Almighty George Lucas, We beg you, Smite the non-believers.

In the name of the Boba, the Fett and the Holy Bounty Hunter

I would live the Mandalorian Life smile


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I still like the Hybrid


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No problem And I wish you all the luck with your future projects.


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No, I don't mind Can you call it Darth Mythosaur?


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That is Awsome Thank You SO Much!!!! smile smile smile smile


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That's It That is AWSOME!!!


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I'm Thinking more robust and for the helmet can you incorperate both mando and tusken features and other than that it looks so awsome thanks so much


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It would be the size and shape of a Sith Massassi warrior

and it's armor would be a mix between Mandalorian and Tusken Raider armor but keep the tusken raider color scheme and give him a gaderffii that is in proporsion to his size

if you need any to research any of this I would check Wookieepedia,  THANKS. smile

HK-47 is a Jedi Hunter which Make Him A BOUNTY HUNTER!!!


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Can Someone Make Me A Picture Of A Tusken Raider/Taung/Sith (species) Hybrid For My Profile Picture?


And Karson Fett it should say "He's worth a lot to me."


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Can someone Resize this                          … 16_bg1.JPG

Hi!!!!!!!! big_smile

One known Point is when Chewbacca took off Boba's Helmet on Nar Shaddaa.

HK-47 is a BOUNTY HUNTER!!! mad

He would have to take it off while "On His Throne" **wink wink** unless there is a little hatch in the back.

No Problem. smile

Jango took off the armour,so Boba probably does to.

You would probably what the 434 blaster pistol.


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Mine is Beldorian


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DXR6 heavy carbine