral Ackbar scene is the BEST!!


LMAO, i watched that bit too many times to count!!!