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The Marmit is by far the best Boba Fett collectable, as Sadriel Fett says realy only meant for display(and VERY expensive for a toy) . I recently took mine out of it's display box and found it quite hard to piece together (this might have been cause i dont have a hair dryer ;D ) but after an hour of hard work i managed success and it now looks very smart in my collection. Anyone else found it hard to put together? big_smile

Sabacc while podracing, which caused.............

sweet, wouldn't mind getting 1 of them (just wouldn't want to go to France te get it smile )


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LOL awesome Miba smile


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Devin have you thought of trying velcro? thats an easy way of doing it or so i heard( can't vouch for it cause i haven't tryed making a costume yet.....)


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It's got to be Aayla Secura,  Slave Leia & Rystall (one of the Jabba's dancing girls) big_smile

but is put on the sidlines for a technical foul, so The Emporer steps in..............

that is a sweet trailer, cant wait for it to come out big_smile

and then Steve Perry attacks

Then Tony Montana runs in and guns down Fett for using his best line, but then..................................


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ROTJ because of the jetpack colour & the awesome red gauntlets smile

The Phantom Menace

a game for the Playstion & PC, based on the events of said film. You get to play as Qui Gon, Obi-Wan & Captain Panaka (depending what level your on). Not a bad game for it's time ( i used to enjoy it anyway, just for the Mos Espa Level big_smile )


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because he's in an iron suit:


Maybe he his favourite SW game is TPM, he would want to escape from all that bounty hunting for a while. He would probably go round the Mos Espa level slaugtering everyone big_smile


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Good point Madal, i dont think Iron Man would stand a chance (even if Fett didn't have any weapons)

Awesome love that video smile

then Mr T nicks the Tardis and goes back to 1977..........

the .45 version is too small to wear, it just look at and think "damn i wish i had the full sized version but i'm too skint"

but amuses the Emporer enough to wear his thong again, which causes..............

no sad it's alot smaller, but it is WAY cheaper:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/STAR-WARS-MASTER- … dZViewItem

thats an example big_smile

Damn! wish had the money for that, ah well i'll have to settle for scaled down Helmet big_smile

But is brought back to life by the tooth fairy to do the Happy Dance


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If they HAD to fight then Boba would kick Jango's @ss


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Saw the trailer, Looks 10,000 times better then the first one. I might go see that when it comes out


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Cause it' s different & rather funny (at least that's my reason big_smile )