This movie was simply amazing. If you haven't seen it yet ... definitely worth the admission price.  By far my favorite movie of the summer. Is there a Boba Fett vs. Batman comparison? The two seem very similar … no superpowers but a lot of gadgetry.

oh and by the way, my favorite quote from the movie is "If you're good at something, never do it for free."

First post in a while ... a lot of working has kept me off the site for a while.  I have one friend who likes Boba Fett but thats all I can think of at the moment.

Very cool t-shirt cujo, now i want to make my own.

"What the hell does RENGAW mean???"


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Instead of approaching the sparring mandos, Rengaw keeps his distance.  He observes the fight from the stands of the arena. (the arena has stands right?) He uses his helmet's built in macrobinoculars to view the fight.  He believes his opinion is unimportant, so he silently comments on the sparring to himself.

"This should be good"

(Like the new avatar Raj'el)


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If I said "the N word" (I'm afraid to post it on boards at risk of being banned) but if I said it right now, no one would care, if I said it to a black man, the man and people around would care, but it wouldn't get much more serious, if I were famous and said it in a room full of people, THEN it would get out of hand and unfortunately, Michael Richards was in the last of the situations.

And hey, South Park said it and they got away with it.

Suddenly he speaks up

"I'll watch, too tired to fight, long day"  He remains standing, almost as if he will not, no, cannot sit without being told to do so or suffering crippling injuries, like a statue.

( sorry i haven't responded on a timely basis, busy, you know smile )


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Wow, congrats!


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Wow it works great!  Thanks for the link cujo.  I'll send you a friend request and play you in Gears some day smile

Does, for future reference, try not to post twice in a row, this is considered spam, use the edit button instead.

That Mando Samurai was freaking sweet!


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The CIS could just shoot their arms off and make them "Flood Friends" ... thats what me and my friends do on Co-op campaign on easy mode.


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Raj'el Vhett wrote:

Here's one:

Effects of changed gravity due to someone nuking the moon.

Moon would fall and kill Chewbacca  smile


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He stands still, almost too still, like some sort of empty suit of armor.  He speaks with little emotion.

"Never fought a Jedi or Sith myself, seen many good soldiers die at their hands ...."  He trails off.

Oh man, I bookmarked that page in a second, I will waste more of my time when I am more energized ...

I had this for the SNES I think. I don't really remember.  I love it when you have some guys stuck and you have to blow them all up, hilarious.


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See, instead of being afraid of my obsessive nerdyness, I try and embrace it by sharing it with other obsessive nerds, such as posting on the message board on this site.  It seems to keep me and my inner nerd very happy.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Darth vader's death and the destruction of the Death Star and Jango/Grevious died to early

"What the hells an Aluminum Falcon?"  Yea rebels certainly kicks a super fortresses @$$. 
Didn't do to bad for a bunch of whiny teenagers tongue


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I never got into 40k, but from research, Chaos Marines win.


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Chuck Norris CAN divide by zero (nerd joke but i love it smile )


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(( Yes Mando'a, sorry I didn't specify earlier.  Also wondering if the modified E-5 is alright, I figured a scout needed a scope so I put it as modified ))


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I forgot how HUGE the predators are! (Good song too)


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What he did was pretty harsh but I wouldn't stop watching Seinfeld over it.  There is an expression I learned in Kindergarten that goes like this "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me."  I think that what he said was terrible and inappropriate but I don't think it is necessarily the end of the world.

Boba thinks to himself, If I had a nickel for every fool he has pitied, I would be a rich man.


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Well I still think the CIS would win because of superior firepower, interesting matchup though

I would have Apocalypse style handle and a black blade, if not then I would settle for red (sheesh)


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(( Probably should have posted that last one after Thylacine ... whoops ))