I have been on since like the beginning of 2006 with different names.  I'm going to stick with this one though.

I think deep down, there is a Fett fan in everyone ...


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In my opinion, people will be turn off to asking questions in a section titled NOOB QUESTIONS haha.  Well I'm not afraid because ... well because I have come to terms with my BFFC noobieness, if thats a word.

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multimed … nty-trail/

I loved the film.  Great special effects and acting.  My favorite part was when Boba presses the button on his wrist to lock the Slave 1 and it makes the beeping noise. Hilarious!


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Yes ewoks were pretty bad.  It was mentioned in Robot Chicken (good show) ... Darth Vader was talking to Luke and Vader says "I am your father" Luke "Thats not true, thats impossible!" Vader "and Princess Leia is your sister!" Luke "Thats not true! Thats ... improbable?" Vader "and the Empire will be defeated by EWOKS!" Luke "Thats ... very unlikely"

http://youtube.com/watch?v=kB69pVvLrhk  - YouTube ftw


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I think I'm going to make my own avatar in Microsoft Paint ... I'll let you know if I need any help. Thanks ARC


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I thought the bandage was to cover scars from the surgery the Empire did to him to make his reflexes better and take away emotions ...


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I would love to made an avatar for myself and to help you guys make avatars for people (I've got free time).  I just don't have the proper software.  If anyone could link me to a good free picture editing program that would be very helpful. Thanks

Whats up guys!