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*blows up bus with mInD pOwErS*
umm... uh oh...
50 miles? Nice! I can only run about 2 miles... Never mind hike it.
Good luck!


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You know, Jango almost could have killed Mace. Blocking Jango's pistols aren't an easy feat..
However, his jetpack broke, screwing up his planning.

With Boba, Mace would be dead. I don't know how long they'd last verses the Gunships though.

I bet taxes are high in Star wars. Like really high. So he probably doesn't have too much free money.
Though who paid for the Death Star?
Maybe Boba tongue

He probably donates, buys new weapons and gets various feelings removed like pain and hormones.


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Grevious is good, but he is old. Face it. Darth Vader could kill Grevious hands down and Boba held his own verses Vader at least three times in Star Wars history. Boba even had the chance to even kill vader. However, not wanting to **** the Empire off, he didn't shoot vader.


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Darth should be slow but have his freak attacks.
Personally, I want to see heroes butchering troops and tanks but not going at extreme speeds like in battlefront 2.
They need to be fast, but not too fast.
Lightersaber throw should be under abused.
The lightsaber block should be automatic and the black button should replace the entire force power menu. (Yoda has more than just two force powers!)

Plus, the game needs more squad based tactics like the stuff from republic commando.
Possibly, the bridge of a Capital ship could have an entire layout of the map and players could form a squad and plan their invasion with the map.
Something like Battlefield 2142 Titan mode. Capital ships could be on ground battles and could be controlled.
It should have a large interior too, fit with a bridge, gun batteries, hallways, lower deck(with all the life supports and engine cooling systems).

I always wanted to be Darth Vader and blow up an entire rebel capital ship (and then leave and watch in blow up!). (In fifth grade!)
The game developers of Pandemic soiled my hopes of Battlefront 1 and 2! Soiled!
Although I won a signed autograph of Chewbacca (Peter Maylew) at the costume party at gamestop the day before the game was released. I got it the day before it came out. I felt like such a dork though, as I was the only one dressed 
up there.........

As Darth Vader....



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Lol Boba probably was like that when he captured Solo.


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I hated how in BF2 you could not eject from your ship. Possibly along with space battles, Capital ships could be on land battles. The game would also need strategy and tactics like leading a Sqaud of ARC troops into enemy territory.

Troops have low heath and fair damage, but larger numbers

Troops have high heath and damage but lower numbers

Troops have very low heath (except for SBDs and Drodicas) and fair damage Very high numbers

Troops have very high heath and damage but low numbers

Heros should be able to call their ships
Grevious gets Manga Guards to protect him with electro staffs and back missile launchers
Boba Fett is an all rounder with many great weapons and has very high heath, but he is slow at re-loading
Leia has a fast blaster with good damage She has a Vibro spear
Han is fast and good ranged damage
Darth vader has very high heath and damage but is slow.
Lightsabers should cut through people. Heros should either die or just escape from a ship.


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Jangos skill is just masked by Boba Fetts skill. He is a worthy character with skill ranking above most Jedi Masters.


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ummm R2 would win with a blaster pistol.


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The Mandos were outnumbered and still killed about half of all the Jedi.


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Boba Fett needs his Virbro Blades. Possibly his coolest gadget.
Star wars battlefront 3 needs more canon. The 501st weren't everywhere! Clone commanders aren't Mygetto troops!
In the second game, every thing is either insane or crap.
Jedi move slow when not sprinting, but wayyy to fast while sprinting.
Troops can either rock or suck.
Battlefront 1 was actually better....


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I read he retired after the clone wars and became a mercenary.
But of course he IS dead. In bloodlines a squad of ARC troopers are the only living clones, second to seventy year old Boba Fett, who is slowly dying.
So commander cody is dead, but it is unsure by whom.
By the way, Boba Fett's survival is Canon. Play Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. He is one of the bosses in the game. The game is considered canon. (Boba Fett is invincible in the game tongue)
Jedi academy is ten years after episode 6.

By the way, hello everyone! I have been spying on you for about a year and finally got the guts to join tongue
Boba Fett is fearless though!

How many IG-88s?
If all four, I'd say Fett and Bossk are in for it, if just 2 or 1, Fett and Bossk would win.


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Match depends on what Yoda you speak.
Fett would win verse the aged Yoda from 5-6
Fett would lose to Yoda from 1-3


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After a hard fight, Grevious would be down for the count.
Boba would be badly hurt, however.


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Boba shot 4-LOM in a comic. 4-LOM exploded. Zuckess repaired him, but 4-LOM lost his memory.
Do the math:
Blaster bolt + 4-LOM = Damaged 4-LOM
Jetpack missile + flamethrower + 10 blaster bolts + Vibro-Blades + 4-LOM = 4-LOM and everything related to him dead for ever....


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Samus doesn't stand a chance. He would just fly at Samus with his jetpack and cut her with his vibro blade.

I say Boba could kill Gordan. His weapons are nothing compared to a blaster.
Boba verses chief would be difficult. Though MC could beat him in a fist fight, if Fett didn't stab him with his arm vibro-blades, I would say Boba would win. MC dies from ONE rocket in Halo and Halo 2. In Star Wars, they have a couple of hundred years of advanced technology including tracking rockets. One missile from Fett's Jetpack could blow up a tank, nevermind the chief himself. Plus, blasters are advanced plasma guns, not the crude random ones in Halo. An EE-3 rifle could cut through the Chief's shields.
So Fett would win.