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that clip was awesome!! i am now an instant fan of Will It Blend.

Assassin's Creed is definetly my most wanted, that is gonna be AWESOME, can't wait for Friday big_smile


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Solid Snake, hell yeah!! big_smile


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sweet as moonshine, but you're right Admin, their waaaay to expensive 1-2 gig stick. Thanx for the pic Sadriel


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Greetings Revan Reborn, hope you're enjoying BFFC big_smile

Not for a long time Karson, BioWare are busy finishing Mass Effect at the moment & are also working on a secret MMORPG.

BUT there are rumours about what this MMORPG is gonna be........

Read Here - http://uk.pc.ign.com/articles/829/829184p1.html

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile


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still thats an awesome collectable, definetly on my wish list big_smile


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Funnily enough i just got my Revell EasyKit Slave 1 (which i've been waiting ages for).

I'm not any good at building models, but i thought i'd get this one as it sounds easy  (just a matter of snapping piece s together & prepainted )
Still took me about 45 minutes to put together!!  Worth the work though big_smile


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i like to listen to other people's POV & chip in only when i feel it is relevant (Like my Motto below says big_smile)


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I have one & i'm very pleased with it (didn't notice the head size thing)
The only thing that i didnt like is the design for the box, i think it's very plain, it should be more like sideshow 12" range with character pictures & info (maybe that's just me being picky big_smile)


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Yeah i kept getting this other site & started freaking out thinking it was Firefox big_smile

The skull is sweet, but the flames don't work (makes it look like a mullet) big_smile


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Star Wars Name: Micnu Grder

Star Wars Title: Yttcho of Yrag

LOL big_smile

Thanx Novall that is an awesome & V.usefull program big_smile

Brilliant!! that is one cool Boba costume big_smile

one of my favourite quote's

"only a fool trust's his life to a weapon"

Fett is extremly well versed in unarmed combat, coldly logical & has insanley fast reaction times.

so yeah he can take on a number of opponents


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i agree Adeptus, although Sinner by Drowning Pool would be a good one aswell


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LMAO, you have a point Alo, if Boba had a problem charming the Ladies in his teens, he certainly doesn't have that problem now smile

That's freaky as i was watched V for Vendetta (for the 3rd time) last night. I'd have to say their both awesome big_smile


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That costume is pretty awesome for something that's made from cardboard cool Love the jetpack, i tried making a jetpack years ago out of cardboard, it completely failed sad Excellent work Devin big_smile


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these small stars are much better (thanks Admin smile ) but definetly voting for the bullet hole in the future big_smile


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i agree Alo, bullet holes would be awesome!! big_smile


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These stars are way too big * i'm seeing stars* lol big_smile


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I cant say i've seen any Boba Fett grafitti, but there was an article about SW graffitti in SW Magazine issue #63 May/June 06 (thats the UK edition so it would be February/March in US)

This is one of my favourites :


Awesome! thanks Sadriel, i'm gonna get one those, that'll go nicely on my wall. Just what i've been looking for big_smile