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Oh WOW!!! Sadriel that is an awesome clone collection!!
That Republic Commando group statue is brilliant & pretty rare !!

Cool, thanks for the heads up Juggernaut!! big_smile

Sweet, maybe some day *sigh* big_smile


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My favorite band is Poets Of The Fall, after that its between Trapt & Genesis big_smile


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Congrats Glopino! The gamecube is a brilliant console & there are loads of awesome games out for it. If theres 1 game to get for the Cube it HAS to be Super Smash Bros Melee, such a good game for single player & multi player matches big_smile


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i've seen the first one & thought it was awesome (good mix of action & humour)
Definetly going to see the 2nd in the cinema big_smile


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regimas wrote:

i am deeply sorry for thinking that halo was better.
i am playing mgs now and threre is no contest.
its freakin awsome.

big_smile now you understand the POWER of mgs! big_smile
which mgs are u playing Reg?


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Awesome collection Val, especialy like the Diorama of Raiders Of The Lost Ark big_smile

GTA VC hands down, everything fits together nicely & its not too big smile


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MGS definitely, for pure gameplay experience alone nothing can touch it & Halo 2 & 3 are so overated. The 1st Halo was a decent game (worthy of being in the best games of all time) but 2 & 3 were just $ makers for Microsoft (only worth playing for multiplayer)
Whereas each MGS has  brilliant gameplay & an enthralling story. Thats my opinion anyway big_smile

&  nice one Valthonin, good to see someine else who appreciates the brilliance of the Best Game Ever !! big_smile


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Yep big_smile i've always found him to be an intresting character & he looks Awesomely cool!! smile


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Congratulations Miba!! hope you have a long & joyfull life together big_smile


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May 1st 1985 smile


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i'm gonna have to go with Gray Fox : http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Gray_Fox
My avatar & User Name are based on him, so it shows my obsession with the character!!


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Awesome project Devil Girl, you have come up with brilliant shots so far, i especially like the Mando training lol big_smile
keep up the good work big_smile

Never seen those 25th Anniversary posters before, i especially like the ESB one with BF & the bounty hunters to each side, AWESOME!!


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Awesome!! that is one cool bar big_smile


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Cool Masks, I think Ebay is like Pringles "once you pop, you can't stop!" big_smile

Awesome! wonder how much differrent this would be compared to the Slave 1 set that's already out?


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owch!!! i thought the reserve price was abit low, i'd be howlin mad if i got it like that, it looks in perfect condition in the photo provided for the auction. The only problem that was listed was with the antenna. sad

It does look funny smile i have to agree the M&M is much better, i might buy an SD if its cheap big_smile


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Funny you should say about the Compulsion statue, i was bidding on one today on Ebay (didnt manage to get it, somebody sniped at the last second)
I recently got the Fett Legacy set & i'm thinking about getting Premium Format 1:4 Scale Boba Fett:
Very, Very tempted big_smile

Personally i think the look of series isn't too bad, my problem is with the "Anakin apprentice" thing. In no way, shape or form does it fit into the story, GL is gonna have to do a heck of a job to get me convinced that Anakin should have an apprentice.
I mean c'mon this is the guy they wouldn't give the title of "master" to even when he was put on the council. he's too rash & impulsive ( and reckless can't forget that big_smile ) for an apprentice, it doesn't work sad
Thats my opinion smile


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I ADORE cats!! my parents had seven at one point. I have 2, Cookie & Kyrie, both female. Kyrie's 13 years old, tortoiseshell colour and very timid. Cookie is the exact opposite, she is very hyperactive & always happy to greet anyone. Cookie is about 3  & is a beautiful striped tabby colour. big_smile


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Amazing collection Karnorjax!! I remember seeing that photo on Ebay, You were selling a Boba Fett RAH & had that photo on to show you're a Fett Fan. I was gonna email you but the listing went off  b4 i got chance, Good to see you on here big_smile big_smile big_smile