I got it pretty recently, in one of the many repacks (thanks hasbro!). Its one of my favorite Star Wars collectibles. It looks great, with good detail and pose. Its very dramatic. I love how itshows Boba's escape from the sarlac. Definitely my favorite figure from the unleashed line.


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Yeah...ignore the fact that site makes it look like something out of Oprah magazine, and just go to the collecting section here


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Darth Vader. He IS the epitome of evil, thats why he is the symbol of evil in popular culture, where none of these other sith or dark jedi are well known outside of fandom.

Seriously, I have seen people call him an idiot, a coward, and all kinds of other stuff, for no apparent reason. Where does that come from? I like Boba better, but it doesn’t mean I hate Jango.

An idiot? The only reason he died was that his suit was destroyed by the reek. Both of the Fetts rely on evasion when they fight, just look at their weapons and rocketpacks. With no escape and only two blaster pistols, even the best shot in the world could not stop a powerful jedi from walking up and slicing their head off.

A coward? I don’t even know where that one comes from…if he was a coward, wouldn’t he have dropped his guns, bowed down and said “Please Mace Windu, I know I kinda lit you on fire, but don’t cut my head off!”


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Yeah, the sig is from Robot Chicken.

Couldn't we just do a T-visor (without the entire helmet) with BFFC under it?

Or people could just print the club image on a transfer (you can get transfer paper at any office supply store) and make their own shirts, and Lucasfilm could not sue because no one would be making a profit.

I stumbled across a place called The Container Store. Its a national chain, so you might be able to find one even if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, it has an entire section dedicated to collectibles. There are containers and cases for all kinds, helmet replicas, weapon repicas, figures (3" and 12"), pins, miniatures, etc...

I picked up a few things, and I plan to go back after i go over my collection and figure out what I need.


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None of the other Slave ships could match up.


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Aparently not...if you watch the movies...



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Thats awesome. Thanks a ton. I love it.


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This is a great site. So well put together. I can't believe its fan made.


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Astin Martin DBS


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"Got your hands up almost like you're begging. Beggin' for a little piece of Boba."


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Obi-Wan Kenobi is the best Jedi.

As for Sith...how can you say anything but Darth Vader?

8 pieces.

I couldn't find bust-ups on there either.


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Is it just this site?

Do I get a snazzy membership card?


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If someone could make this into an avatar:


I would love them forever. cool


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I just saw the movie. It wasn’t a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but it was light years ahead of the original. It was certainly entertaining and I walked out pleased.

The Silver Surfer was definitely the best part of the movie. There definitely is a comparison to Fett with him. They are both anti-heroes, with smaller roles and huge popularity. The Surfer looked great and was well done. Especially during the middle scenes where he was dull with real make up and prosthetics, without CGI.

The Reed Richards actor and Jessica Alba still have zero chemistry. Their entire relationship subplot was as useless as it was in the first movie. Alba’s hair and creepy contacts ruined her for me in the movie. She looked best naked and face down on the pavement.

Chiklis and Evans were still the best part of the FF team, and they could even be good with a real director and movie.

Galactus looked incredible and was cool. He was a gigantic swirling cosmic storm, not just a cloud. He was sentient, but didn't talk at all. It worked much better as a force of nature than a giant in pink and purple armor. Of course people will cry about it, but its true.

McMahon was still a pretty good Doom, much better than in the first. He was not a bad choice in the original, the movie was just done poorly.