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This depends on which Enterprise you're talking about. But either way, the Enterprise would likely win. Although the SSD is massive and has many weapons, the technology in the Star Trek universe is actually more advanced than in Star Wars. The shields in Star Trek are much, much more powerful. Especially the Enterprise's. The Enterprise's phaser banks are extremely accurate (they literally never miss) and very powerful, and the photon torpedoes decimate ship hulls.

I love both the Trek and Wars universes, and theyre always competing in my head, but if i had to choose one universe to go to and live my life...I think it would be Star Trek. If you need me to i could get into real detail about the two ships and nerd-it-out.

PS: This topic has been made like 3 times.


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What are the blades made out of?


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Fett_II wrote:

here's a little fact: that wasn't the Governator come out of retirement. they digitally pasted his face from the first Terminator film onto a new bodybuilder's body.

Yeah I thought everyone knew.

But anyways, at Ralin, I totally agree with Conner's choice to save the prisoners. If they would have nuked the Skynet HQ and killed the human prisoners they would have been just like the machines. The war may have been over, im not sure if it would have really been over (assuming the signal wasnt a trap) but humans would have fallen into the same pattern that put them in this apocalyptic situation in the first place.

PS: I freaking love how they show how Conner gets that cool scar over his eye. Ive always remembered it from T2 when they show him older and thought it was awesome. The that an Arnold T-800 gave it to him adds to the coolness.


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Yeah I thought it wasnt bad, the part where Arnold comes out was the best for sure. I wish they would have used the original Terminator score more tho, i love that theme.


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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! CONGRATS MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy for you! big_smile He must be trained in the Star Wars life and become the greatest one of us all, he is the chosen one. Btw, Cael is an awesome name.


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The TIEs are crashing into our capital ships! We can't handle them all THERES TOO DAMN MANY! Some are getting through, two freighters and a Mon Cal have already been hit! Called out Green Leader Captain Reth on the general battle channel. The obscene number of TIEs has allowed the Imperial force to use a squadron for the sole purpose of suicide bombing the cruisers.

We can't pin point when they're coming and which TIEs are in the suicide squadron! The other TIEs are shielding them until they get close enough to boost into our hulls! Admiral Ackbar called to every Rebel unit in the battle. Blue Squadron converge on our cruisers and reinforce Green Squadron. We need more defense if we're going to continue attacking the Star Destroyers.

We're having enough trouble as it is with these Hunters Admiral. Gold Leader, General Calrissian said.

We NEED that defense General! Ackbar finished

The fighter squadrons were taking a heavy toll. The Star Destroyers had completely released their hangars and now TIEs from the ground base were also joining the battle. Taking Blue Squadron out of the dog fighting was going to send things to hell. Tanis had an idea.

There was one specific squadron doing the suicide runs. So far they had been reported all as TIE interceptors. If they were one squadron then that meant they were all transmitting on one squadron comm. channel. The best way to pinpoint their frequency was to look for the least transmitted one. This suicidal squadron would probably be the smallest one, and if Tanis could find the TIEs transmitting the least used frequency then that might be them.

Tanis flew the Raider out of the massive fray for a moment and diverted power from his weapons to his sensor array.

"Arr-Nine, set the sensors to search for all transmitting frequencies within Korriban's sector 7 orbit." Tanis said to his droid, R9-D6.

Blooeep doo-weep!

The results came in on Tanis's screen. There were over 100 channels currently in use and Tanis narrowed the search down to the least active in number.

Tanis scanned through the list: 5 sources...too few. 8 sources... still too few. 14...seemed perfect. It was just enough to compensate for the TIEs that were already destroyed in that squadron. Tanis locked on to the frequency and the scanners began to pinpoint their location. Tanis wouldnt be able to decrypt the transmissions and listen, but he could still see what fighters were transmittion on that frequency.

They began to pop up on the HUD and Tanis could see them scattered about, but not necessarily fighting. Nothing seemed unusual...perhaps they were just waiting for a bombing run on a freighter. But wait, other TIEs were converging on one of their postitions, surrounding one of the selected TIEs. They began moving like a cloud of flies towards a frighter and a combined force of Green Squadron Xwings began firing at them.

The TIEs protecting the one in the middle were taking the damage and when they got close enough it sprang from the cloud and straight at a Corellian frieghter. Luckily the freighters turbo guns took it out just in time and the explosion shot debri harmlessly across the hull. Tanis had found them. He opened the general battle channel.

"This is Renegade Six! I've pin pointed the suicide squadrons frequency and found them. Transmitting it now to the capital ships to be relayed to the fighters." Tanis said and inputed the code.

Excellent! Green Squadron, use the codes to find the suicide fighters and take them out before they cause any more damage! Ackbar said

Copy that. We're getting the codes now. Green squadron, you know what to do! Captain Reth said

Tanis was satisfied. Turning the Raider around-



Something had hit the Raider, hard. Tanis blasted off and above his veiwport flew by a black TIE hunter that he could barely see against the black, starlit back drop. Tanis locked on to keep it in view and followed the odd TIE, but it was quick. From the back port of the Hunter popped out a proton bomb and Tanis pulled up and around as it vaporized the space he nearly flew into.


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May the fourth be with you!

LMFAO!!! Those were awesome lol.

Oh...my...god. I did not stop laughing. Excellent. Freaking excellent. I also thought of one:

"Luke, you've lowered your pants, whats wrong?"


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Fett_II wrote:

there's no point in going out to buy a Blu-ray player if you've already got a DVD player, unless the machines break down.

There should be a minimum amount of machines in your house when they take over anyways. The less threat you know? Any day now...


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(Interactive post ahead)

Tanis sat in the cockpit of the Raider as the entire Rebel fleet traveled through hyperspace with him. Shiv and Aliyah were in their own ships, so he had no gunners and would set them on auto fire. Being in Renegade Squadron, Tanis was on star fighter detail. He would be going toe to toe with the TIEs along with Red, Blue and Gold Squadron until the ground war started and he'd go planet side. Green Squadron would be protecting the captial ships while Rogue and Wraith Squadron will be attacking the Star Destroyers.

The Navi computer beeped and informed Tanis that in a few seconds they would burst into real space in Korriban's orbit.

Taking a deep breath, and focusing on the battle about to begin, Tanis gripped the controls and activated the under and dorsal canons. The Rebel fleet appeared out of hyperspace with Korriban looming near,
and all the Star Destroyers, over 75, turning to face them. In 3 minutes, 4,000 TIE fighters, interceptors, bombers, and other kinds would be streaming out of them.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qspRp0ddqCs ambience music)

Admiral Ackbar's guttural voice cuts into every ships comm.

Fighters to your positions! Capital ships stay your course, make the Star Destroyers come to us and give Wraith and Rogue squadron time. Squadrons sign in.

Red leader, standing by. (Vince Glortho, following his defection from the Empire after Palpatines death)

Blue leader, standing by. (Captain Merrick Simms)

Gold leader, standing by. (Lando Calrissian, assuming he finished talking to the mandos)

Green leader, standing by. (Captain Yakown Reth)

Rogue leader, standing by. (Tycho Celchu)

Wraith leader, standing by. (Wedge Antilles)

Renegade leader, standing by. (Han Solo)

Ackbar cuts in again, Fighters, call into your leaders and then begin the assault!. The Fighters switched to squadron comms and called into their own squadrons. Tanis switched to Renegade Squadron's comm channel.

Renegade Two, standing by.

Renegade Three, standing by.

Renegade Four standing by.

Renegade Five standing by.

"Renegade Six, standing by." Tanis called in. The rest of the Renegades called in and Renegade Leader Solo took over.


Alright Renegades, form up. X-Wings lock S-foils in attack positions and flank the Falcon and the Raider. Here come the TIEs! We'll take the port-side, Tanis break off with your flank when they rush us. One freighter per fighter team.

Tanis moved in next to the Millenium Falcon and from his cockpit he could see Han in his own cockpit. Chewie was probably manning the quad lasers. Han turned to Tanis and waved his hand, Tanis nodded. Things were going to get very rough.

The TIE squadrons caught up with the Rebel squadrons and laser fire erupted. Green and red laser bolts rained down on both sides as a large squadron of TIE fighters met with Renegade squadron. As planed, they split into two groups and took on the TIE fighters. The screech of their engines buzzed by and the X-wings broke off to dog fight.

A trio of TIE interceptors came up on the Raiders scanners behind the ship, trying to spring up on Tanis. He wouldnt be able to out-run or maneuver them, but he could certainly out-gun them. Tanis pulled on the controls and the Raider launched upwards.

CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!!! The Interceptors opened up but the shields held, they followed close. There were many, many TIEs and Tanis had to quickly deal with this team so he could help the Renegades.

Theres so many! I can't get these damn Interceptors off me! Renegade Five called out.

Easy! Theres alot... pull them into clumps and we'll shoot them up! If they're close together use your torpedoes to knock them all out.[i] Renegade Two, Col Serra, answered back.

Tanis spun in, passing by a TIE fighter very close. He quickly reached for a button and flicked it. From the rear hatch of his ship out popped a proximity proton bomb that launched itself at the 3 Interceptors in attack formation behind him. They tried to wheel out of the way but the bomb when off and vaporized the three fighters.

[i]Nice! Now get over here and shake a few of these fighters off me, theres like 8 of them. Renegade Nine called out.

Can't handle it, Tel? You sure talk alot of smack boy. Captain Serra told him

Serra heads up! Squadron in bound. Solo informed them

What the- More fighters? Theres 2 squadrons here already!


Not fighters, TIE Hunters. Watch their torpedoes or you'll be finding out what Korriban's atmosphere smells like a little early. Jared pull up! You're heading for the Hunters!

Tanis could see Renegade Eleven, Jared Falsin being tailed by 5 TIE fighters, there was no where to go.


The Hunters and fighters massacured his shields and Jared's X-wing exploded into space dust. Tanis winced, the numbers were taking a heavy toll on the Rebels' ability to dog fight.

Around 50 Star Destroyers were now in range of the Mon Calamari ships and Rebel assault frigates and they did not hesitate. Massive laser batteries opened fire and the huge laser bolts started to fly. The fighters had to move up to avoid the crossfire. Wraith and Rogue Squadron engaged the Star Destroyers and began to attack sensor relays, engines and life support systems, yet there was heavy resistance from defending TIEs.

Tanis picked off two TIE fighters and came up behind Renegade Three, who had a squad of TIE Hunters on his his tail. Tanis's canons opened up and began to chop away at two of them until one exploded and as the Raider burst through the cloud of debri the other two Hunter pulled away to escape death and wheel around.

Renegade Three was already around and his X-Wing quickly picked off a second Hunter before it could launch a proton torpedo at Tanis. The third Hunter did a barrel roll and lept out of the Xwings range and into Tanis's flank. His canons were waiting, and the Hunter met a barrage of red lasers that decimated its weak shields and it exploded along with the rest of his squad.

Tanis whiped around and caught a Fighter squad flying towards him as they opened fire. He pulls up and to the right and the 3 Fighters followed suit. The auto canons turned backwards and opened fire and two Fighters were imediatly destroyed. The last sped up and followed through with a barrage run and the Raider shook violently as the shields took the brunt of the damage.

The Fighter sped over Tanis and the auto canons couldn't keep up with its maneuvers. Tanis pulled up and the targeting systems locked on, the red laser fire lined up and oblitherated the TIE fighter.

Tanis turned to face the Star Destroyers and saw two Xwings dragging several TIE interceptors. Moving the Raider in, he locked on to the center-most Interceptor and opened the cover of a button, pressing it in the same motion. A concussion missle screeched out of its tube and sped toward the Interceptors.

"Renegades, fly clear!" Tanis called into his comm at Renegades Four and Ten.

                             Roger!                                                Copy that!

The X Wings used their turbo boosts and flew upwards and away from the blast radius. The missle detonated before Interceptors knew what was happening and seven TIEs were destroyed in the domino effect of each one exploding.

Good! Keep clumping them up until they catch on. Watch the Hunters! Captain Serra told the squadron

Don't get cocky kid, those YT-2400s dont hold up like these YT-1300s. Han said

"That so? Well Dash Rendar would have something to say about that. I think my TIE count is higher than yours right now anyways..." Tanis replied as he fired at some TIE fighters.

You hear that Chewie!? If its a challenge you want, its a challenge you'll get, Jedi.

Cut the chatter! Theres enough to go around. These damn TIEs are clogging my view port,

He was right. The scale of this space battle was unlike Tanis had ever seen personally. There were TIEs and Xwings engaged in every inch of space between the cruisers and Star Destroyers as they launched full attacks on each other.

Two assault frigate was already smoking and a Star Destroyer was lurching towards Korriban's gravity pull because its life support and engines were disabled.
Both Green squadron and Rogue and Wraith squadrons needed to speed up their attack plan.

Red, Blue, Gold and Renegade squadrons were having trouble with the massive amounts of fighters, but they also needed speed up their game if the marine transports were going to have a chance at landing.

Tanis gave a deep sigh and locked on to a TIE hunter, hitting the sublight engines to catch up with it. The war in the stars raged on.

CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!!            KAKOOOM!!!                                I cant shake him!
               Move up, MOVE UP!                                    KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH!!!

boom-boom-BOOOM!!!                   SCREEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeech!CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!!

Cover me Red leader!       Copy! Move in, Hunters incoming!            KAH-KAH-KAH-KAH!!! BLOOOOSH!!!

( Info on the TIE hunters---> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE_Hunter   

Rebel characters, pick a squadron and fight!)

Merciless Mandalore wrote:

When you're fighting Slave 1, all you gotta do is stand still, and the laser cannons are so far apart, that when they fire, the bolts just go on either side of you.

So THATS the trick to it... when he jumps into the Slave 1 it got so much harder.

where'd you get your nintendo64 emulator? i never found one that worked

My god...this brings back memories. I NEED to find my N64 controllers right now.

Boba Fett is my number 1 top favorite bestest of all character from Star Wars. Hands down. Thats why im here, and thats how i got here.


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Masterchief wrote:

it doesn't mean he likes Reeses...

it's just a humourous picture.

...it was a joke.


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Not a big chocolate guy, but those Wonka bars get me every time big_smile

Yeah my dad told me about that, what an insane surprise. I also heard those Trekkies really liked the movie, so thats a good sign.

Sadriel, I share some of your sentiment. But also like therealmccoy said, easy on the spoilers. I just realized it was added to the title but it should have been in your post. I had to skip a paragraph mid sentence when i realized you were explaining the plot.

About the ship, yes, i think its retarded to redesign it completely when the ship is already set in stone. Me and my dad had a discussion about the ship in particular. I think its the same ship and that they made it look different in the movie, he thinks that its a different ship entirely, and thats why its different. In the trailer you see it under really heavy fire and falling apart, so my dad is assuming that the Enterprise gets destroyed (no surprise there. always gets destroyed in the movies for some reason) and then when the tv series starts its a new ship, hence the difference.

Im still unaware if its the same ship and your right that theyre changing it or that its a precursor to the Enterprise A and thats why its different. The answer may lie in the paragraph i skipped in your post. Also you mentioned continuity problems i dont understand either, the answer may lie there as well.


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"-with 7 orbiting moons with unknown armament or capabilities. Our early reconaissance was also able to assess the forces the Imperial Order were able to marshall. No less than 75 Imperial I-class star destroyers are in orbit and the Star Dreadnaught class ship, Nebula has been defending the planet since newly appointed Overlord Tho'un has taken residence there." Princess Leia said to the massive audience sitting before her in the rebel base's briefing chamber.

All manner of rebel forces and mostly the squadron and team leaders sat listening to her and watching the hologram of Korriban slowly spin next to her. The crowd was vividly displeased at the size of the Imperial force. The crowd murmured their opinions and several spoke up.

"Thats over 4,000 TIE fighters!"

"Thats more than at Endor!"

"Yes, both of you are correct." Leia answered confidently to the crowd. All the pilots in their flight suits and ship captains went silent when Leia responded. Her firm resolve instilled hope in the troops. Tanis, at the back of the chamber with Aliyah and Shiv, could sense much potential in the Skywalker sister. She continued.

"We also don't know how many TIEs could be stationed on the planet itself. Or for that matter the moons. Recon was unable to get to the planet itself, so the ground troops there could be anything from a scouting party to 4 legions of shock troopers. However, we also have the Imperial Remnant under the command of Admiral Thrawn coming to assist us, for the moment at least, and as we speak General Clarissian is attempting to reach the Mandalorians to hire reinforcements. Admiral Ackbar will now brief you in the naval strategy." Leia finished and took a seat at the front of the audience hall next to Han Solo and Chewbacca.

The legendary Mon Calamari leader, Admiral Ackbar, took the stage in his white uniform and held his hands behind his back. His large, fish-like eyes surveyed the uphill audience chamber for a moment before he spoke. Then his gutteral voice resounded through the large room.

"Although this mission is primarily for the recovery of Luke Skywalker, we wouldnt lose this opporunity to do serious damage to the Imperial Navy. Firstly: Red, Blue, and Gold squadron will fighter contingents. Star fighting sectors will be relayed to each squadron via their squadron leaders. Wraith and Rogue squadron are on Star Destroyer detail. Along with our capitol ships, you will be assaulting the destroyers and their defense teams. Green Squadron will be defending our capital ships and frigates. Renegade Squadron will remain supporting the star fighter sectors until the ground war begins, where they will then escort the drop ships and cover the ground troops from TIE bombers and TIE fighters.

The fighting will be intense and Red, Blue and Gold squadron will need to work their hardest and fastest. The TIE numbers need to be lowered a great deal before the transports can send the drop ships with our marines and soldiers to the planets surface. General Rieekan will now take the floor and explain the assault on the Imperial base itself." Ackbar sat down and Rieekan took the floor.

He clicked a small device in his hand and the hologram of Korriban grew larger and centered on a 10 acre plot of grey canyon and desert where the Imperial fortress was visible on a large hill over looking the land. The lights dimmed.

"This is the only usable image of the base we could muster from the recon force. As you can see its massive, with a giant base and 3 towers rising from it, the middle tower being the tallest. As Admiral Ackbar told you, we know virtually nothing of the forces within the base. The hangars could hold any number of ships and the barracks any number of troops.

What we do know is that these turbo laser batteries, all along here, will decimate the drop ships before they even clear the atmosphere. The drop ships will therefore deploy the troops here, next to this canyon, and fight their way to the fortress itself. The turbo lasers must be taken out by Wraith squadron by then or the troops wont stand a chance.

Once, and if, the fortress is reached its main bay door must be breached with our explosives team doing its work. If that fails then the hacker squad will need to get the doors open. And if that fails then well...I understand we have three Jedi who will take the field once Wraith squadron gives the word and they may be able to find a way in. The Mandolorian Supercommandos General Calrissian is trying to get will almost surely be an asset as well."

General Reiikan clicked his device and the lights turned on again while the hologram zoomed out.

"One last thing. The fortress is located on the opposite side of the planet from the Sith tombs and ruins. I dont want to hear any more mention of Sith curses from Wraith Squadron or the troops. Inform your men of this and get their butts in gear." the General finished and walked off. This brought some chuckles from the rebel pilots and soldiers.

Leia stood once more and addressed the Rebel force the final time.

"All of you now know your positions and orders. This is our chance to not only save the Hero of Yavin, who many of you owe your lives and the lives of your families too, but to also deal a lethal blow to the Imperial Forces. Once Thrawn's forces and if the Mandalorians arrive, your ships will be equipped with HUD trackers to identify them as such so theres no friendly fire. Trust in your training and your instincts. Follow the squadron leaders and listen for field updates from the capital ships as they attack the star destroyers. Have faith in yourselves and in your comrades and we can win this battle. Take to your positions now and prepare for the jump to Korriban. May the Force be with us."

Ralin Drakus wrote:

I honestly had no intention whatsoever of going to see this movie.  I used to watch Next Generation, and some Deep Space 9 with my Mom *her side of the family is where all the Trekie fans in my family are,* but the idea of re-hashing Kirk and Spock AGAIN turned my stomach.  Yet more proof to my theorie that Hollywood is so totally out of fresh ideas that they're getting desperate.


Went to see Monsters vs. Aliens with some school friends a couple weeks ago, and watched maybe THE MOST Amazing trailer EVER.  I had no idea what it was until I saw Enterprise, and even then I almost refused to believe what I was watching until the name came up at the end.  At that point I was left pretty well speachless.

All that being said, I still have the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it'll suck on some level, but I now think it's worth a try.

I am an avid Trekkie, and next generation is my favorite series. I kinda had the same feeling that it was going to be a painful movie until i saw the trailer. Now i think it might be the greatest movie ever made. (exaggeration, Raiders will always be the greatest movie ever made but yeah i think this one is going to be amazing)


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uhhhh....freaking awesome? Yeah definitely. Jacket=super cool.


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Masterchief wrote:

okay, april fools is oover

Thank you for the announcement, i was unaware.


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Queen, Van Halen, Men at Work, Genesis and The Police come to mind. I'll probably remember some later.


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Thats ahhhh...thats alot of chocolate.