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cujo wrote:
Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Fett has a 360-degree field of vision in his helmet, so it like impssible to sneek up on him.

(clears throat)
didnt see solo. didnt see the staff.

I think the main reason he didn't see Solo is because he was focused on something else.

And furthermore, 4 Predators would definitely kill Fett, probably kill any single man.


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What series do you think is better? Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?


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I feel like such a youngin ... since I have been here its been the same format.
By the way, i love the current format of the site, looks pretty and easy to navigate. Good job!

Do you accept so-and-so to be your lawfull wedded husband?
As you wish ...
Do you accept so-and-so to be you lawfull wedded wife?
As you wish ...
I now pronounce you Fett and Fettette

Mr. T has no powers (unless you count the power to pity fools tongue)

Set phasers to stun!  Also the stormtroopers in ANH set their blasters to stun to catch princess Leia, with pretty blue rings!

Whats up with Skywalker ... he doesn't walk on, near, or around the sky once in all the films!


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Interesting post.
Nail Salon / Spa employee (with armor and helmet on)


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Hello, my name is Dengar, human cyborg relations, how may I assassinate you?


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Wow, good link sola-lor, I'm adding it to bookmarks (im a mando noobie)

Which is more offensive to the victim?

Your mom insults the persons mother, who I'm assuming they love dearly
On the other hand, your face insults the part of their head people look at most


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Yea Obi-Wan could just be like "It is customary for all jedi in duels to look into their lightsaber and promptly activate it thereafter (hehehe)"

Whats the 3-d?  Does it involved red-blue lensed glasses?
And Karson posted exactly at 4:20 tongue

Your new habit could be adjusting your helmet tongue

Also it looks epic whenever you take your helmet off in public.

Wookies are interesting to think about, natural furry camoflage, predatory instincts, strength, that roar thingy Chewie always does.


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Welcome, I looked at pics of the Tatoo and it looks great!


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I never got into Star Trek so I can't really compare, and I think most members of this site will have a pro Star Wars bias smile

draco fett wrote:

Not all Gungan's are like Jar Jar. In fact, very few are like Jar Jar.

Thank GOD tongue


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Firefly was an awesome show!  My favorite movie has to be either The Great Raid or Full Metal Jacket.  My favorite TV show is probably South Park, although I'm getting into The Killpoint on Spike TV.

Yes I read that book, interesting point CM54.

Annoying kid (forget his name) "You just killed a Helicopter with a car!" McClane "I was out of bullets"


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Mace Windu is probably one of my favorite Jedi, but he got owned by Papa Palpatine.  I'm going with Dooku


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23. That’s the number of foo's Mr. T has pitied in the time it has taken you to read this sentence.

Mr. T is not black. It’s just that the sun is to afraid to shine on him.

Despite popular belief, if there is a fool in the woods, and nobody is around to hear his jibba jabba, Mr. T is still able to pity him.

http://www.tv.com/i-pity-the-fool/show/ … mmary.html


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This would be the perfect theme song for Boba Fett while he is in Jabba's Palace.

http://us.share.geocities.com/rengaw99x … ttheme.mp3



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I might download the torrent smile arg, I'm a internet pirate