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How come no one makes any artworks of Basilisk War Droids?

1. Boba Fett
2. Mandalore The First
3. Mandalore The Indomitable
4. Mandalore The Ultimate
5. Mandalore The Preserver
6. Mandalore The Resurrector
7. Jaster Mereel
8. HK-47
9. Revan
10. Cassus Fett


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The Spinners


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BobaFett243 wrote:

No cassus was a farmer... OF SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry just playing kotor for the first time. wasn't it that mandalores of the old proved themselves by killing a Mythosaur?

No, they were all hunted to extinction by Mandalore The First some text say that this was how he became the first Mandalore while others say that his warriors were the ones who destroyed them.

Most of them say that Mandalore the First Conquered the Planet which points towards the fact that the Mythosaurs may have been a sentient species because I don't think you can really conquere a planet by killing the wildlife, if this is true then by that logic I could go to the US, kill all the rabbits and rule the Country.


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Boba I mean who else survived a Sarlacc


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Some of the kids at my school always go around saying how they got really drunk how would they now what really happend but I bet this is a pretty acurate picture

Oh I am going to get so drunk.*Three beers later* *PUKE* OWW MY LIVER!!! *PUKE*


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When I was little I was a night owl and now that I'm a teenager all I want to do is sleep LOL big_smile big_smile


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My Point Exactly.  Eragon The Movie=poodoo     The Director Is A Nerf Herder big_smile:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

The Dual Turbolaser Cannons on the Venator-Class Star Destroyers in ROTS

Taungs and Tusken Raiders are the best Species to be Bounty Hunters... But that's just my opinion. smile


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Boba Fett's the featured article on Wookieepedia today!!!!!!!!!!!!! big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile


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They Need to make a comic that goes more in-depth into the history of the Mandalorians and the Taung.

WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!?! big_smile


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I think that the Message Board should have something to make polls, you's with me? smile


Commander Appo wrote:

Blue milk is bantha milk.....

A Blue Milk Run is a slang term for a really easy mission.....im not sure what he means exactly.

It was just a play on words.

My Favourite has to be the Fett from the Revenants Comic


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I Have to agree with you on this Valthonin they are pretty cool.

Mine Would Have To be Eragon!! tongue


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Cool! Nice Job


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Fine you you want to know what I think? Compaired to the book this movie smells like poodoo
The urgals are supposed to to look like trolls, all I see in the movie are a bunch of fat middle-aged guys who are dressed like there going to a Minnesota Vikings game
it does not follow the actuall storyline very well, just action scene after action scene and you feel haunting reminders of all the other fantasy movies you have ever seen. that's why the movie sucked!


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That looks Really Cool I'm going to have to buy it when it comes out, hopefully this year!

I can't wait for that I hope they do it soon!!! smile:):):)


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I wasn't spamming I was stating a fact and don't go around crucifying people because you think they did something


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The movie sucked


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That sucks big man. sad