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I don't have any real display for my figures, I keep most of them in plastic organizers for storage. But I did set them up to take pictures.

First, there's my POTF2 figures. I have most of the line, these were always my favorite toys.

I only have a few figures from each prequel movie line, this is all.

I have quite a few figures from the recent post-movie lines, The Saga Collection, 30th Anniversary Collection, and Legacy Collection. Since there are so many, I split them into original trilogy era and prequel era.

and PT

Theres more around that I have to dig up.

EDITED: I accidentalyposted the same pic a few times in there, but I have now swapped in the right ones. Sorry!


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Plus, I'm glad to see a character who isn't a Jedi or Sith getting a bigger role... I'll take a blaster weilding rogue over them any day.


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I liked him. He is like Boba Fett, but different enough. I was a little surprised they showed him snapping that senate commando's neck, good to see the show isn't afraid to be a little mature.


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Interesting... I too had always heard it referred to as a bantha skull, but I did notice the similarity to Jaing in Visionaries.


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This has inspired me to photograph my collection of Star Wars figures. I've got a good amount, a ton of POTF2 and some of every line since.


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Not worth the price, but very beautiful.

This Fett is a repaint of the Holiday Special one, or at least has its holster. A neat Fett variation and droid, I'm in.

I want this whole Droid Factory series.

I'm pretty excited right now... I had given up on the limited Fett hoodie for now.

Then I saw the hoodie at Macy's, just one, a large, perfect for me. I brought it up, but the price tag was missing. The woman used the UPC from the only other Ecko Star Wars sweatshirt thay had, a Yoda one for $40. That's like 50-60% off.


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I said I bought them at a local shop... the overpriced BriansToys.com simply hs the best pictures I could find...

Miba, this isn't the VCD. These are about two inches tall.


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They do have a Boba mug like that, and a little candy jar.

I just bought the Boba Fett Christmas Statue


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A Muppet Christmas Carol, it's a great adaptation and very entertaining. Rudolph, The Year Without A Santa Claus...

I have to do some shopping this weekend. Shoud be simple.


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I hade never heard of these super deformed figurines until I came across them at a local shop the other day. They're blind boxed, and there are two secret chase variants, K-3PO and R2-Q5. They're called Tomy Deformeds apparently. This is the first series, minus chases:

http://www.brianstoys.com/store/Product … SETOFWAVE1

I bought two, and lucked out because one was Boba. I also got a K-3PO. I still hope to collect them all. They have great detail and paint, and a cute design. This little guy has quickly become one of my favorite Fetts. I hope to collect them all. I have a Boba/Vader/stormtrooper focus to my Star Wars collecting, and these are excellent.

I figure Japan is exotic enough for me to not care about that. But I know where you're coming from, I couldn't see myself ordering con t-shirts.

Also, a little birdie told me Santa will bring me this Ecko hoodie for Christmas http://www.drjays.com/shop/P493313/ecko … oodie.html

Boba is on the far right, next to Luke. This one is more everyday. Hopefully the Fett one will come back in stock when I have some merry money to burn after Xmas.

Wow, awesome.

I also find the stormtrooper armor more appealing... and worth more. I think you might be overeswtimating the motorcycle helmets value.

No likey Celebration Japan?

I also would have bought the hoodie, it was on sale for $70, but all they had were smalls.

I got a Boba Fett today! Huzzah!


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Huge, eh?

Anyway... that is AWESOME.

So now I'm up to Wicket, Anakin, a Stormtrooper, Luke, Padme, R2, Yoda, Vader, Chewie, Leia, C-3PO, Asajj, and Han.


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There's no reason to assume Boba Fett is in the show... If the toys meant anything, Leia, Vader, Han, Chewie, Wicket, and Luke would be in the cartoon too.

The cartoon is about the Jedi, clones, and Seperatists. They haven't even said if Durge is in the cartoon.

Who knows, Boba Fett might make a cameo or something, but I wouldn't hold out hope.

That said, I would definitely go for an assortment of OT characters in this animated style.

I've eaten there every day for about a week, hoping to collect as many as possible, Fett being the prime target.

I've gotten Wicket, Anakin, a Stormtrooper, Luke, Padme, R2, and Yoda.  And someone gave me a Vader.

Woah, guys... this does NOT mean Boba Fett is in the movie or in the cartoon... there are a bunch of OT character toys.

It wouldn't even make much sense to have Boba Fett in the show.


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Damn, that is nice... but I couldn't justify that purchase.