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I just got my set... easily the best action figure repreentations of all three characters ever. I love the ball jointed torsos.


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Disney Racers are cars based on characters, and the new wave of Star Wars Racers includes Boba Fett!
http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb4/ … 4b24_1.jpg

I love to watch his Roundup, and the more I see it, the more I am dying to see his collection. You can make out a small taste of it in the background, and with the doubles (and sometimes triples or quadruples) of the merchandise he presents in the videos, I assume the collection is massive and something to behold.

It would make a great special edition of the video blog.


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Already remembering some more... mostly food premiums.

BK Boba figure, BK boba watch, balancing Boba from Taco Bell, assorted candy/gum containers of both Boba and Jango... and a Mighty Mugg

I just started collecting Boba Fett(/Jango/Mandos) more recently. Everything on my list was purchased in the last two years, outside of the POTF2, Action Fleet, and Micro Machines stuff... that's from childhood.


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There's a nice store around here that often buys internrt exclusives and sells them in the store... they've had the Entertainment Earth exclusive Mando pack and Holiday Special bobblehead, the Shadow Stormtrooper, and more.


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They are different, and although it's a good thing here, sometimes different can be a trainwreck.

I'm happy with it, though. I like the look of "vinyl collectible doll" stuff. And the price is a big plus too.

My head joint is loose, is it like that for all of them, or is mine crappy? It's not too bad, but it does spin pretty freely.


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Yes, there are pics out... it's a clone trooper, apparently an ARC. A character from the new cartoon series.

Details: http://test.kayalulu.com/index.php?q=aH … amp;hl=3ed

Pic: http://jediinsider.com/index.php?catid= … emid=10917

I can't find the one I saw with the helmet off...


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Is anyone else sending in for this? It's a preview of the animated Clone Wars figures that you can receive by sending in some proofs of purchase of other Star Wars figures, I forget how many, I believe it was six.


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The OP was obviously biased and full of ridicule...

Why is he so popular? He's been popular since he first showed up in the movies, because of his striking visual and his mystery. He filled an important role in Empire, and he made a big splash for a background character in both ESB and ROTJ. Though he isn't one of the most central characters, he commands attention at points and provides one of the biggest threats to the heroes. His somewhat comical onscreen "death" isn't incompetency or anything... it's just how George Lucas moved the story along.


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Disrespectful to him? Honestly... he's not Jesus. I can't see how it would be offensive. It's just fun.

Of course I wish he had more screentime as a fan of the character, but do I think he should have? No, he's more of a background character. Both Fetts served their purposes in the movies, and thats the way it fits. It would be odd if they got too many more action scenes... these characters are not the stars.


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I'll have to get some pics later, but I can list most off the top of my head...

POTF2 Boba Fett
Saga Sarlaac Escape
VOTC Boba Fett
Kamino Escape Jango
Boba Chubby doll
Various Micro Machine and Action Fleet Boba figures
Boba pewter figurine
A 1" Disney exclusive "Collector Pack" Boba figurine
Applause Boba figurine
About 20 pack-in Boba hologram figurines
Super deformed Boba figurine
Boba symbol pin
Jango pin
Jango Kotobukiya magnet
Die-cut Boba keychain
LED Boba keychain
Boba Pez dispenser
Jango Pez dispenser
Boba digital watch
Boba Boba pewter Monopoly token

Shadows of the Empire Slave 1
Boba/Slave 1 Transformer
Lego Slave 1
Titanium Slave 1
Action Fleet Slave 1
Micro Machines Slave 1

I've got more coming. I had a little Fett spree, and I'm waiting on:
Boba Kotobukiya magnet
Boba Classics bust
Fett Legacy Evolutions 3-Pack
Boba bobblehead
Boba Holiday Special bobblehead

That's all I can think of right now, but theres definitely more around. I'm not an exclusive Boba collector, he's a just a large fraction of it. I have a fairly large collection of Star Wars merchandise, mostly armored characters. Vader, stormtroopers, scouts, snowtroopers, clones, Jango, Boba.


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Thats really something! You are very talented and creative!

Fan art is okay, but I am sure people on here have plenty of other images not under construction...


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Boba Fett was entering the atmosphere of the planet Coruscant, when suddenly


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I'll start with a set up, and then each person adds ONE WORD PER POST. You can post more than once, but not directly after yourself. Punctuation does not count. Here goes:

Boba Fett was entering the atmosphere of the planet Coruscant, when


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I was 8 at the time, so I assumed it was life sized. You jut ruined my childhood.

The mist thing is cool, I didn't know about that.


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Jango would have survived anyway, if the reek hadn't crushed his equipment he would have had more weapons to use on Mace or be able to fly away. If Boba was old enough to fight at the time Boba could have covered Jango.

I'm really looking for Boba pics, but post Jango or Mandalorians in general too.

I'm looking for average sized images, NOT thumbnails or avatars.


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Yeah. I have not been there is 12 years, so I'm excited to go back. I love the life size AT-AT.

-hires other mercenaries to do the jobs that he was hired to do"

Um, thats called sub-contracting, and I fail to see how cowardice applies... he has done plenty of more challenging things himself.

-used two wrist rockets to kill two guards, who were right next to each other, and were running away. One rocket or two blaster bolts would have worked."

Wow, that is so much not a valid reason that i'm not responding

"-does not wear helmet in public, which is not intelligent in his line of work"

Um... every bounty hunter has to wear a helmet? Nope.

"-lead thee Mandalorians to decimation for the first time in centuries"

He did not cause them to die, they would have been beaten no matter who was leading.

"-shot Zam when he could have shot Anikan and Obi-Wan"

Yes, because the two main characters should have been killed in the first 15 minutes. That would make sense...not.

"-armor is reflects too much light, whick ca attract unwanted attention"

I'm sure he knows its shiny. That does not make him an idiot... He obviously doesn't care that the people he is hunting can see him, because he will kick their *** anyway.


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Here I am at my 30th wedding anniversary.

http://www.alkass.com/db4/00400/alkass. … derman.jpg


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Im going to be in Orlando from July 22-28, will the weekends still be going on? I'll be going to the Star Wars area anyway, I'll ride Star Tours and check out the great SW shop there.

I have that figure. That entire vintage-style line is great, I especially like the new snowtrooper.