A Mr. Potato Head Boba Fett


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Barrett M98B


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Public school elementary school is good but once you get to high school the teachers just don't give a ****.


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His mind is that of a hunter, always on his prey.

How could they screw up that bad!!! sad:(:(

Arnold Schwarzenegger oh wait would he fit is the armor? Maby Lou Ferrigno then. big_smile:D:D:D

BFFC Cujo wrote:
Merciless Mandalore wrote:

He does look cool, but I'd have to say that Jango Fett is the Boba Fett of the Clone Era, considering they are the same genetically.

yep- im an idiot. thanks for pointing out the now very obvious, i guess the only character left for lucas make is "the ugly".

it was also nice to see aurra sing in action, some nice sniping.

???? What do you mean "the ugly"???? hmm:/:/:/


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Boba_the_Fett wrote:

My favorite fruit? Has to be Solo

http://i318.photobucket.com/albums/mm43 … rs_150.jpg

That is just wrong in so many ways.

My favourite fruit has to be a Tomato.

It's when you shrink yourself and go inside Palpatine. big_smile:D:D


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If I was Boba's Bounty I would be screwed!

BOBA FETT, escaper of sarlaccs, collecter of bounties and Mandalore of the Mandalorians!!!


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WHOOOOOO!!!!!! big_smile:D:D:D:D

Yes I am Gloating but I don't care.



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is it HK-47??

Thylacine more commonly know as the Tasmanian Tiger. big_smile


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Ya but that's highest of Jedi and Such tests were only created as early as 1,000 BBY after the Battle of Ruusan so thousands upon thousands of Jedi and Sith were never tested.



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I believe it translates to "The Sword of Hell"


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Very Happy. big_smile:D:D:D


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All Shall Worship Kad Ha'rangir!!!!

100 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Choice, by the way nice avatar.

That looks awsome!!! They should make a Boba Fett Movie!!!


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Does anyone one else have these? I've got one of Boba called Spuda Fett.  big_smile:D:D:D


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That's Cool, it's a really cool movie


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Bane because in most of the Star Wars media it seems to show that the old Sith Lords were more powerful.

Me Neither sad:(:(