Dan was firing at two vampires (Ronsom and Iago) from behind a map display while Avlynn and Fen bickered with the red-head vampire over the amulet, he trusted them to aquire it. Fen turned into a were, which was unsettling.

"I dont know what's going on at the moment," A newcomer yelled, "But I was hoping one of you fine citizens would be able to clarify things for me. Im new in town."

Dan turned and watched as a guy in a suit and fedora leveled a gun at Fen, who was now trapped between the redheaded vamp and the newcomer. From the back entrance where teh newcomer arrived, he hadn't noticed Dan's position, so Dan took a step up to him and placed the G36c on the back of his neck.

"Welcome to Marley's Point." Dan said, making it known that he could blow him away at this point.

*Poof....poof poof poof poof poof-*

Within seconds, countless of the Brotherhood telepoarted into the museum, enough for everyone to have their hands full. They immediatly began casting spells and the museum filled with the stench of magic. Fen was the first hit, and he howled and an impact spell launched him into a Native American display.

The amulet clattered to the floor and the red-headed vamp made a dive for it, but a volley of magic missles hit her and burned her deeply, she yelled in pain.

Dan was blasting away as many as he could that werent protected by missle barriers. He watched as one casted a yellow serpent-like spell that swirled towards the amulet, and upon impact the red gem glowed for a moment fiercely, then returned to normal.

"What the hell was that!" Dan yelled to Avlynn, who was in shock at this point. She did not have time to answer.

The ground shook violently, and everyone stopped fighting. The Brotherhood were interrupted from their spells. From the main hall something came stomping quickly, and with purpose. It burst into their section.


(audio only http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V595oWP5tSE )

"....Holy crap." Dan mumbled to himself as the battle now raged on with werewolves, vampires, Brotherhood mages and, now, undead dinosaurs.

Avlynn laughed. Dan eyed the new arrival, "A friend of yours."

"You could say that," Avlynn commented.

"...You told me you kept to yourself." Dan said, he was immediatly regretting his descision to 'trust' Avlynn. He dropped his bag (he brought it with him) and unzipped it, bringing out his G36C, but holding it downward to not seem hostile. His warding stones were going nuts, and the time for caution had ended.

"Yes well, [Avlynn watches Dan bring out a machine gun] he wont bother you if I tell him so." Alvynn said, putting her hand on Dan's arm. Dan looked at it, then back to her.

"And what's to say I wont bother him?" Dan said as the newcomer walked over. Avlyyn sighed at Dan's comment.

"Daniel Fortesque, this is Fendren Kalman." Avlynn intoduced them, expecting them to shake hands. They mearly looked at each other and then back at Avlynn.

"So you're hanging out with a slayer now? I don't understand whats stopping me from killing him right now..." Fen said, his hand idly fingering his Colt Python revolver. Avlynn stood between them.

"Please... we're in MY museum, Im not letting you meat heads trash the place. Dan is here for a quick mission that will help us all. Isn't that right Dan?"

"Yeah...whatever." Dan said shifting Nasher on his back. He wasn't used to the weight, his specialty weapon wasn't a medieval two handed sword, but a Japanese long sword, which was a katana that was several inches longer than normal. However, the Silver Knights only award (upon request) a sword with slaying capabilities to members who become Knights. Dan had not become one yet.

"Wait... whats that noise?" Fen said looking around.


Mar Alom stood upon the opening of the cave he dwelled in. This particular opening was near the top of the mountain he occupied, and was only meant as an observation area. He looked upon the steep cliff and forest below, the night had swallowed them. He awaited one of the Brotherhood, he knew they had failed.


"Master..." said the low rumbling voice behind him.

"Yes minion..." Mar replied

"Our efforts were futile, for the moment. We are prepared to return in more force, and release one of the amulets powers to repel more meddlers."

"Who stopped you?"

"A member of the Silver Knights of St.Michael, Daniel Fortesque."


"Daniel Forte-"

"FORTESQUE!?!?!? FORTES-!!!! AGHHHHH!!!!" Mar yelled and randomly launched a lighting/fire ball into the night.

"ANOTHER DAMN FORTESQUE! There everywhere, like a weed! Like a virus, a parasite! The greatest achievement I can ever complete would be to WIPE THAT FAMILY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!"

The minion stood in silence.

"...Very well. I've yet to hear of the Daniel however... The family knows little of their true heritage, and as such are still weaker than they know. Minion, go forth with your plan, and then return quickly. We cannot risk you accidently slaying the one meant to take the amulet."

"It shall be done." *Poof*

"I dont want the uhhh- attackers to return." Dan said, and hurried Avlynn off by the arm. He took notice of something becoming very warm in his side pocket. Reaching in with his free hand without notifying Avlynn.

He could feel one of his two warding stones becoming hot, and pulled them out quietly. The werewolf warding stone was a clear yellow stone, and was shining brightly. The vampire warding stone was a deep red, and was shining dimly. This meant a werewolf was very close, and a vampire was near.

The warding stones are holy devices used by the Silver Knights to warn its slayers of nearby enemies. There are all kinds of stones, warding against trolls, minor undead, goblins, etc. However the werewolf and vampire stones are the most useful, and each member of the Knights is given each as one of the tokens of joining. When the stones' creature is near, it glows and becomes warm.

Dan looked to Avlynn as they hurried into the museum and he stuffed away the stones. It seems he wasn't the only one keeping secrets... Why this werewolf hadn't ripped him to pieces yet, he didnt know. But by now she probably knew he was a slayer. He'd have to play along.

The two entered through the loading dock door, and shut it behind them. It was unusually quiet.

"Where are the workers? and where's Julian..." Avlynn said, looking around the crates of the back area. It was dimly lit by a few service lights.

"There were people here?" Dan was growing uneasy...could she be setting him up for a trap?

"Yes but....they're gone. Come, i...sense something." Avlynn said, motioning for Dan to follow.

"Sense?" *CLANG* "Cut the charade. I know you're a were, and you know im a slayer. I'm not falling for this." Dan said. He had Nasher out, and cut into a large wooden crate behind Avlynn. The blade ran across her neck as he held it, and she had to hold herself away because the silver blade was burning her neck.

Avlyn hissed with the prescense of silver, "Look, I keep to myself, I dont kill humans. I'm not in a pack. I have a job for god sakes. Theres a bigger problem right now, if you know im a were then for sure you know theres vampires in here doing who knows what."

"Maybe, but what reason do I have to trust you?" Dan said, not moving the sword. The smallest gesture and she'd be decapitated.

"I would've killed you while you were blinded. I dont bother anyone Dan, please." Avlynn pleaded, looking into Dan's eyes.

She wasn't really pleading for her life. She may be able to use her speed to escape, but that would start a fight where she could die before transforming. Dan could see she really didn't want trouble, and the human in him decided to listen where many other slayers would kill without reason. He lowered the sword.

"You must understand that this was necessary." Dan said

"Perhaps. None-the-less, your trust would be nice."

"We'll see about that. Let's check out what these vamps are up to." Dan said, taking out his pistol and handing it to Avlynn if she wanted it.

Dan stood in the back alley of the museum trying to adapt to the blindness like some sort of cavern dwelling creature.

“Hey mister, are you okay?” Came from a female voice approaching him.

“Who’s there?” Dan turned to her, his hand discreetly slipping over his gun.

“My name is Avlynn, I work for the museum.” The woman said as she came closer. Now he was in trouble... So much for stealth.

Dan sighed and responded, “I was... attacked. I can’t see.”

“What did they hit you with? Pepperspray?” the woman asked naively. Although something in her voice was odd.

"Not exactly..." Dan sensed her pause. She was observing him.

"Are you sure it was you who was attacked, and not the other way around?" The woman asked, taking note of his tactical appearance, and the sword hanging on his back. Dan felt he should have worn a trenchcoat like everyone else at this point.

"I uhh-" just as suddenly as it had come, the darkness fled his eyes, and Dan was able to see again. The spell had worn off.

Dan blinked hurredly at looked at his new acquantance. She had blond hair, up in a bun, and vivid green eyes. She still wore her museum uniform, so that much was true.

"Alright I'm fine now I think. Thank you for trying to help."

"I didnt do much for you to be thankful for. Well you know my name..." Avlynn said, extending her hand, and a smile. Dan looked at it for a moment, then smirked and took it.

"Daniel Fortesque, call me Dan."

(I can vouch, these vamps dont shape change. I think only the elders MAY have the ability. They will know a werewolf, mostly by smell. Their sense of smell is almost more useful than their eyes.)

(Dan's riding this http://www.motorcycles.pro/images/GV250 … rcycle.jpg )

Dan sped through the night, flying on the highways to reach Marley's point as quickly as possible. Soon, he saw the dark skyscrapers of the downtown area looming in the moonlit distance. With magic scroll safely tucked into a sealed pocket, Dan entered the city of Marley's Point, unaware of the adventure that awaited ahead.


The museum looked like any other, except it had banners announcing the new additions. It was sandwiched between other tall buildings, reminding Dan of New York. Although unlike New York, the streets were completely barren at night. This told Dan of the obvious undead activity. Or something more sinister he was unaware of.... but he put his money on vamps.

Speeding away from the museum, he parked his bike some ways away, so it wasn't obvious. He lifted a black duffle bag that was secured behind him and held it by the two overlapping handles. Proceeding to the back of the museum with his bag containing his machine gun and infiltration equipment, Dan shifted Nasher on his back and strode quickly into a dark, smokey alleyway leading to the museums rear loading dock.


Pale fingers extending from a dark leather gauntlet slowly turned the page of a decrepid tome that rested upon a large, antique desk. From a lone, nearly finished candle flowed an soft orange light that lit the strange runes upon the pages, and not much else. It was all that was required.

"Ah..." muttered the dark robed figure in a raspy voice that was nearly serpentine like. It had found the incantation it had been searching for. The pale hand rose and began to trace a myriad of runes in the air. They began to form in fiery lines that burned more fiercely each time they were passed over. It began the incantation, which sounded like a low mumble, yet in his concealed helmet could be heard clearly.

Upon completing the spell, the fiery runes flared one last time and then twisted and flew into the figures mind. The location of the Amulet of Delkath became known to it immediatly. With a snap of its pale, bony fingers, a six foot burst of green fire erupted in front of his desk, and a minion appeared. http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/_images … -hires.jpg

"What do you require, my master..." The minion said in a deep, gutteral voice that did not sound human.

"The amulet's location has finally become known to me. Several of you must go to its location and see to it that the Silver Knights of St.Michael do not sever my, or our Lord's connection with the amulet again. They must not interfere this time." The dark figure said with finality. The location became instantly known to the minion.

"It shall be done." The minion said and bowed. In another flash of green fire, it disappeared.

The dark figure at the desk closed the ancient tome, where the symbol of Ansgar adorned the cover. Stroking it gently, the figure uttered a final phrase for the night:

"Soon, you will return my lord, and all the land will have the eternal darkness it so deserves. Death shall reign supreme, and none will escape their doom..." The candle's wick finally ended, and the small flame was consumed by the darkness.


Name: Mar Alom
Species: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Appearance: http://www.gamasutra.com/galleries/visual_art/peter_bergting/lpb7_mage.jpg
Affiliation: Ansgar the Destroyer
Weapons: An ancient, magic tome that harbors his most devastating spells. The rest he knows by heart. (scratch that, memory. He has no heart)
History: Mar Alom is Ansgar's eternal servant, and his apprentice. He appears to have human hands, yet only Ansgar really knows who or what he is. He is very well endowed with magic ability, and requires no use of melee weapons or attacks. He seeks to become a lich, yet Ansgar never gave him the knowledge to do so out of fear. Out of respect and admiration for his master's power and ambition, Mar still serves him.


Dan put his back to the wall and peered around the corner, to check the loading dock. There was a solitary back light, but no movement. He did not want to be seen by anyone.

*Poof!    Poof! Poof! Poof!*

Dan looked back into the fog of the alley just in time to see the last three bursts of green fire within the mist. Four looming figures approached and Dan wheeled around, dropping the bag. He leveled his Desert Eagle at the figures as they lurched forward into view.

Sickly green light emanated from their hideous faces, and their purple robes looked near rotted. They weren't vamps, and they weren't werewolves, which were the only enemies supposed to be in this area, so Dan took pause. What resulted was the four creatures and Dan staring at each other in the dark alley, the only sound being their rumbling breathing.

"...Identify yourselves." Dan said, not lowering his heavy pistol.

"We answer only to our master. Do you serve the Silver Knight of St.Michael?" One of the creatures responded in a deep gutteral voice. Dan though for a moment...they hadn't attacked him, or raised any weapons in response to his hostility...

"...Yes? Daniel Fortesque, I've only been-"


Dan was hit in the chest by some swirl of green and red light and was sent flying into the back area of the museum. He tumbled to a stop and coughed hard a few times as he rose and leveled his pistol. One of the creatures was already finishing casting another spell, and upon completiong, a dim purple wall of light was erected in front of the creatures.

Dan let loose a volley of bullets, which fizzled away into non existence upon hitting the purple wall of light. Dan had learned about these, Missle Protection spells. He holstered the Desert Eagle and pulled out Nasher, aware of its enchanted properties.

The other three creatures began launching bolts of pink light that fly towards Dan while the fourth maintained the wall. Dan used Nasher defensively and parried the bolts away from him off the blade, filling the dark area with purple light. The magic missles collided with the floor and brick walls, dissolving a small portion with each hit.

The spells ended and Dan bolted forward, Nasher ready for more. The creatures began new incantations their hands swirling in the air, and their deep voices echoing in Dan's head eerily. With a warrior yell, Dan swung Nasher through the purple wall, which was only a protection from minor missles, and cleaved the creature holding up the spell in twine.

*SCREEEEeeeetch!* *fizzle*

The two body parts burned away in green fire before they hit the ground and the purple wall fell. In the same motion as the swing, Dan thrust Nasher deep into another close creature who couldn't finish his spell. Green light erupted from the large wound, and the creature let loose its screetch that didnt match its deep voice as it burned away.

The third creature finished its spell, and the same green and red swirl that knocked Dan on his *** burst forth. He reflected it, knocking him back a little, but sending it into the creature who casted it, who smashed into the wall and burned away before it had a chance to scream.

The last creature finished its spell, and a blackness Dan had never dreamed of encompassed his sight. He was blind.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" *WHOOoosh clang!  WHOOoosh clang!* Dan screamed in fury and swung Nasher back and forth, hitting the alley walls. He heard the creature lunge forward, and a kick to his chest knocked him 5 feet and onto the floor.

Hearing another chant begin, Dan withdrew his gun with his free hand and aimed towards the unnatural sound.






-click click click click*

The chanting stopped. All that was heard was Dan's heavy panting. He regained his breath, and then holstered both his gun and Nasher as he shakily stood up rubbing his eyes. He moved his head around as if to check his surroundings. Those looking at his eyes would see them completely black.

"Crap........I'm blind."

Name: Daniel Fortesque (Youngest son of the Fortesque family)
Species:Human (Slayer)
Age: 29
Apperance: http://filmonic.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/empire-australia-qweenie.jpg
Weapons: Nasher,a large ornate two handed sword (Silver inlaid blade naturally) strapped to his back. A Desert Eagle on a holster on his chest, that machine gun in the picture and other minor slayer devices.
Personality: Dan is usually very untrusting and bitter after the loss of his father, but his newfound relationship with his older brother has made him more accepting. He has been in all kinds of military organizations, and is now following his family history by being inducted into the Silver Knights.


Daniel Fortesque stood within the war room of Crispin's coven, a very unsettling position for him. He had just been inducted into the Silver Knights of St.Michael, so he hadn't gone on any serious raids yet. However he had been on several skirmishes and knew that werewolves did not toy with slayers.

He was here on the good graces of his older half-brother, Nathaniel Fortesque, who was now bringing up a map of Marley's Point on a table read out in front of them. The room's only light was a blue hue ascending from the read out, casting an odd, dim glow through out the area. The whole underground coven had an eerie feeling that Dan expected, but did not feel comfortable with none-the-less. The unfriendly glances from other werewolves were also adding to this.

"Alright here's the museum, you cant miss it really. Its near the center of town next to the town hall building, who's architecture is unmistakable. Once you're in, navigate to the amulet's display and read the Relisiance Sphere scroll so the spell will be cast on it, cutting off all possible magic connection to it." Nathaniel said, pointing at the rectangle on the read  out.

"How will it create the sphere around the amulet's display and not something else near me? They really should have sent one of the priests or clerics to do this." Dan said shifting his feet and leaning onto the read out table, emerging his face into the blue light.

"The scroll is formatted for the amulet. The Knights do this every time the amulet is moved so the wraith or lich or whoever is connected to it cant use it for manipulation. Marley's Point hasn't been scouted or even researched, so we dont know what can be waiting for you there. But be aware of any cult members trying to resurrect the vampire lord connected with that amulet. Those cults are always a pain in the ***."

"Alright... and when im done?"

"Come back here and i'll get in touch with HQ to see if they have anything else for you to do. Leave now so you get there before morning. Its close so you can take your bike."

"...can I take Nasher?" Dan said with a smirk.

"What? No. Wait, what? Nasher? What do you know about sword play? You'd cut your own leg off!" Nathaniel said walking out of the room. Dan quickly followed him, he would need to work him over to allow him to use the slayer sword.

"I've been training with Dalton at HQ with two handed weapons. You said yourself earlier that this would be a cake mission. Nothing would happen!"

"...Nothing better happen to it. It IS a quick mission after all. Ok, but i swear if you lose it, its your head."

"Perfect! Its already packed with my things..." Dan said and ran off, leaving Nathaniel in disbelief.


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(I just wanted to express my opinion here, i dont really have a post yet. Idk how everyone else feels about this, but the blatant mixing of Halo and SW is just... wrong Mandal. Its not mixing well. I mean, when i brought in my Indy/Gerin thing I converted it to SW as much as possible, but you even kept the same names of the vehicles. The weaponry of each persons character is what also makes them unique, when ppl think them up its important to them. Replacing everything with weapons you want is a bad move in my opinion. The technology is FAR inferior to the weapons everyone currently has, and im pretty sure few ppl in the SW universe would know how to operate the weapons or something with wheels. I dont see how the worthogs are cheaper due to the fact that it would be pretty tough to find someone in the galaxy who still makes them, and who uses gasoline there? A_A's character's monologue says it well, as did Maltese. I maybe should have PMed you personally about this, but I would like to know what everyone thinks.)


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Yeah Ive seen them, they look great. Its good theres some ToD stuff since the ToD figures got cancelled, a shame cuz the Mola Ram figure looked like one of the best.

Very very cool, nice find. But I worry when im making them that Im going to screw up the parts or something. Theres also the problem that every time i try to make one it just ends up looking like Lukes ROTJ one since its my favorite lol.


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Gerin was packing his travel case when a beeep notified him that someone was at his door. He walked through his artifact filled apartment to the door, passing glass cases and shelves that held silent pieces of the history of the galaxy.

SHOOook! The door opened.

Perth stood in the doorway, a knowing smile on his face.

"Did I get it? Did they agree to the payment?" Gerin asked holding his hand out to Perth, as if trying to pull the answer out of him.


"HaHA! Great! This is crazy... THE lost city Perth." Gerin said as the two walked back into the apartment and Gerin continued packing.

"This is a somewhat serious matter Gerin," Perth said, taking a seat. "Its nothing to be taken lightly...No one knows anything about the City. No one knows its secrets......"

"...You're beginning to sound like my mother Perth. I'm going after an increadible find of historical significance and you're talking about some hokey religion. Besides, you know what a cautious fellow I am." Gerin said, taking his Dexley out of a silk bag and tossing it into his case.


Gerin boarded a passenger liner in Coronet City's main public hangar, shoving his case into the over head. He took a seat and immediatly set his hat over his eyes, he learned from experience to catch sleep whenever he could.

Unbeknownst to him, 3 aisles behind him sat a man watching him from behind a HoloNet projection. His affiliations or intentions unknown.


After stopping Tatooine and making the switch to one of Czerka Corps private ships that knows the location of the planet, the Czerka ship Gerin was on was approaching the planet and a 'ding' sounded through the cabin, notifying everyone of the arrival.

With Gerin in the ship were several Czerka workers and officers, probably reinforcing or replacing some others. On Tatooine, in between route changes, Gerin changed into his field clothes. His whip and Dexley were now at his side, hanging from his utility belt.

Walking off the docked ship and into the space port in the middle of the Czerka city, he approached an officer with a datapad logging in all the arrivals.

"Mind pointing me in the direction of the HQ?" Gerin asked

The officer looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you supposed to be, a rancor tamer?" The man asked

"Archaeologist. Where should I be going?"

"You sure dont look like the rest that have come through here. You should probably go to the hangar where the mercs are being briefed. The other archaeologists are already on their way. Exit here and continue North West until you see the biggest gray building. The hangar is attached to it."

"Thanks." Gerin said with a nod of his head and walked out. He arrived later than the rest, and would have to bunk with the mercs instead of the scientists. Not that he minded, the Czerka scientists are notorious for being book smart morons. Then again, mercenaries arent exactly fond folk either.


Entering the hangar, Gerin passed several heavily modified merc ships and headed towards a group of them facing an Czerka official. The official looked like he was about to begin, and was going through some datapad lying on a desk before starting. Gerin walked up to him before he could start.

"Who are you? Everyone thats in the list is here already..." The man said, giving the list a once over.

"Gerin Solo, archaeologist." Gerin said handing him a datachip that he was given back on Corellia by one of the Czerka men. The man took the chip and clicked it into his data pad were orders for Gerin poped up.

"Oh I see, you're the expert they've brought in. The other scientists are already on their way so just wait here with the mercs and you'll leave with them." The man said, Gerin nodded and leaned against a crate and waited.


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I saw an episode, it might have been the same one. Involving that purple goo? Idk if it was the first one.

Its definitely cool, but I just want everyone to be aware that this idea was prooooobably taken from the warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Its a pretty cool concept to have a show just on the mysterious warehouse, and i think i read on some Indy website that the Ark makes a cameo. Cool show.


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Name: Gerindolus ‘Gerin’ Solo


Species: Human (Corellia)

Occupation: Professor of Archaeology, Expert on the occult and ‘Obtainer of rare antiquities’

Dexly Slug Ejector 2b: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … ver6in.jpg The Dexly 2b marks the current pinnacle in Dexly Industries hand held slug thrower pistols. The company has long been a leader of accurate pistols, and the new 2b has opened new possibilities with its superior firepower and various slug types while maintaining the accuracy Dexly Industries is known for.

SynthLeather whip: Gerin’s SynthLeather whip is an upgrade from the child whip that he used on his farm when he was a boy. He grew fond of using them and eventually started using better grades and lengths of whips to do all manner of things unheard of by whip users. This SynthLeather whip was made by Gerin himself, and he crafted it into an impressive device. He had to use SynthLeather instead of the traditional Leathris because running along the inside of the whip is a Polyfibe cord connected to a power source within the handle which releases immense electrical currents, frying any organic material touching it. The SynthLeather is the only material that can be used in a whip and withstand the shock without burning.

Armor: Gerin doesn’t wear any armor, it isn’t appropriate for his job. He does wear a SynthLeather jacket which he uses after he liked the durability of his whip. He also has a utility belt with numerous archaeological tools and other devices he’s had to call upon in a bind to help him. Attached to the belt is the holster where his Dexly rests and it is strapped to his leg to secure it well. He also has a combat satchel that he acquired from his days as a Republic airborne trooper during the war. He wears shin high boots with his beige pants tucked into them, as he’s learned not to leave openings for any of the infinite creatures around the galaxy to crawl into. He is also more often then not wearing his hat, where no one really knows where it came from or why it is so significant to him.

Weakness: Gerin has no armor, no heavy weapons, and no Force ability.

Appearance: http://www.legalmoviesdownloads.com/movie_screenshots/Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark/Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark_2.jpg

Personality: Being Corellian, Gerin has always been one to fly by the seat of his pants. He is sarcastic at times to ease the stress of certain situations, and he is very determined to be the best at his job in the galaxy. He is driven by his desire to preserve the history of the galaxy, as it is slowly being wiped away by the rapid progression of civilizations, technology and war. He harbors a dislike of Jedi, because they consider themselves the only real archaeologists and historians and consider non Jedi archaeologists ‘treasure hunters’.

Short History: Gerin grew up on Tralus of the Corellian System, in the homesteads where his family maintained a farm while his father was a professor and raised him strictly. He stressed upon Gerin the importance of history, and Gerin soon became attuned to it as his father had. After numerous escapades during his younger life, Gerin finally finished his ‘break’ after finishing his university studies and is now teaching in Coronet City University and also working on the side for the Corellian Space Museum and Galactic Museum.


“-within the chamber there was everything except the archaic trans-light field generator, which looked like it had been long gone, taken by the ‘Kwa’ people after their conflict likely. This is another thing leading to the dangers of xenoarchaeology, especially with the Gree Enclave because the areas once taken over by the Kwa in 100,000 BBY are currently controlled by the Nightsisters, who aren’t too keen on the idea of any living being excavating the Kwa after they exterminated them.” Gerin said to the hundreds of students in the massive audience chamber as he pointed at the holographic image of the Gree Enclave chamber.

His voice was projected from the back of each seat and the hologram was large enough for everyone to see.


“Ok that’s it for the week! Remember next time we meet that everyone’s essays on the Star Temples of Dathomir need to be turned in. No exceptions!” Gerin told his class as they emptied out of the huge room to go enjoy their weekend.

Gerin shut off the hologram and began collecting his things when his old time friend and curator of the Galactic Museum in Coronet, Perth Novar, appeared in the room and walked towards Gerin.

“Perth…I’m telling you, these kids have zero appreciation of anything but the next pod race. Its like teaching a bunch of rocks…” Gerin said lifting a stack of datapads with some school work on them and walking out of the room.

“You weren’t much different when you were their age Gerin, I remember you skipping class to go swinging on your whip through the Coronet rooftops.” Perth said with a smile, following Gerin out of the class.

“Yeah that’s because I already KNEW what the professor was teaching….So what brings you down here Perth, found out where another fragment of the Krassus Orb may be?” Gerin said walking out into the open air of Coronet City on a bright day, high in one of the taller buildings of CCU. They boarded a mag-lev train and it took them deeper into the campus.

“Not quite…I don’t really know Gerin.” Perth said keeping his head down while looking at Gerin.

“What? What do you mean you don’t know? How do you not know what you came to see me for?”

“Well, there’s two men from the Czerka Corporation here to see you.”

“Czerka Corporation? What do they want? I’m not in some sort of trouble am I?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time Gerin, but they didn’t seem the type to give you a knock over the head, more the knock over your head with an indictment.”

“Oh boy…well, let’s see what they’re here for. Take me to where you left them.”


Gerin and Perth entered a smaller, now empty classroom where the Czerka Corp officers had insisted on meeting for privacy. Once of the officers was a sure of himself type, portly and impatient. His partner was a lanky accountant looking man who seemed nervous for no reason. The four sat at the large desk at the head of the classroom.

“Gerindolus Solo: Professor of Archaeology, expert on the Sith occult, and how does one say it…obtainer of rare antiquities.” The fat one said shaking Gerin’s hand.

“Yes, and I’m sure you all have nice long titles too. So what does the all-mighty Czerka Corp need with me? You’ve got your own scientists don’t you?” Gerin said, putting down his stack of datapads.

“Yes. And they’re all stumped on what we’ve found while searching for mineral deposits in a recently discovered Terran-class planet.” He told Gerin and Perth. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows and turned their attention to the officer again.

“What have you found exactly?” Gerin asked, the lanky man answered.

“Well, normally it looks like typical Sith ruins. However, an Echani sect of Force users is guarding the area like their lives depended on it. Also, from what little our people have been able to research, many of the markings and writings found in the ruins say things that have apparently never been seen before on other Sith ruins. Namely, the possible mockery of Jedi. An incomplete fragment of a translated text found on a Sith obelisk just outside the ruins says this: […and the Light shall bring Darkness upon us all]” The lanky man said while reading from a datapad he produced from his case.

Gerin and Perth looked at each other once more, wide-eyed in disbelief and realization. The Czerka men noticed their reaction.

“What is it?” The portly one asked.
“The Echani have discovered the Lost City of Sith.” Gerin stated.

“Whats so special about this city?”

“This specific city isn’t considered ‘Lost’ because no ones been able to find it after it disappeared, its considered lost because no ones been able to find it EVER, even when it was populated. The mockery of the Jedi was something supposedly found there because it was a dwelling specifically made for the raising of more Sith to, probably, take over the galaxy and exterminate the Jedi. There’s hundreds of possibilities really, but it is almost definitely a place of great Sith power and the Echani are no doubt curious as to how they can use it to their own gains.” Gerin explained to the Czerka men.

“That’s what we were afraid of…” The lanky one said

“So I’m guessing you need my help in some way?” Gerin said, the portly man looked at him intently before answering.

“We have the Jedi there and our own men. But no one knows what to think or do about the Sith ruins. So far you seem to know more than even the Jedi historians were able to pick up, they just thought it was a unique Sith ruin with nothing nefarious about it, but the Jedi in the field who visited the ruins themselves had different to say about what they felt. Needless to say, we have no reason or want to rely on the Jedi and we have our own way of dealing with the situation.”

“And that way is me.” Gerin said



(Mandal i tried to keep the info about the Sith ruins as vague as possible to not write soemthing you dont want in, if you need anything put in or changed let me know)


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Heres something everyone who is commenting on this topic should see:

http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/smg-tra … tions.html


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Everybodys forgotten about Farrah Fawcett. And that Billy Mays guy is dead too, you know.

BILLY MAYS IS DEAD????? im googling this right now.


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BFFC Cujo wrote:

i thought it was pretty good- a noisy action ,ovie w/ little to no acting or likeable characters to keep it together.  but yeah the stereotyped twins were pretty bad, not surprising. i liked the SR-71. but overall it has not been the best movie of the summer. star trek still holds that title IMO.

I have to say that I feel the same exact way. Also, the thing that really bugged me more so than the twins was the gratuitous destruction of Ancient Egyptian structures and artifacts. It could just be me, being the way I am (the whole archaeologist thing), but they seriously leveled Egypt in this movie. And im almost positive that archaeologists would know if there was a massive doomsday machine inside one of the pyramids, yeah thats not escaping notice.


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I saw the title of the thread only, it and from what it said i can assume it was probably the worst spam thats popped up on here. Good work with the quick action McCoy.

Lets hope its not as pathetic as the Clone Wars cartoon. I sense that Boba Fett may be exploited as a cheap villain in this show though, meaning little main characters will defeat him with cheap shots to make the show interesting. Im hoping they treat him as a real character and show his development through his early bounty hunting years.

I've been looking for  Fett one for a while, but havent found one yet. I recently got a special edition one I came across thats of the duel between Vader and Kenobi on the Death Star and it has a silver base. I'm only going for ones im really interested in so the Boba one is a must, thanks for the update.


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What magazine? and why were fans outraged?


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Warp speed is faster than Light speed, so the Trek ships are faster. The SW ships travel slightly faster than the speed of light while the Trek ships warp space around them...its no contest in the speed category.


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

i think phasers would have little affect on armor tho, even stormie armor
theyd have to use different weapons

Yeah in that you are very wrong. Those phasers, the ones that look like TV remotes, vaporize anything they hit. Ever wonder why no one in the Trek universe wears armor? Because it makes no difference.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

You cant teleport enless the sheilds are down. And as Ive already stated, the Executers sheilds sustained a Star Destoryers crashing into it at hyperspace speeds with out flinching. Which obviously makes them very strong.

And yes turbolasers are in inaccurate, but only when there trying to hit somthing the size of the Millennium Falcon. Its like trying to hit a fly with an AK-47. Considering they DID hit the Millennium Falcon a couple of times, it means they must be pretty good. The Enterprise on the other hand is much bigger and Im willing to bet that they (the Executers turbolaser crew) would be able to hit the Enterprise 70 to 60 percent of the time (while Enterprise is doing evasive maneuvers of course)

Even if the Enterprise did teleported anyone aboard it would be what? Two security guys and Worf ? Thats all they ever send on away missions even in combat situations like these. So that versus a legion of Storm Troopers and possibly Darth Vader since this is the Executer Lord Vaders flag ship.

No, they dont send like 2 ppl and Worf. They send a team of like 6 ppl. If they can navigate through a Borg cube then Stormtroopers should be no problem. Remember that only 5 ppl navigated through the DEATH STAR and escaped with only one person dying.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Accuracy is always a problem though. I would rather have a pistol that hit every time you pointed it at something then a high powered sniper rifle that didnt. All it takes is one good hit on the right spot (aka the bridge) and the ship is pretty much done. Another thing. The Enterprise could conceivably beam an away team directly onto the bridge of a ship and take the bridge crew hostage/eliminate them.

Exactly. The Phaser banks could target life support, the bridge, the engines, anything it pleased really. I forgot about the transporter too, thats serious. They could transport a massive bomb or sabatoge away team on board, nothing in the Star Wars universe has experienced that.

Just watched the trailer...needless to say i lost all control of my bodily functions. That looks so damn amazing i think im going to cry. Looks like there will be strong opposition to the Star Trek Online game coming out soon.... Which shall I choose...

CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:
BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

and every other mmo i've ever seen/played heh

MapleStory is free.

I don't belive in pay to play. You already have to pay $30+ in order to buy the stupid game. Then you have to have to pay every month. $15 a month=$180 a year. You should only ever have to buy a game once, not dozens of times.

Yes maple Story is free...and it shows. The games you have to pay to play are better in every way.