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It's $1.87 over here and I'm frightened of it.  It seemed before like the lower the prices dropped, the higher they would go the next time around.  I'm waiting for it to jack back up again to like $10.  I pray it doesn't, but we'll see.  In the mean time, I'm glad it's down this low since I'm having a decreased income next semester with my campus job. 

I hope it sticks.

I found a set today at the flea market for $4.  I nearly crapped myself.  Well, initially, then I checked it and checked it to make sure it was *real* and then I bought it.  smile 

It's the set with the Empire stickered over and the missing symbol, but I'm pleased with it.  If I manage to get my hands on another set at some point, I'll be even happier but this definitely works for the mean time.  <3

I'm fond of the prison levels because they ticked me off to no extent.  Ugh.  When I finally beat them?  Euphoria baby.


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A couple of people in my group of friends...  It's sad that some people don't know him.  I was getting food at Subway once, wearing one of my Boba shirts, and the guy was like "What's your shirt say?"  I let him read it, then he goes, "What's that from?" 

I sort of stared at him and went, "Boba Fett?'  Blank stare.  "You know, from Star Wars?"  Continued blank stare.  "Oh come on, you know, Empire Strikes Back?  The most awesome bounty hunter in the galaxy?  The one who carted off a carbon frozen Han???" 

That's when I got a feigned, "Oh, yeah, right...  I remember now."

Suuure buddy.  *sighs*


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At the moment, I've been listening to The Phantom Opera Ghost by Iced Earth.  But my favourite songs do change from moment to moment. 

Last week it was Looking For Room by Milla Jovovich.

I loved the film.  *just got back from seeing it*  I was surprised to have Harvey Dent transform into Two-Face in this film though... I was expecting them to set it up for him to be the villain in the next one, if they make a next one.  Which, they could still do as the fall wasn't very lethal and you don't see a coffin during the memoir of Commissioner's Gordon's.  They might have stashed him away somewhere. 

And a hint about Catwoman making an appearance later on can be seen when they discuss the armor holding out against dogs...  "It'll hold up against cats"  or whatever the line was.  We might be seeing her after all. 

Of course, these are all if's.  It would be fine if they didn't make another one, with the way this one ended, but if they do...  Well, there you go.


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That "Give Me More" or whatever of Britney Spears... I swear, that stupid song got in my head after the first snippet I heard of it and it never came out...  Ugh.


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I saw the movie last week.  It is the cutest film I've seen in a while.


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Am now a fan.  Whee.  smile


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Viking1 wrote:

F Zero for the Super Nintendo, I am a bit behind the gaming curve

Ditto.  Is still an awesome game though. 

That and, what was it, MarioKart or something?  Or is that just the newer ones I'm thinking about?  *shrug*


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Cats (of all sizes- housecats, wild cats, etc.) and snakes.


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I'm horrible at performing them- I laugh too much.

I haven't gotten one in a long time.

I think they're hilarious though, so long as they are performed on other people.

My only story involves getting a friend of mine to call someone for me.  There was no way I'd be able to change my accent successfully enough to be believable, but anyway...  A friend of mine was being harrassed by a couple of stupid girls in her class, we decided to have some fun after one of the girls leaves a stupid voicemail to her.  We got a friend of ours to pretend to be her angry Hispanic boyfriend (who was actually one of my cheery Hispanic girl friends.)  The result was fantastic. 

They still believe he's real...


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*snorts*  Seriously?  That's funny. 

I have a honey now.  <3  Yeah... little update.


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I think I'll stick with the dessert. 

There are too many deer out where I live to hit with my car...  I'd shudder to think of the damage one of those things could cause.


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I feel sorry for them sometimes.  When I had to sell ads for my old high school yearbook (yes, I was on the staff *sigh*) it was humiliating to have to launch into a sales speech and have them go "Oh, not interested."

One guy even hung up on me.  hmm 

I'd hate to have to do that for a living.


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You know those "Do Not Call Me" lists?  You have to update it every 2 years or so... Your signature on it expires.  My mom, who detests teles with a passion, was so pissed when she found that out.  They started calling her again...

I haven't been on vacation in ages, as far as traveling is concerned. 

My vacation will be a break from my classes finally.  Why did I take summer semester again??  It's Florida for sakes... It's too hot to trudge around campus all day.  hmm


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Stranger H. was my penname for a while.  I liked the anonymity of Stranger when I was writing.  H stands for Harlock, as my screenname in one or two other places lies along the lines of Madame Harlock.


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Yeah.  I'd much rather have something a little worn around the edges than something so shiny and new like Jango.


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*snorts*  That is hysterical. 

I'd pay money to see the Pope in a black hooded cloak now.


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Ehehe.  Great stuff.


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English, naturally, since that is my major.  I'm also studying German to an extent, though I should really learn Spanish..  I'm more familiar with German and that is a strong background in my family, so there's some sentimentality to learning that language for me.


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I graduated in 07 and am busy with college.  I'm on my way to being an English teacher, so I'm taking education courses and what not.  smile

I can't wait to finish school though.  I don't think I could ever be a perpetual student.  At least not in the traditional sense...


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Those are lovely photos.  I love the colour. 

And I love the fact that you captured flies.  Those are tough buggers to sneak up on.


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I write, study, spend time with my friends and honey...