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Ok, I'm very slow about this sorta thing, back at the sw.com boards when you could change your SN I never knew who I was talking to, even if it was someone I knew well. So... what was your SN on the old boards, so I know who you guys all are? So far I've only been able to guess at a few, and that's cause they were obvious.

Mine was Obi-Wan_Fett. And yours was?

Ooh, usually I have the SW actor's bdays on my calander but I forgot this year. Thanks for the reminder!

Happy early birthday, Boba! smile


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I don't have any plans cause we're not together in RL yet. Hopefully we can do Valentines Day together next year. But this year I sent him a teddy bear holding a heart (it looks a lot like his favorite teddy bear from when he was a kid), a card, and a letter. I'm still waiting for his to get to me.

I got my Insider too but I haven't read it yet, I just skimmed the article and saw.... a female Mandalorian! big_smile That's cool, and gives us something to base armor off of and proves they exist. And some learning of the Mandalorian language, which is so cool cause I love languages, and I could possibly do a Mandalorian Dictionary when I get back the ability to update my site. (I've been having problems with that for the past few months)

I'm using the Jango one, but I like the Empire one too. I don't like the Return one cause the red is harder for me to read than the others, but that might be just me.

Well, of those choices, then Zuckuss.

Yay!! New boards, I like how it looks. Now to edit my profile, hehe...

btw, as I was first going to make this post I forgot about signing in and I was like, "Hey, where's the reply button?" I actually spent about two whole minutes looking for a reply button and refreshing before it hit me. lol

oh, btw again, to those who don't know, I was Obi-Wan_Fett before.