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((First time role playing so go easy if I mess up tongue ))
Name: Rengaw
Gender: Male
Rank: ((Not sure)) Scout
Armor Color: Green, Black trim
Weapon: Modified E-5 Blaster Rifle with scope
2nd Weapon: DC-17 Blaster pistol
Personality: Not known to be very emotional.  Cannot hold a conversation but is your best friend on the battlefield, follows orders well.  Somewhat sarcastic at times.

Rengaw sat quitely in the corner of the cantina.  He ordered nothing to drink and did not talk to anyone.  He ponders many things, the meaning of his existence, why he lives his life in such routine.  He hears a humming noise coming from the other side of the bar, the sensors in his helmet pick up a great heat source was just created.  He realizes it is a lightsaber.  Always fascinated by the Jedi and Sith, he stands up and walks over to two fellow Mandos.  When he reaches them, he stands and does not remove his helmet.

"Where'd you find that?"  he says in a cold, emotionless tone.

Mr. T moves on to pity fools in other galaxies, but just as he leaves ...


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Then Cell from Dragon Ball Z shows up and says "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZERZ!" then the inevitable happens.



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Ah yes, I should have done more research sad  Well they do use the same or very similar droids right?

Thats awesome, I know a lot of people who bought Sirius radio just to listen to Howard Stern.  In case you all didn't know, he's only on Sirius

Yea how did you manage to get banned from the site?


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They made a movie with Ewoks, it sucked i think


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The CIS were amazing, its just little Annie Skywalker had to do and f*** it up, he did it by complete accident!  Well I think the CIS would win because they have guns.


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I think it would turn into a battle of wits and knowledge, until one of their circuit's fried.

In that case, who would win?

Very nice!  Probably costs a pretty penny though ...


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(in yoda voice) Made two topics JK2K has, how embarrassing.

Alo Fett wrote:

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w90/ … 1177984982

p.s I did this in 30 seconds I timed myself

It needs something more ... like a "Hello Kitty" emblem somewhere haha

Commander Cody constantly configures his cranium.  Alliteration, but yea he takes his helmet off alot.


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I agree with Fett II, not even Boba Fett can take 4 Predators

Beautiful MS ... I can only wish I was as talented as you ...

Ben Kenobi says "I told you Darth! If you struck me down I would become more powerful than you can ever imagine!"  Then Vader pulls out a(n) ...


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Haha, I played to level 3 then started purposely hitting deer ... fun though.

Favorite line by Boba Fett or anyone else really.  I would like to avoid like 10 posts of "As you wish" haha

My favorite line in all of Star Wars is when Leia says "Han, i love you" and Han replies "I know ..." PRICELESS


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Blasphemy! (joke)  Well I think Boba Fett is more to some than others, and for the some he is a lot too, are either on or have visited this site.


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Thoughts or oppinions on Xbox Live, Xbox in general, Microsoft in general.

Also post your gamertag if you are interested in playing with others from the boards.
Mine is   Rengaw99

I love stormtroopers ... I'm thinking of investing in a stormtrooper helmet and walk around with it on, or get on Xbox Live on like Uno or something and be a stormtrooper that would be hilarious!

Welcome suppafett and all others!


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I think I'm gunna take up bounty hunting to get the funds necessary to afford these items!


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I have a Stratocaster, but I don't play it much.  I'm trying to teach myself bass, playing tabs from Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I have an Ibanez bass and the Stratocaster.  I'm right handed.