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It's Clearly: Boba Fett
                  Jango Fett
                  IG-88A,B,C and D
                  Calo Nord


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Exactly. cool

Sharra Fett wrote:

That's an optimistic way of looking at it. It could just as likely be that Boba would be less hardened and NOT as great a bounty hunter.

I DOUBT that VERY much. He would Have had More Teaching. And would not have lost that 500,000 credits to Nuri. tongue

His Armor, Helmet, Mandalorian Culture and his Bouty Hunting experiance.


It was pretty clear it was fake because in Episode I Jinn tells Anakin that the Midi-Chlorians are inside the cells of everything.


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Mine is Boba's Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 Mini Concussion Rocket Launcher.

Mine are: Jaster's Legacy
              Slave I
              Slave IV

If Jango survived, Boba would be an even better Bounty Hunter because, Jango would have taught him even more! cool

Thermal Detonators, Rockets, Jetpack Fuel and Upgrades For Slave I (or Slave II, depends on how you look at it). oh and Fuel For his ZX miniature Flame Projector.


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It's Pretty clear what they do, Thay Watch Earth Wars: The Original Trilogy! big_smile


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Karson Fett wrote:

He would be so deadly Palps would have got him be fore Ani.

When Did Anakin Get Boba? hmm


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Warning: Do not use force jump with Mitrinomon Z-6 Jetpack, This has been a public service announcement from your local Fett. Thank You. cool


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It Looks Like The Head Of A Lagartoz War Dragon That The Mandalorians Rode During The Assault On The Dark Underlord's Fortress On Malrev IV In 1,750 BBY.