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I'll have to track one of these down!


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The Empire for sure. Not even any of the characters in particular, just the uniformity of the awesome costumes and equipment.


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Vader comes to mind... he's like seven feet tall, he sounds like the end of the world, and he looks like a monstrous Nazi.


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I also thought Vill was pretty interesting in Dark Times.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Didn't know they were selling them direct.  Do you know which store or website was selling them?

Yeah, the addict site. No Boba, but it looks like they have some Sandtrooper shirts left. … on_series/


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GLOPINO wrote:

Heres my favorite Star Wars ornament that I own.


I like, but I prefer the newer one in the awesome ESB pose.


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Fordo. I love Able, too.


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I'm VERY interested in this, but SWS bailed out of selling them, and they were sold out direct before I'd even heard of them. sad


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I love these figures. Best Boba yet.


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They're selling them in stores like Toys R Us? I was worried I'd have to order online.


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I passed over that Holiday Boba one day at Target, and when i actually planned to buy it later, it was gone. At every Target around. sad

I planned to buy one for a while, but your comment that they are running out just scared me enough to rush over and place my order.

A great unique exclusive, with the satisfaction of helping a great cause!


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I think I like the pose... it's pretty dynamic.


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Very nice.


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I love it. I'll definitely pick one up.


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I just got a great deal, all 6 BK watches from a few years back, including Boba Fett, for $7.


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I've not bought a larger high quality Fett figure yet.

There's this, RAH, Sideshow PF, Marmit...

I'm waiting on Diamond Select. They should have fairly good quality, and their price is super.


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Pretty funny.

I've never gotten a Boba miniature, they're always rare. I got a Jango, though.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
PresidentJuggernaut wrote:

There's a nice store around here that often buys internrt exclusives and sells them in the store... they've had the Entertainment Earth exclusive Mando pack and Holiday Special bobblehead, the Shadow Stormtrooper, and more.


It's a small chain called Newbury Comics.


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These are fantastic!


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My Evolutions are here. When my Classics bust arrives, I'll do a photo shoot.


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Karnorjax1138 wrote:
PresidentJuggernaut wrote:

I'd love the stormtrooper one, but the fact that the batteries can't be replaced is asinine.

its sealed shut so watertight and on a cheap budget they last for 45+ hours but have had customers come back and rebuy em cos their kids have worn them out and now wont bath without em !

loco do loadsa reglar ones which is where they started out with the glow in the ducks. -

I'm sure they could esily make it both waterproof and have replacable batteries. You're right about them wanting you to come back for more.


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I love Kotobukiyas work, but I just don't think they're worth so much money.


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I'd love the stormtrooper one, but the fact that the batteries can't be replaced is asinine.


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I'd love one. The fact that it's in a foreign language (to me, at least) makes it even more interesting.