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Looks like Boba Fett really is coming to Clone Wars! Look at this article: http://theforce.net/latestnews/story/Yo … 129523.asp

This is interesting...


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Looks like the Mandalorians are going to have a good year, from Hasbro and beyond.

Two versions of the Diamond Select bust bank

The voice changing helmet, and role play blaster
http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2010/Hasbro_ … image1.asp
http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2010/Hasbro_ … image2.asp

From the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla
http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2010/Hasbro_ … mage10.asp
and a Mandalorian warrior with speeder bike
http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2010/Hasbro_ … mage19.asp

Little launching vehicles, including Slave 1 in Jango colors. An OT repaint can't be far behind. The most interesting part of this is that the packaging contains what looks like the first glimpse of Boba's look on the Clone Wars.

ESB Evolutions Boba Fett will be rereleased on the new Vintage style card.
http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2010/Hasbro_ … image2.asp

Hallmarks 2010 ornaments include a mini Boba with Han in carbonite
http://dcswcc.org/modules.php?name=Cont … &pid=9

The highlight for me is the mail away for the new Vintage Collection line, collect five UPCs and send in for a vintage-style rocket firing Boba Fett. That's right, the infamous toy that was canceled for safety reasons has been recreated, sculpted and articulated just like the original vintage figures.
http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2010/Hasbro_ … mage22.asp

Theres lots of other cool Star Warsstuff coming out, and surely even more Boba Fett that I've overlooked. You should check out the galleries of products on rebelscum.com.


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Miba wrote:
PresidentJuggernaut wrote:
Miba wrote:

SW.com has an article about this hat, and there's a Jango one too. Very expensive though.

http://www.starwars.com/vault/collectin … 0.html#rss

No, that's not this hat. These ones, the ones you can get at Spencers, are about $20.

They look alike to me, the only difference I see is price.

You might notice that they have different shades of collor, the designs don't match up, the
Spencer's hat has the visor design on the bill whereas the Japanese hat has a black bill...


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Miba wrote:

SW.com has an article about this hat, and there's a Jango one too. Very expensive though.

http://www.starwars.com/vault/collectin … 0.html#rss

No, that's not this hat. These ones, the ones you can get at Spencers, are about $20.

I recieved one for christmas. I like it, but more as decor than a hat to wear around.


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I found therse at a store called Five Below, bought a few Boba ones.


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I saw a rhinestone Mark Ecko Boba Fett shirt at TJ Maxx the other day. Pretty funny, but I didn't want it.


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I'll be going tonight, looks great.


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Yeah, that premiere was pretty good. I like how the episodes actually follow an arc so far.


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Sounds right to me.


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It's really not well known enough to warrant a toy vehicle. Maybe as a n exclusive or something someday, if they feature in a comic or something.


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I have a small Darth Tater keychain, but I didn't want the big one. I might make an exception for Fett though. Isn't he exclusive to Disney parks?


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I've only read Hard Contact and Tripple Zero. I loved the first one, but I became bored with Tripple Zero.


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I heard about this when the cover artist appeared at a local comic con. He talked about it and gave out small prints of the artwork. I really like his Luke, and the shadow stormtroopers are always awesome to see.

I've started reading it, but only just the first few chapters.


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That Spiker card makes me drool. Great stuff.


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The costume designs look pretty cool. It sounds very interesting overall. Especially for such a low budget independant project.


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There is a sarlacc in it... that's the main draw.

The figures are okay, all repacks from 2 or more years ago. Saga Boba, Han, and Lando, POTF2 Nikto, and some Luke I can't place. They're okay. Some have just basic articulation, some have a decent amount. None are super articulated, but not every character needs to be. The guns are warped because they're pretty soft, but they can be straitened out.

The sarlacc is very nicely sculpted. I had thought the big shiny sand piece in the box was the actual sarlacc, but it's actually under that. It has a much nicer and more realistic sculpt under  there. And the skiff is the other cool part.


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I like that it's more cartoony. I like to have a variety of styles and stylizations in Boba Fett collectibles.


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I finally bought the Target exclusive Sarlacc battle pack. I got it for just under $40 on clearance, so I'm pretty happy. A sarlacc playset has long been a want of mine.


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I've bought a handful of packs. I've only found a few Boba-centric pieces, but the ones I've seen are nice. I've been getting a good amount of Jango.


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I'm in. Another cute little Boba for my collection.


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I've had that figure for a few months. They are very good with the accessories on that wave. Two figures in it are actually 2-packs (Trinto Duaba w/ Dice Ibegon and Jawa w/ Treadwell droid), Ben and another have tables, with Ben's including a Leia hologram.


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Very cool! Great attention to .


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I don't know... the acting was pretty strange and terrible.


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The more I think about it... I might try to Ebay another one of those. I miss that figure.

As much as I always loved the 3 3/4" figures, my real favorites years ago were the Micro Machines. I had a lot of those transforming head playsets, the little Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and Dagobah environments, tons of little figures and vehicles... I collected a good amount of the Episode 1 sets, then there were none for Episode 2, only a few Action Fleet type toys, and Episode 3 only had the Titanium die cast ships. I have a few of those, but Hasbro has just announced that they are cancelling that line. sad


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Those are all from the comic packs. I really love the EU comic packs they've been doing. I have quite a few Darth Vaders from over the years, but the white version really called to me.

I'm missing quite a few of my old POTF2 figures. I had the rest of the original Shadows of the Empire figures, and the Slave 1, but I have no idea where they are now. sad That ship was my favorite, and I especially loved the Luke in Coruscant Guard disguise. Hopefully I come across the rest of my figures some day.

Anyway, here's a few more mischelaneous figures that I found:

And I only have a few each of the Vintage and Clone Wars line:

I lost my POTF2 Slave 1, but here are the rest of my vehicles:
...including my beloved AT-AT:

And finally, there are some other figures and figurines of various sizes hiding in my cabinet where I display some of my favorite Star Wars items:

That's all that I have on hand, but there are a few more Star Wars items stored up around here somewhere...