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omg! You didn't tell us something like that happened!! What happened?


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Could it be because he's a friend who's a guy? And being such a close friend it has you confused?
How is his relationship with the woman he's with? Is it similar to yours, or does he really like her? In other words do you consider it cheating for him to like you? Remember, you're also someone who's in a relationship eying someone else. Not to say it's bad of you to do this, especially considering the situation.

And, Terra, that would be neat to have a therapist friend. I don't think I could though, I tend to weasel and lie a lot and they'd probably be able to see through it which would annoy me. But if you ever had any questions, they'd be right there.


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Thank you for understanding, I wasn't sure if I was maybe not making sense or being mean or something.


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That's awful, I hope it gets better. I agree with Cecilia that it might be his wife keeping him from contact with you. Hopefully you guys can at least start talking online now! I'm sure if I got an invite somewhere from someone who signed it with sis or bro or whatever I'd at least look into it to see if it really was one of my brothers or sisters, so hopefully he will too.


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Your fish names are awesome!

I don't really have any ideas though, for me naming a pet is something I have to do when looking at it. Like if I'm around it and looking at it I can think of a name that sort of feels like that animal.


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I think when I chose the word crazy I chose wrongly, and I am sorry.

Well, we have two lists of Fett books/comics/etc out there right now, one was compiled by me:

[ADMIN: Old link to defunct starwarsdotcom dot com removed.

and the other is here on this site: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/books/novels/

If you prefer kiddie books might I recommend the Jedi Apprentice books if you're interested in Obi-Wan and/or Qui-Gon. I know I loved those books.


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"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." -Matthew 7:3-5

That's what I mean. We ignore our own starving, our own homeless, and throw meals and homes at other countries. I just figure it's about time we take care of our own first. One major catastrophe gets countless thousands thrown at it and another gets ignored, who decides which one is more important? Sure, this is animals and other eco stuff, but that's about as important, I mean, it still ultimately affects us.

And right now instead of placing blame and pointing fingers it should just get cleaned up. Instead of us all sitting back and grumbling about oil companies and expecting them to do it all we should just get it taken care of.


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Karson, I'll have to remember that about the glasses! I don't usually have eye problems at work, but that is good to know for if I'm ever going to be somewhere I'd want to protect myself at.

Cecilia, glad your mom got better. I hate going to doctors, but I would hate losing my eye even more. This is the first time since I was, like, 12 that I've been to the emergency room for myself, that's just how much I hate it.

Terra, thanks, I haven't really been playing games or reading or anything. And minimal time on the computer. Reading is what really gets my dizziness going. Otherwise one eye being blurry and the other not doesn't really have a big affect, it just looks like a smudge on my glasses. But when reading I'm getting kinda dizzy.

The dilation has gone down a lot, and it's not red and squinty anymore. The antibiotics made me so tired yesterday. But I'm making a really fast recovery. Still achy and sore, still somewhat dilated, still blurry, but noticeably better.


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Actually I don't have much of an opinion. It's sad that it's so destructive and the water and fish and animals and all that. But there's not a whole lot I can do, so all I can do is sit back and wonder why there aren't charities you can donate to to help out. I guess because it's America that's affected and people only care about donating money to help countries besides their own.


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Me and my previous boyfriend were on and off a lot. Sometimes I wanted to make things work and I didn't want to just throw it away if it might be worth something someday, and sometimes it was him who thought that way. But looking back on it I realize whenever he would break up with me I should have let it go. It would have been better. I wasted so much time on him that I could have spent doing better things. It was when I met the man who is now my husband during the longest off period (it had been almost six months) that I told him enough was enough, I was done with him being wishy washy and careless and if he was really done with me I was really done with him and suddenly he was saying all this nice stuff about how we would be back together for real and he would never do it again and etc but I was done, I didn't want to keep going through all that over and over.

So definitely no contact. That would be best. As I was saying before, there was a week where I didn't have any contact with him and if it had continued I would have gotten better. But he broke down and called me and it just kept our pattern going. Yes, he'll be hurt for a bit but it'll be better in the long run. And in the future he might even be grateful you did that. But I guess that would depend on the person.

And sometimes someone's just crazy and years later they still want to be with you. Every so often my husband will get someone who sends him an IM asking if he's still single or wants to get back together. And he had some persistent exes and he had to make a fake blog where he went slowly insane on it, to scare them away. Not sure if that would work or not in your case though.


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Terra, are you going to stick with Sims 2 or upgrade to 3? I pretty much stopped playing 2 pretty much the same time 3 came out. I never really played 2 anyway, I just built houses. I'm actually playing 3. And it's a lot of fun!


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That's a lot of nice artwork!!!


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I got hurt at work and now I have an abrasion in my right eye. It's sort of light sensitive and they put some eye drops in that made my pupil huge. Seeing is... interesting. I won't be driving anytime soon. And I shouldn't really be on the computer for long. I did bring the brightness of my screen down a lot so that should help.

I am mildly disappointed that I didn't get an eye patch. I could have put on my pirate costume and taken some awesome pictures. Oh, well. I'm just glad it's going to get better. I was super nauseous and threw up twice. (in the last ten years that would make about 3 times I've thrown up) And I had a bad headache. They prescribed me a pain killer. And I have some antibiotics.

What I was doing was throwing cardboard in our baler and I suppose something fell out of one of them or something. The doctor said it was probably either dust or a small piece of cardboard. Whatever it was he said it had come out but that it had scratched my eye. Skinned it, if you will, gouged it. Whichever word you want to use. And, yes, it's going under workmans comp. First time I've ever had to do that.

I use a similar formula that only takes the first two of letters of your first and last names and combine then, and the first two or three of your mother's maiden name and a city or town you lived in. I was Miba Whiber till I married and decided to take my husband's. So now I'm Miba Reywes. I suppose that if I were to redo my first name as well I'd be Ziba, but I like Miba so much I'm not changing it, and besides it's a first name anyway and you don't have to change that.


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http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/v … hp?id=3084 Might be best to post this in the existing thread for Old Republic I think.


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Happy birthday, Aaron!


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DMC, time has passed!!! I didn't know you'd gotten so old!!! tongue lol

And welcome to Mandalorian2269, I like your avatar. Nice to see younger people here keeping the fandom moving along.


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http://www.amazon.com/Galactic-Phrase-B … amp;sr=1-1


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You could also look into the Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide, found on Amazon.com or your local book store. It's where I got most of what I have on my site.


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mandolover<3 wrote:

You got any more? That's neat.

[ADMIN: Old link to defunct starwarsdotcom dot com removed.]

That's all I have.


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Their lives weren't identical. Jango's parents died about the time he was 10, but Jango was adopted by Jaster Mareel, and therefore grew to be an adult with the help of a parent, and the Mandalorians. Boba was thrust out into the galaxy on his own. Jango didn't start being a bounty hunter till after he broke free from slavery which the Jedi sold him into after the Battle of Galadrian. He was well into adult-hood by that point. Boba grew up around Jango, started learning the ways of being a bounty hunter since before he can remember. And their personalities are a little different as well, for example Jango goes around helmetless sometimes, especially at home. Boba never goes without it, and as far as I know Slave I IS his home. So one of the main differences is that Jango, drifting from family to family with the period of slavery exempt, (after that it was Roz, an employer, and after that he had Boba) he was probably a little softer because of that. Boba, having no one after age 10 had to learn to be a little rougher, and a lot earlier on.

And I agree that people already having the idea of "Fett" being someone you don't want to mess with helped him out a lot.

mandolover<3 wrote:

I got a bobble head Boba and Jango...
*But I forgot that my brother switched the ewok one and now it's Wicket/fett...*
My cell cover is Jango, my blanket I've had since I was LITTLE has Jango on it, I wrote Jango is Kandosii on some converse shoes, and my Math folder is... well... Jango and little Boba...

Wow. I feel so old. You've had a Jango blanket since you were little. But that was only 8 years ago! lol  That's cool though, I don't think I've seen the Jango blankets.


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http://www.starwars.com/vault/collectin … x.html#rss



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So you never read the comics and books? What made you start now? Just curious. I believe Jaster Mareel was really only mentioned in Tales of the Bounty Hunters.