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Oh my gosh!  It's been years since I last logged onto the website!  It feels like coming home!  I've been lurking around here and on the different social media sites but today I felt like posting in the forums again.  I don't know if any of my old forum buddies are still around but it's still good to be back to make new friends.

(<== Boba Fett Lover!)

I don't feel enough credit goes out to Fett for being freelance.  For someone to make it as an independent without a place to check for news, look for postings, or even a way to be contacted through a guild, it is extremely difficult to get started!  It makes sense to start in a guild and then break free of the contract, but you earn quite a disliking from guild members who have to pay a share of their earnings to those who maintain the wanted boards (so to speak).

It takes a very ambitious character to say "I'll go it alone" and to do it with style and taste.  Boba Fett doesn't reduce himself to anything below his set standards just for a quick buck.  That makes him almost fashionable to say, "I highered the best!"


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Miba wrote:

Hi, and welcome back, Lyfett! I've been meaning to tell you I followed those instructions for boots you sent me a long time back and I made my mom some moccasin-type boots for Christmas. It worked wonderfully well, and I've been meaning to make myself some Jedi boots but I haven't really gotten around to it.

from one cosplayer to another, you are very welcome.  I hope they turned up well and keep me posted on any new cosplay/costumes you have cooked up!


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Miba wrote:

There was someone else around here with an avatar of himself and Jeremy together, but I forgot his name. I think he's the same one who started the Jeremy's/Boba's birthday thread? Anyway, is that your hand/paw next to your face, or something else? It looks a bit like a little creature, but I could just be looking at it weird. I am rather tired.

Anyway, I like Kudar's new one.

yes that is my paw - grrrrrrowl...

Manji, I first want to say, your shading is beautiful.
Your comment about mechanical lead being too rough is true, there is a different chemical component and not enough clay to blend the carbon.
I'm not sure if you wanted constructed criticism or just to wow us with your talent so I took a long look at them before deciding to reply.  I feel you draw your hands too small in some of the pictures, it doesn't distract from the image but they are a little dwarfed.  Secondly the image half way down the first page the torso is a little too long and makes the character look gaunt.  If those were the effects you were attempting, then congratulations, your skill is where it should be; if it is not the effect you wanted, perhaps studying a mirror or another person will help.  I'm not sure if you draw from pictures or just from your imagination, but try to sketch from life if you haven't already tried it.

PS: what do you plan to do with your skill? is this just a hobby or is it to be your carreer?


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I have  technical question for you Balancesheet, hope you don't mind:
When you shade the dark areas such as the shoulders and armor plates, is that where you use the photoshop?
I'm kind of artistic myself and computers scare me so I was asking what part is computer and what part is free hand.
(btw, the image is great, you're just the critical author always wanting to make things better.  good work!)

considering labor and the fine detail, 135 is a reasonable price... I've worked with Resin casting before and I must say that looks very good.  I feel most of us here, however are not money forking people that can just fork out money for props... (myself included)


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Balancesheet, I knew it was an artistic interpretation of the character but I didn't recognize the sentinel!  that's pretty neat!
Celia, where can I see the full image that your avatar is cropped from? I saw it a while ago and lost it... I think...
Mine's just vain... just vain...


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Boba Dude wrote:
Lyfett wrote:

My name didn't change either, I'm glad! (am I the only vain person with an avatar of myself?

Wo.......................................I just relized. YOU'RE A GIRL!!!

-Boba Dude

What ever gave you that Idea!? (Just kidding!)


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Boba Dude wrote:
Lyfett wrote:

Since then I've met both Boba's: Jeremy and Daniel.

yikes yikes yikes yikes
Ah you SUCK!!!!!
*Starts crying*
*snif snif* -Boba Dude

I like to travel but conventions are currently the only things that drag me away from my college studies


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I hope no one assumes I will remember all of this!

by the way, I am female: my avatar is a small picture of me!

well, I'm practically on a first name bassis with Peter Mahew (spelling?) with how many times I've bumped into him at many MANY conventions
I've been graced to meet Daniel Logan and he sat and talked to me for a while (his table was slow, but I think I scared him)
I got to meet Jeremy Bulloch (spelling?) and he was really funny!  I hope he was kidding when he told me to stay away from his booth...
(non-star wars related) I met voice actor Crispin Freeman who voiced Alucard in Helsing the anime - he has really piercing blue eyes.
last but not least, I met Zac Jensen, the guy who played Kit Fisto!  a cool dude who ran past me and gave me a high five... just out of the blue!


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My name didn't change either, I'm glad! (am I the only vain person with an avatar of myself?


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I began in 1996 before the re-release of Star Wars in the theaters.  My cousin sat me down and forced me to watch it and I thought his helmet looked like something out of an old mythology book (plus I liked bounty hunters).  Since then I've met both Boba's: Jeremy and Daniel.

hey folks! Lyfett is back and better than ever!  I like the term "lurker" because that's exactly what I did until 2003!  I am mysterious for "here one day, gone the next."  I disappear for long spells often...