Darth Maul Clone wrote:

I can't think Boba dying....I like him so much you see.

same here...


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I dont know... I dont doubt Boba's capability (NEVER) but I think everyone might be selling Ironman short. His armor is near impenetrable and he cant be disarmed because his main weapon is on the palm of his hand, unless of course you ACTUALLY disarm his and manage to rip apart his armor and take his arms off. Ironman's armor would be Boba's main problem. He could probably easily avoid damage from him but it would take a long time to crack Ironman's armor.


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Yea I would have to also say that I like his armor and the Slave 1 the most. Two very distinct, very cool, and very kick *** pieces of technology.

dragon82abg wrote:

Need some advice.

Have come up empty on doing research on Fett's landspeeder. Is there any stories that involve such a vehicle or drawings? Or am I free to do what I like in it's construction?

We have currently the frame pretty much built. Now we are looking at really building the speeder's exteriour of it. I am starting to lean toward a James Bondian style coupe. As we have to build a 2nd speeder for the speeder chase/duel, I am making the 2nd look as wicked as possible (it's driven by the bad guys). I just want to make sure that the purists are happy if there is a Fett vehicle that exists in literature..

Would appreciate any help.

The preproduction photos will be on Iron Dragon's Website when it goes live next month.


Director: Bad Boba

Well in the comic books I have he never uses landspeeders. He uses speeder bikes. Like the ones seen on Endor in ROTJ used by the Imperial Biker Scouts.


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cujo wrote:

there is only room for one flying armored
character in my life. smile

Thats exactly how I feel, which is why i must pit them against each other at this time to see whom is worthy of my fanatic obsession... what will most likely happen tho is I will just keep liking both smile


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Tony Stark conquered his alcohol problem a long time ago


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I really don't know which would win. They're very similar in equipment and techiques. They both can fly and both have very strong armor. I think Ironman's armor would be better and Boba Fett's arsenal would be better.


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Yay Venom! He's my favorite Marvel character, hands down. But how can he beat wolverine?


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The Marvel encyclopedia i'm holding in my hand says otherwise... but ok, what ever. But yea I get what your saying Sev thats not what I was arguing though. I was arguing that Magneto has power over magnetism and magnetic fields, not metals. And also wolverine's skeleton has been ripped out by magneto before, so it does have a magnetic charge


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I always thought it was magnetism hence the name Magneto. Every where i've looked it says they are based on magnetism. This is from wikipedia: Magneto is a mutant with the superhuman power to shape and manipulate magnetic fields that exist naturally or artificially. And this from Marvel.com: Magneto possesses the power to control all forms of magnetism.


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Has anyone else read those Boba Fett comic books? I've got a couple of good ones that take place after ROTJ.


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Volk-Ordo wrote:

I think that'd be all that Boba could do,but adamantium isn't naturally magnetic,

If not then why is Magneto able to control him through his adamantium skeleton?


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The default picture is the most recent one.


there's music so if you for some reason dont want to wake anyone up or something turn your speakers down....
btw im the guy on the left, not the girl
if you scroll down through the comments someone posted a more close up picture of me.

Nice Boba costume.


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forgot that i posted that...


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I second that smile come one darth maul clone we can take em.


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DragonLance chronicles and legends by Magaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the Rift War saga books by Raymond E. Feist, The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn, and of course the Drizzt books by R.A. Salvatore are my definite favorites. Theyre my favorite because I love the character development and stories of the novels. Some of the characters in those books are more real to me than people I know. and uhhhh i dont know I just love the stories they tell. What about you Cujo?


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Are you going to keep it white on black or will you change the color?


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I think its supposed to be twice as long as a regular episode so its going to be like, a half an hour long. And yes Robot Chicken is freak'n hilarious, and with a whole episode about Star Wars? cant wait...


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sad ....sorry....


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You sure love shooting down everything i say don't you?


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Just trying to help the Fett side on this one....


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Ahhh yes. Eleventy-one. Now i understand.


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I dont think he's evil. I just think he's a man who has a job which capitalizes on the best of his abilities, which just happens to be bounty hunting. But he isnt good either. Which is why I categorize him as an anti-hero.