I meant I like the new color, sorry. I realized I didn't say what I liked exactly.


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How long does that stay? Cause anyone doing an orange Twi'lek costume would have an alternative to sewing a body-cover or spray painting. wink


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It's especially amusing when they end up orange.


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They changed the forums a few weeks ago, it's so much better now. I've been meaning to go back and take a look around but I keep forgetting.

I don't think it's stupid exactly, just greedy scheming.

Maul was very sub-serviant and thought nothing of himself, which is one of the reasons why Palpatine didn't mind losing him, Maul would have never rose up to kill Palpatine and take his place. (I got that impression from the Maul's Journal book)

Dooku, however, should have been smart enough to realize it.

Love the Bane books.

I always did kinda wonder about how they just accepted the clones without thought. Like, "gee, a sudden huge army that we apparently ordered" and they don't investigate further? Obi did follow Jango to Geonosis, and he was fighting on Dooku's side, and if Jango was hired to help make the army that's meant to be the Jedi's, unless they take Jango to be very mercenary and just moving from job to job, then they wouldn't suspect anything. But still, they to seem to just take the gift for what it was and didn't look into what it might otherwise be. I never really thought about that. I mean, I'd thought of them not being at least curious, but I never connected it to being a means to prevent Order 66. Sorry, I'm tired, I don't know if that makes a lot of sense.


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I always took Obi to be more of a Form IV kinda guy.


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bats wrote:

NO I'm Downunder !!!! tongue


I usually get my sw news at starwars.com

Karson Fett wrote:

Anyway if the jedi had looked at he 105 orders that the clone had been issued during training they might have been able to erase it.

That is a very good point.

Working hard to increase that post count, I see. wink

(bah, small smilies, that's meant to be a winking-fett at the end there)

Actually, that was pretty much copy and pasted from another discussion that was going on elsewhere.

Yes, by the time of Order 66 the Jedi had been reduced by a lot already due to the clone wars.

As for numbers vs numbers, note that later in my post I said "OR it could mean the balance inside a person".

Do you know that about Obi-Wan from a source? I never read the ROTS novel, so I wouldn't know. I really should read that, I loved the AOTC novel.

And on Luke and Anakin, I merely said "some say". I, myself, don't have an opinion on that matter. Either or, works for me both ways.


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That is terrible, that's beyond terrible. It's made me somewhat speechless, at a loss for what to say. Does he have his own email, maybe? Like does his account list two separate email addresses? Or does he have a work one? Or does he have an instant messenger of some sort to where if it shows him being online, if so you could friend him and he'd see it next time he was on he'd see it? Unless they share that too. That is sort of a tricky situation.

Everyone has their own dream, and that should be the one they follow. You don't have to have the house with two kids two cars etc if that's not what you want. I'm leaning more towards being a hermit in the middle of the woods myself. wink


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Tans look good on some people as long as they're not too dark, dark tans look awful, but my usual standard of perfection (for myself) is a creamy pale. Oh, and I don't mean to say that people with naturally tan skin look awful in fact my husband is naturally somewhat tan, I mean that people who get themselves tanned to that point have bad skin eventually. I don't want to look down at my arms when I'm 50 and see that it looks more like leather than skin.

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/t … ite-droid/ We already have a thread for this.

However we must been in mind the full picture of things. Balance  needed to be brought to the Force. The Force is a whole, and everything is in the Force. For there to be only two Sith and thousands of Jedi is not to have balance. The scale was greatly tipped towards the Light. Once almost all the Jedi were gone the Force was brought back into balance. Think of it as a giant scale of gray with one side being Dark and the other Light. Too many of one or the other and it's unbalanced. This could also go for individual people, like the balance of themselves. The Jedi Order of the prequel trilogy was unbalanced by being too Light, too good, too sterile for lack of a better word. The New Jedi Order, Luke's Order, was more gray than absolute Light Side. (Think Kyp Durron, a Jedi but certainly not one who would be acceptable by prequel trilogy standards.) Their inner selves were more balanced between light and dark. Some say Luke was the Chosen One because of this, that in ROTJ when he's the only one left he is the balance by having both Light and Dark in him. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes," is what Obi-Wan said in ROTS, yet it is an absolute itself, proving my point that the Jedi were tipped too far in one direction and were themselves an absolute with no gray. So while a lot of Jedi did die, and it might be cold and somewhat cruel to say so, it kind of did need to happen in the grand scheme of things. It didn't need to happen as Order 66 exactly. Balance could have been brought in many other ways.


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No, it wouldn't be great for a tv series about Boba that would destroy him utterly.

However, it does seem you've been somewhat under a rock as this is basically the year of the Fett. CV is all Fett-themed and Mandalorians are the new "in" thing.


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One thing I'm noticing is the smilies are super tiny.

Well, yeah, if the Jedi hadn't been so traitorous none of that had to happen...  tongue

On the topic of look-alikes my mom used to work with a guy who looked like Corran Horn on the cover of I, Jedi. ...and as if that weren't enough his last name is Horn. 0_0


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I quite agree with Terra, it's a lot of hard work to get it to look as great as you do.


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Something similar is happening to me. Threads with lots of pages the last few are all blank. I can't even find the last post.


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Sure it is. In order to make soap I have to buy lye, and whatever fats I need such as shortening or olive oil. Plus any extras such as essential oils, oatmeal, spices, colorants, etc. And I bought molds. Besides, it's green because I don't have any paper wrappers to throw away from bar after bar of individually wrapped soap. There's no chemicals or preservatives involved, which is green and healthy (not counting whatever happens to be in the shortening and such).


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Oh, he doesn't tear about people for the mere fun of it, such as bullying. If someone says something stupid he'll tell them why they're wrong, how they're wrong, give them the right answer, links to various official sources proving he's right, and etc. And he does it in an amusing manner.

Anyway, email sent, email received, and we're such completely different people that he no longer wishes to be friends. We couldn't. He hasn't had to work a day in his life (though he did get a short job or two for a little extra money), his parents are paying his college, buying him a house, he's a vegetarian now, and made fun of me for making my own soap. What's wrong with making my own soap?


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I tend to ramble and get dramatic in the mornings, so I'm sorry about yesterday's post.

My husband would have just about nothing in common with my ex, he'd spend his time making fun of him for being an emo kid. Which would be amusing to watch since he's so good at tearing people apart (he stands people just about as much as I can, but he's more vocal about it).

Oh, and I have a rather large family, if you count everyone including step-siblings I'm one of ten. Anything I need help with at least one of them knows what to do. So I've never needed a friend. I've also had bad luck with friends and none of them have ever really been there anyway. I think I gave up on friends around 13 or 14. Also we moved a lot, the longest I've lived in one house was about 4 years.

I think I'll send a test email out telling him a little of how I am now, like how happy I am now and maybe a few things like what some of my new fandoms are, and then ask if he ever got a job (or tried to), etc. And let him know I don't want a friend but I also don't want him to spend his life wondering about me or whatever, like, maybe find out what his intentions were in contacting me what they really are. Did he just break up with someone and thought of me or has he spend the last three years wondering if he's waited long enough that I would accept him back into my life or... what? If I ignore him now and that's what it is I don't want this again in a few years. But now I'm starting to ramble again this being still morning for me so I'm going to stop now.

Oh, and about the old guy, I don't really think about it often. This is actually the first time in at least a year or two. (cause I remember I was telling my husband about it once a long time ago) But it doesn't really bother me anymore.


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I'm kind of confused about what to do, actually. I didn't talk to him more at the time because my husband was home (and we were minutes away from dinner being ready) and he's used to his exes. Every now and then one of them will ask him if he wants to go out or if he's still single or if he's divorced me or something. And a lot of his exes became exes because they cheated on him. So I suppose he has a good reason for not wanting to talk to any of them, and me being new to that ideal would just go with what he's done and said.

Me and my ex were fairly good friends, during good times. There was also a lot of bad times, so I think I don't think I've really forgiven him for that. I spent a lot of years on him I could have spent progressing my life (working on my sewing, saving money for house, etc) if I hadn't been so stubbornly trying to make it work. But if we become friends again will I have to deal with the bad again?

Also, it would feel awkward being friends with a guy while I'm married. I mean, for you, Terra, you're single right now, and I can understand being friends with your kid's dads, I mean, my mom still talks to my dad occasionally and when they meet in person they're usually polite to each other with the occasional snide remark. (and they were married for something like 15 years) And I don't think I could IM him, I think that would be out entirely because I don't think I'd feel comfortable with it. But then do I email him? Without telling my husband? That feels like it's going behind my husband's back, which feels like the road to lying and cheating. But if I tell him he's just going to say it's a bad idea and to forget about him. Perhaps do it and then tell him? Like, say, "So I emailed him and wow, I'm glad I married a real man." I'm just not really good with friends in general, guy or gal. I have a tendency to get tired of people and say and do things to make them just mad enough to not talk to me anymore. My husband is the only best friend I've ever had, and a lot of the time I feel that he's the only friend I need. (I have a friend at work, and a friend online, and of course you guys) I wouldn't want to be friends with him.

My husband thinks he wants back with me, and I don't really know. It was the feeling I got though. But it's been three years, it's time to move on. Perhaps talking to me again would encourage him to find someone else? Or would that just set him back? Thinking on our previous conversations about contact or no contact and we'd all decided no contact is better does that apply here? Or if he really does just want to talk (get some closure, resolve things, apologize) one or two emails would be a good thing?

I for myself, I kind of miss some of the things we did, like studying SW, but overall the only emotion I feel is irritation and a bit of resentment.

I feel like talking with him could be bad, like why should we check on each other every few years unless there was something lingering between us? But that does remind me of something that happened to me when I was 17. I was still a bagger and there was a checker whom I had a crush on. He must have been nearing 50 if he wasn't there already. But he was cute. And he was into SW. And he knew stuff about computers and such. He found out I thought he was cute because he always had his hair slicked back when he was at work but one day he came in shopping and I saw him and didn't recognize him due to his hair being down and I kept looking at him cause he was cute. (he was in line at customer service waiting for his paycheck, and also, I have a thing for long hair) And then after a bit I realized who it was. eek. After that he started leaving his hair down at work often. Then one day we were in the breakroom together and he casually asked what my schedule was (which at the time was something a lot of people did because I was also starting to work some dairy shifts) and I didn't have any late shifts. He asked if I wanted to get dinner and maybe see a movie sometime. I laughed at him. Then I realized he was being serious. I told him no and scurried away. I was mad at him for a long time after that, I mean, the man was older than my dad. He had a daughter who was maybe three years younger than me. (he was divorced) And he was sorry, he really was, every word he said to me, whether it was "she wants paper" or "could you get a price check on this", it didn't matter what he said, it was how he said it, because all I ever heard him say was, "I'm sorry". And then he was arrested for some credit card thing to do with his ex wife and when I grew up I realized I should have talked to him. I should have told him that I would have gladly said yes to him if he had been about 30 years younger, I should have told him why I said no. And sometimes I wish I could run into him just so I could say that I'm sorry too. I mean, yes, he was in the wrong asking me out (especially being that I was still a minor, but I've always seemed older than I am and it has never been uncommon for people to assume I'm a few years older than I am, but even then he had to know I was still a teenager), but I was in the wrong for not telling him why I turned him down so harshly, especially since I had been giving off positive signals. Perhaps lesson learned and I should take this opportunity to resolve things with the person I CAN contact? (I don't even remember this other guy's last name and we never had any contact online, and I believe he's two states over now)

Sorry, long post, wow.