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Awesome Mel, a must for any kitchen smile

SO Awesome!! i'm reading through at the mo, definetly recommend to all smile


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excellent point, i think that's the reason i'm becoming an Iron Man fan. Maybe Tony Stark should have some Fett Memrobilia around his mansion to show that he got some influence from the Fett!! big_smile


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Awesome!! definetly like the first one, 2nd ain't too shabby either big_smile


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It is an amazing game, i've imported it from US (Europe won't get it till May - June)
I've played about 16% Subspace Emissary, mostly doing brawls against cpu & freinds, Fave characters are Deity Link & Snake also cant wait to unlock Sonic. I would reccomend this to anyone who's got a Wii, SO much fun big_smile


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Awesome find Sadriel!! That desk would be SO cool next to the BF lifesize Statue (homer drool) swweeeeeet big_smile

Thanks Sadriel , i'd forgotten about that!! realy looking forward to this!! big_smile big_smile big_smile

Just browsing on TheForce.NET & came across Pics from the Hasbro stand at Toy Fair 2008  of what looks to be a Fenn Shysa & Dengar CP and Tobbi Dala & Leia CP. I haven't find any info on a release date's or anything, but it is early on big_smile

here's a link to the full gallery : http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2008/hasbro/CP/default.asp




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this should help you out Grimaldus :  http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Durge


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Sweet Collections Bama,Grimaldus & Sniper33 ( I'll have to post some pictures of mine soon)

On Sadriels question of HTF memorabilia i'd have to go with:

Bronze Statue:



Compulsion Statue:


Those two are very hard to find!! big_smile big_smile

Awesome, I'm reading the Republic Commando books at the mo (awesome books!!) and the one at the top in gold armour MUST be Kal Skirata. Sweeeeeet big_smile


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WOW That is awesome, i would buy 1 of those in an instant!! how long did it take to make?

Finally some more Force Unleashed Vids!! Unfortunatly the game has been back to "summer" now but here's some 
videos & info to keep us going :

Videos :
http://uk.media.ps3.ign.com/media/823/8 … ids_1.html


big_smile big_smile big_smile

good point, maybe Boba's starting a new fashion big_smile

Awesome, i am soooooo looking forward to this figure set (just for Mandalore)

i've seen it up for preorder on a couple of site's & they've got release as March big_smile

I don't think i'll ever trust Mccallum after he stated that Boba would be in Ep3, ah well here's to hoping smile


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I got it on Thursday,  looked through & it seems the UK edition doesn't have the feature about Kotobukiya sad

So i've had to go skimming the net for pics of the new bounty hunter statue's, 4-lom & Bossk are the pics i've been able to find.

Thanks for mentioning that Sadriel big_smile


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Happy Birthday Miba, have a great day!!


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ah yes  i saw this but haven't had chance to report it, this will be issue #75 in the UK, out on 15/01/08. Cant wait!!!!! big_smile big_smile big_smile

Sweet Zoncxs. Say hello to Mace Fett!! big_smile :


Unrealisticly it would be the life size replica BF, but since that ain't gonna happen i'd have to say the Bobble Head BF & the mini Lego Slave 1.

Good point about the batteries, if toys ever do come with batteries they're usualy the cheap sort that run out in about an hour smile

I'm still waiting for mine to come (Pre-ordered off a site called Play.com ,they haven't had the stock yet sad )

I never got hold of the Riddell version, so i can't wait for this one big_smile

And Sadriel you're right, i admit i've got a fett collecting problem, Doesn't stop me looking on Ebay everyday!! big_smile big_smile

i can't imagine how much shipping would cost sad sad sad

woooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!! that is THE boba fett collectable, if only i had the money..................

Ah well i can dream:D

I think it looks real sweet, there should be more actioney type figures. Maybe there should be one where he does the Moonwalk big_smile big_smile big_smile