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oooooo ok ok. and why wouldn't Fett be able to beat him? Is he like an extremely strong Sith?


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He is definitly an Anti-hero. He even donates alot of his money to orphanages? I'm not sure evil people would do so...


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The whole one gear of war thing is cool, but I still think they should have more characters. Like Bossk or IG-88!!! How freak'n amazing would it be to play as IG-88!!! Also to be able to pilot the Slave 1 in both era's. And im not completly sure if you can already do this in BF2 but also to play as Ben Kenobi...cool...


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For some reason i cant upload my avatar. It fits the description of 60x60 and stuff but it keeps saying that the server could not save the uploaded file and to contact aaron@ etc... I did ask him about it but havent gotten a reply. Can anyone help?


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Ok guys lets all be very honest here. Seriously. Yoda is the greatest Jedi of them all. He was the head of the Jedi Council. He lived for like 900 years as the greatest Jedi........

.....Boba would win.


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Sorry to be uninformed, but whos revan?


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Boba's flamethrower could burn all of wolverine's flesh off before it could regenerate. Or maybe his poison darts could help or something.

Theyre really putting all 6 into 3-D? When does it come out?


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Plus, if they AGREE to do it to themselves then it should be fine. Animals don't do it willingly.


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Lestat probably would have been better. Hayden's anger was forced. and he just seemed so...bitchy. He just didnt look or act or talk like the person who would eventually become Darth Vader.

What I meant about Han looking stupid is that it is edited so that he like, moves a couple inches out of the way of Greedo's shot, so he just looks retarded. The little scoot he did didn't really look human. It also makes Greedo look like a bad shot too though. And what i said about Boba's voice, yea I just thought that he really loved his father and wanted to be just like him.

I never had a problem with C3-PO or R2 to tell you the truth. But the re-edit with Greedo shooting first is a joke. EVERYONE KNOWS HAN SHOT FIRST. The re-edit just makes Han look stupid. the whole thing about changing Boba's voice though, i dont know about. I'm kinda in split decision about it. Because its true that voices and accents may develop differently, however Boba was extremely fond of his father and grew up living in his image, becoming a bounty hunter just like him and staying true to using Mandalorian armor. I wouldn't doubt it if he grew up trying to sound like his father either.

I'm new to this site, (but certainly not new to Boba Fett obsession) so maybe this has been discussed before. But does anybody else think that Lucas has success clouding his judgement on what he puts and does not put in the Star Wars movies? I think it all started with those damn ewoks defeating the 501st legion on Endor, and continued with things like, ugh, Jar jar binks. Does anyone else think this too?


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Does anybody know about what could have been in Revenge of the Sith? Boba Fett was originally supposed to kill Mace Windu. There was a story board of the fight and everything. In the shot where he kills him Boba is on his back on the floor and shooting up at Mace Windu as he decends down upon him and nails him right in the chest. However Lucas decided against it because he thought that Boba Fett would have been too young at the time to kill a Jedi such as Mace Windu. Also, little addition here, i dont know if anyone else knows but in Return of the Jedi in the sarlaac scene while the hover ship with Luke, Han, Lando etc. flies away at the end, there was originally supposed to be a segment in which you see Boba Fett escaping from the pit. However Lucas thought that the audience was supposed to be focused on Luke's victory over Jabba, and not Boba's return in this particular scene.


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This shouldnt even be discussed. No matter what the terrain, Boba would win. He's the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy and people are saying EWOKS could defeat him? He would just need to use his flame thrower and incinerate them all.


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Hi everyone, just saying hello and posting my first comment. Great website for the greatest Star Wars character ever, the Fett man.