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A death knight from the Dragonlance book series. He's one of the strongest beings in that universe. His name is Lord Soth. If you want to know his life story and how he becomes a death knight you could probably look it up on wikipedia really quick. It's pretty interesting. By the way could anyone resize the picture so you can see more of his helm? I could only crop the rest out.


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Boba's LIFE is infiltration and assasination. If Obi Wan could infiltrate that place than Boba definitly could. He's infiltrated places that had greater security. And Fett's boots arent clunky at all. He doesn't even have any armor on his legs or feet, exept for knee pads. If he was encumbered by his equipment he wouldn't be such a great bounty hunter. Boba Fett could infiltrate any place Obi Wan could, and do a better job of it as well.

If you took away weapons then whats the point? It becomes a boxing match.


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He'd steal the Batmobile! and then make some modifications, like adding the flux capacitor from the Dolorian from Back to the Future. And that cool siren from the Ecto 1 from ghostbusters. smile


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And mine? I just put it up, i think i should change it tho...


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I say Boba. In the movie Obi Wan is able to sneak up on Grevious, If he could do that then Fett could as well and do better, meaning probably kill him without even having to fight him. Grevious has good lightsaber skills but no Force sense. If Boba could kill plenty of real Jedi i'm sure he could probably take care of Grevious.

Force Master R wrote:

Fett: Bounty Hunting, while sharpening the mind, is more blue collar than white collar...
Cheif: If it doesn't involve killing, it's not worth knowing...
Freeman: He's a theoretical physicist for cying out loud.
Winner: Freeman. Fett barely beats Cheif.
10. Enemies.
Fett: He picks and choose's who he's going to take on for the most part.  And he fights the scum of the galaxy, not the empire.  Heck, he works for the empire.
Cheif:  An alien race bent on our destruction and space zombies that threaten galaxy wide destruction.
Freeman: An alien race bent on our destruction and zombies.
Winner: Freeman and Cheif tie.  I mean, fett, you're cool and all, but I don't find your enemies all that bad.

I doubt that Freeman being a theoretical scientist would help him fight Fett. Also dont sell Fett's intellegence short, he's very strategic and has a very battle-wary mind, like Masterchief's.
Also Fett doesnt work for the Empire, he's just done jobs for them but he doesnt necessarily work for them.

Devil Girl wrote:
draco fett wrote:

Wookiepedia is not trustworthy.

I know but as it has happened before it would not surprise me if it happened this time.

I got Darth Maul Shadow hunter in hardback and I then found out later that in the paperback version there was the E-Book Darth Maul Saboteur.

It then happened again when I got Survivors Quest in hardback. I found out again that the paperback version included the E-Book Fool’s bargain.

They probably do it so that you end up buying both books, like in your case.


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Yea the picture says it all. He should have died. Now hes practically immortal. I'm with Darth Maul Clone.


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Why couldnt the blast and fire of the explosion go through his open ribcage or eye sockets into his skull?


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That whole explosion thing is what i was talking about. If he was reduced to a skeleton, his brain should have been fried. And Fetterthanyou, I tried the poison card already, apparently since wolverine's regeneration is so good his immune system would probably cancel that out, I belive that. But im still with you Fetterthanyou. I've also lost interest in wolverine. I liked it when he wasn't so cheap and near invincible. Never fear however, maybe there is an increadibly slim chance (not likely) that a canon novel will come out in which they some how make Boba Fett into a super sith lord or near invincible or something and then he'll be able to decimate Wolverine. Lets keep our fingers crossed gents. wink

But there is truth in what you say Sev, a death like that would be anti climactic


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oh...cool, thx


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

lol you're saying it like it's something ordinary. tongue  wonder how would I react if I had a hurricane season in my country every year and knew it would come... tongue

They're always coming and going at this time. Not always full fledged hurricanes though, lots of "tropical storms" which are just very annoying big storms.


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Nice stuff. Love the predator touch with the shoulder tracking blaster. Also the mask connected to the chest plate, gives him a Darth Vader like feeling, but with a jet pack smile


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Yea but what about...no just kidding, I quit...for now wink


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I meant that it should've happened, not that it did.


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Does the actual word Darth mean anything? Is it like some other word in another language? I looked around but couldn't find an explanation or origin of the word.

Ok ok, sorry. Gotta apologize for that one i guess. I kinda thought they were just bigger transformers or something. Ive only watched a couple of the Gundam Wing episodes.


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Anybody from Miami here?.... we gotta deal with fun hurricanes. As a matter of fact hurricane season started not too long ago.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Not necessarily.  Let's think this through.  Using some Marvel examples I will attempt to find this out tongue 
Ultron *A Marvel robot composed of pure adamantium) once stood up to "Nova Flame" from Johnny Storm (about 555810 degrees kelvin or 1,000,000 Fahrenheit says marvel.com).  And the metal didn't even appear heated (by this I mean glowing).  So honestly I doubt lightsabers could produce heat in excess of 1,000,000 degrees.  So the factor here is, how exactly hot is a lightsaber.  And could prolonged exposure to said lightsaber melt adamantium?

Then he isnt even starting to make sense now. His adamantium HAD to be smelted at one point to be formed into the shape of a skeleton. If it could be smelted, it could probably be vulnerable to a lightsaber. And the whole thing about him being burned or something (cant remember...) and having only his skeleton left, whatever burned him must have gone through his eye sockets and also destroyed his brain, which according to what you guys are saying is probably his only weak spot. How could he survive that?

and why wouldnt he be able to beat one? The Slave 1 is increadibly high tech and powerful and is definitly capable of beating a gundam


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Yes but for the sake of this argument, a lightsaber could cut through adamantium and if Boba used one on Wolverine it would be pretty effective.


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This one time I had to use a pay phone but there was some guy using it and I knocked on the glass and he turned and it was.....Emilio Estevez! The mighty duck man himslef! and I was like EMILIOOOOOOOO! and he tipped his hat...

by the way thats from that movie Night at the Roxburry lol, love that movie

seriously, Fett could probably kill a Gundam without the Slave 1 and with it they wouldnt stand a chance.


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Could a lightsaber penetrate Wolverine's adamantium skeleton? What if Boba had one and used it on him?