Rise of Vader? I don't think I heard of that book, when did it come out? lol, I thought I was keeping a good track of what was coming out.

I never actually saw any Frankenstein movies (or even trailers or clips, I've only seen one small clip), I only read the book, so maybe that's why I'm fine with the no.

But some little towns don't have speacilty comic/toy stores. Like mine, lol. At least none that I know of. They'll probably be available through swshop.com, though, I hope. That'd be cool.

I want one, I want one, omg, that's one of the coolest statue-thingies....  I never thought of him using both blasters like that, that's great!!!

I don't like the Leia one much,though. The Ithorian one is cool, though, I don't think I've seen even any action figures of him (or maybe I didn't look hard enough). The Vader one's nice, but he's just standing there.


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I heard Twilight Princess will be KOTOR-ish, and I think it's looking really cool. I saw a pic OL of Zelda holding a sword even, and you can use your sword while riding Epona. But it's ok, my BF doesn't like any of the newer Zelda games cause he thinks it takes away from the old ones and he doesn't like the sound effect Kid-Link has when he swings his sword.


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Yeah, I've played almost all the Zelda games. LTTP, LW, OOT, MM, WW. I tried the Oracle games but gave up. I'm currently waiting for Twilight Princess to come out but it's beginning to seem like it never will.


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I didn't know you could play as Ganandorf. I'd love to be able to do that, mwahaha.


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I never played it, but I think it would be cool too. Can't you play as Link or Sheik/Zelda or something?


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Yeah, hi and welcome, you seem like a cool person.

Oh, I'm not saying that TFN is bad, not at all. I'd love to post there and be an active member there. But the multiply-changing colors (why must every page be a different color?) just make my head hurt. Otherwise I'd post there a lot. I did try a few times to be a member there but it didn't really work out.

The third one's really good. I won't spoil you, but something in it ties in with the X-Wing book that follows it chronologically (I forget which one), which I thought was cool. And then there's something in it about Mara that's also really cool. It's been a long time since I read them, though, so I don't remember exactly what's happened by the end of the second book (they sorta blend together right now).


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Oh, yes, Boba hates weakness, I think anyway. And anything immoral like that is a weakness. I didn't think of that before.

And, the story where old-Boba and old-Han meet up is Tales of the Bounty Hunters, I think.

And, about Boba with Rystall, Jeremy said he didn't like that at all and that Boba's more the type to push her away than to touch her chin, or something like that.

Ooh, first time reading the Thrawn Trilogy? I loved it when I read it, and I plan to reread it again sometime. I think the Thrawn Trilogy is among my most favorite EU.

What would you have rather he'd done? Gone, "YAY My wife is dead, along with the child/children I would have had, my love is gone, my friends are dead, better yet, I myself killed my wife, oh, and since everything that was good in my life is now dead I'm all alone except for having you. Oh, I'm so happy." The "No" makes sense to me.

And asides from Fettishes, the boards are cool anyway, I don't really go to any other boards. The sw.com ones are stupid now, and TFN gives me a headache with the multiple-colored backgrounds.


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lol, it's ok, my date's with a scangun at work, at least till next year.

Out of curiousity, what's wrong with the Vader-Noo in ROTS? I never found a problem with it...


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I must not be stylish either, the only Romeo I know of comes with a Juliet. tongue


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Yeah, I think Boba's much stricter with himself than Jango is.

I always figured Boba decided what was the safest way to stay alive. Drinking or drugs would cause him to loosen up, lower his guard, and then if he was attacked he couldn't shoot straight. The un-married stuff, I thought, had to do with loyalty, like, no sleeping around. Or maybe it has to do with, if he started going with any girl who walked by eventually an assassin would get to him and get him down with one good kick and then shoot him, and he doesn't want that to happen.

But otherwise, I'm not sure if it's a Mandalorian thing or not.


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ooo, I like these smilies, that tongue-sticking-out one is cute!


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lol, that one I guessed. tongue

I don't remember, I prolly do have Tales 28 laying around here somewhere. But if I do I haven't read it yet. But it'd be cool to read that story! lol


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hehe, but what if you're tying your shoelaces and someone bumps you? tongue  But I don;t think his boots have shoelaces, do they? nvm, lol

Oh, yes, Maul's really cool!! I think his journal's the first EU I bought, or one of the first. And I gladly bought Shadow Hunter, although now I think it's depressing, it does show off Maul a lot. And I used to try to copy his saber fighting with a long bo my dad gave me.

Np. I think I need a marathon myself, I've forgotten how that line goes exactly, lol.

hehe, it's ok. I don't think I really noticed it till today. Last night I just felt like something was missing.