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I'm pretty excited. My Indy gear is coming along well, and now that I have a great whip its going to look good. I still need to get the holster and whip holder, which I should be doing within the week.

However, since Ive been Indy every Halloween since I was 13 (and several times before that. Although one year I was the Grail Knight from Last Crusade, does that count?) Im thinking of doing a Temple of Doom variant. Meaning my shirt sleeve would be ripped off, the back of the shirt would be ripped apart from the whipping he got, there would be alot of sweat and blood, and torn up pants as well. I would also be walking around with a machete. Thoughts?

(Note: Im prepared to start working out again to look that good.)



I check in every day still.

(Hey darksilvania, theres a massive horde of zombies around the mausoleum that just gave 2 slayers, 3 vampires, and 3 werewolves a really hard time to get passed. You just walked into the mausoleum. How did you just get passed them? Please take a look at rule 4 in the opening post.)

(If no one objects, I would like to retcon my character to this. http://www.filmdope.com/Gallery/ActorsB/1509-422.gif If you do object feel free to voice your opinion. The uniform that is in my original picture stays the same though.)

"He's right, we're not going anywhere. We have to pull back." Dan said as he blew apart the head of a zombie. He was dual weilding his Desert Eagle and his flaming katana, but was having a hard time because of the katana's unusual weight.

"On my way here, I saw an open mausoleum or crypt. We should make our way there and barricade ourself in." Iago said after joining the party once more.

"It would be stupid to corner ourselves." Emeline said and launched a bolt into the eye of a zombie.

"Its our only hope, were not going to get out of the graveyard when we're this over-run." Black said

"What ever we do, we've got to do it NOW!" Lev said, pistol whipping the face of a zombie and shattering it.

"Iago, point the way." Ronsom said

The party began to slowly but surely fight their way through the horde. The stench was making Dan gag. Eventually everyone resorted to using their melee weapons because they didnt have opportunities to reload. After a moment of running and fighting, they came upon the mausoleum Iago had spoken of.


"GO GO GO!" Dan shouted. Him and Lev were in the rear, their human stamina had caught up with them.

Dan noticed Emeline hesitate. She was having a bad feeling about this particular crypt...

(Hey Maltese, just some clarification. I thought Iago was gone, and hes reappered. From what I understand he left to feed and he came back right? or am i not getting it...)

Just as the tide had turned and the party had gained possession of the amulet, the evil mages reappeared, completely encircling the party.

The pressence of magic made everyone's skin tingle, and colors began to fly as the minions began casting spells.

"SPREAD OUT!!" Dan yelled and opened fire. Everyone began shooting while Morgan and Fen rushed one side with their melee weapons and cut a swath in the circle of minions.

"Move NOW!" Ronsom called and everyone ran through the opening. Purple Magic Missles chased after them and a fireball erupted in the spot they were just standing in. Dan and Emeline were tossed away and tumbled to the floor, Dan crushing a gravestone.

"ROLL, ROLL!" Someone called to Dan as we recovered from the shock.

"YOU ARE ON FIRE!!" Dan could tell it was Emeline now, she began to pat him down, but her vampire strength just ended up feeling like hammers. He rolled away and continued to roll until he didn't feel the heat anymore.

"Are you alright?" Emeline asked him, putting her hand on his ribs. She could sense he had pain there.

"My gun cut into me as I rolled. I may be bleeding." Dan said wincing. Emeline reached into her pocket and withdrew a little silver tin. She opened it and applied a white salve onto her hand and returned the tin to her pocket. She slipped her hand in under Dan's shirt faster than he could react, and Dan felt the cool salve cover his wound and he immediatly felt better.

Emeline watched her actions, but Dan watched Emeline. Her emerald eyes were a stark contrast to her red hair. Her hand was soft, and cold, against his chest. Emeline finally noticed Dan looking, and looked back through her bangs at him. It was now evident that the salve was fully applied, and yet Emeline continued to slowly caress Dan's chest.

The sound of chanting brought the two out of their stupor, and Emeline stood, pretending nothing happened. Dan followed suit. The two could see the battle had progressed several yards away, but thats not where this different chanting was coming from...

"Where..." Emeline asked, almost to herself. Dan raised his gun and looked through the fog to their left, where the moonlight reveiled a mauseum complex, and a lone figure standing amongst it.

(figure in the picture isnt really him)

The dark man's face was covered by a cowl, and the chanting emanating from him made Dan's ears ring.

"No...NO!" Emeline shouted, which notified Dan of the evil intent in this man. Dan opened fire, but the bullets dissintigrated without the figure even raising a finger. Emeline leapt at him, but a minion exploded into existence with green fire behind the man and launched an impact spell at her.

She tumbled to the ground at Dan's feet.

"Stop, him..." She said as she recovered from the fall. Dan lowered his gun and withdrew the katana, an odd wind swept through the cemetery. He charged, but it was too late.

From the figure's outstretched hands shot out bright green electricity the jumped into the ground and took the feeling from Dan's legs. He crumbled to the ground and yelled in pain as the green electricy began to course in and out of the ground, encircling grave stones and dead trees. The lightning flew through the entire cemetery with increadible speed.

When it stopped, an eerie silence took over the grave yard, and Dan turned back to the mausoleum to see both the dark figure and his minion gone. The sound of battle had ceased, and the rest of the party stood in shock some ways away at what had just occured.

Dan and Emeline helped one another up, and all stood in waiting.

Dan felt something at his feet, pulling his boot. He looked down. It was a grey, decaying hand coming out of the ground. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_54aFj4KUnZ4/SKuaKefh2nI/AAAAAAAAAF0/wk63JD3t_9k/s200/zombie+grave.jpg

"...ZOMBIEEEEES!" Dan yelled to the party

Half-Life 2 wrote:

First im new hear

Second i didn't take over

Im _____ tired of all your complaining so go get a god damn life
and ____your permit to

Dry your tears and close the door on your way out.

The team of seven marched into the cemetary and the fog enveloped them. They immediatly began losing track of one another and had to stay close. This was was...surreal. It muffled sound and masked scent.

"Alright, lets split up and look for the bearer." Dan suggested.

"Isn't that what's said right before everyone is picked off one by one?" Avlynn said cocking her eyebrow

"Yes, but we arent half naked irresponsible teens. We're monsters and monster slayers." Dan said as he took three large flares from a pouch and cracked them open. He jammed them into the twisted bark of a tree next to him in such a way that it was visible from all sides.

"Ok, after 10 minutes meet back here and report. We want the amulet, but we also need to know where the crypt is for Ansgar." Dan said to everyone. It was the best way to cover ground, so no one seemed to opposed. Three squads broke apart, the slayers Dan and Lev, the old friends Fen and Avlynn, and the two vampires with the newcomer. Each squad disappeared into the fog.

After a few minutes and quietly trodding through row after row of ominous gravestones, Lev called for a halt.

"...hear it?" He asked.

"Yes....50-60 yards...that way." Dan said pointing his G36c in a direction of 'thud's and voices. The two slayers broke into a jog and with military precision tracked down the source.

Dan and Lev ducked behind a large family grave stone and peered over the edge when close enough. What greeted then was a large, purple and black monstrosity. Their warding stones told them it was a vampire. It had wings, and a freakish purple helmet. In its hand was the amulet of Delkath.

The previous bearer, the vampire in the fedora and suit, was sitting against the wall of a large mausoleum entrance, attempting to overcome the shock from being possessed by the amulet and also being attacked by the purple monstrosity.

Dan began to relay ambush commands with hand signals, and Lev responded as well: Swing around to the left, behind him. Encircle, position, fire, move in for the kill. Covering fire.

Dan sprung up and quietly ran around through the fog to get behind him and Lev leaned over the gravestone and began unloading with his .44 magnum and express revolver. Several bullets wizzed by, but then began to pepper his body and the creature dropped the amulet to the floor.

As the creature howled in rage and annoyance it spun around and fired a large pistol at Lev, which missed.


Lev blew apart the creatures knee and its leg flew off. It fell to the ground and Lev stood up and emptied his pistols at him, blowing his left arm off with the powerful pistols. He ducked behind the grave stone to reload and the creature took flight, hissing in pain.

At this point, Dan was behind the creature and when full auto on his ***. He fell from the sky like a dying bat, screaming in anger as his wings were littered with holes. It fell to the ground with a thud and Dan walked up to it. It was still alive, but healing fast and would soon be able to fight again.

"Its healing." Dan called to Lev. Dan locked eyes with the creature as it breathed heavily. It could not speak becase a bullet had shattered his jaw, and teeth were scattered across the ground. His tongue hung from his head, the lower jaw no longer present to keep his loud mouth shut.

"FINISH HIM!!!" Lev called as he finished reloading.

Dan looked at Lev, and then met eyes with the creature once more and he watched the jaw begin to reform. Dan withdrew his long katana.


"...Death, is only the beginning. This fatality will simply-." The creature was cut off by the katana slicing through the air, seemingly dragging wind with it, and severing his head from his body. It fell to the ground with a mushy thump, and the body went limp. Dan swung the katana swiftly to the side, the blood on the blade flying off.

".................Flawless Victory."

Half-Life 2 wrote:

(I have changed my character in to a vampire.)

Chaos turned to the other vampire and jumped to him. The other vampire quickly turned around and round housed kicked Chaos in the jaw.

"Now i under stand the power of the amulet. It turns you into a complete bad a-"

Chaos was cut off by the vampire with another hit to the jaw. Chaos copied his exact movements as if his own, he was able to snatch the amulet and knock the vampire out. The amulet began to glow and shoved itself into the opening in his chest.

...no. Sorry, you cant change the race of your character after all thats happened. Also, you cant take the centerpoint of this rpg, and change it so that its now YOUR rpg. You clearly have not read what is going on in this rpg, you consulted no one when you decided to take the amulet and put it in your characters chest, which has NOTHING to do with the plot of this rpg. I admire your spirit, but you clearly do not know what you are doing my friend. And you dont seem to care.

Emeline stopped speaking, as she was interrupted and frustration was evident on her face. Everyone else turned and looked at the newcomer in wonder and bewilderment.


"...do you have a late pass?" Dan asked, crossing his arms and looking to the sky, wondering where all these people were coming out of.

"What?" The new comer asked, furrowing his brow.

"I was just going to explain when you intruded. Take your place and please just let me continue..." Emeline said

"Wait wait, no. We know nothing of this person! How can we trust every vampire or werewolf or, in your cases, humans who come up?" Lev said

"There are deviants among every race... We should be more cautious here." Dan agreed. The slayers were growing ansy.

"Indeed. Who are you, and why should we not kill you?" Ronsom inquiried.

"My name is...Morgan Black. I've never seen some of the things Ive just seen tonight. Some of the things in question tried to kill me. This is probably the most interesting course of actions ive run into, and I'd like to see it through." Morgan answered.

"Very well lycan, allow me to continue..." Emeline said. She could smell that he was a werewolf.

(Will edit upon request)

Mar Alom was already ready when his minion approached him. He could sense the amulet was already IN the cemetary. It appears the meddlers were more resourceful then he thought. He assumed it would take longer for one of them to pick it up and be consumed. He was always amazed by Ansgar's ability.

*poof*    The minion spoke in its inhumanly low voice.

"The amulet is-"

"Yes. We leave immediatly. We must remain in the shadows unless the fools somehow mobilize and begin to take the amulet away."

Mar stood and removed a small pouch from his belt. He closed his massive magic tome and slid it into the pouch as if it was the size of a pebble. It was the only thing he would need.

Mar motioned to the lone candle in the dark room with seemingly no walls or roof. The flame flickered for a moment and died. As the light fled the room, so did Mar Alom. Little did the wayward souls know what awaited them.

The lethal trio strode down the entrance of the cemetary, nearly at the game. Dan felt something heating up in his pocket...

"Dan, the stones." Lev said, opening his jacket and showing the red Vampire warding stone aglow. The yellow werewolf one were also glowing but that was due to Fen.

"I know. Too bright right now...they must be-" Dan turned to his left and everyone turned as well.

Out of the fog approached three figures. Avlynn was one. The other two pale figures were obviously vampires.

Fen sniffed again. "Avlynn, what the f-"

"Down boy...they're with me. This is Ronsom, and Emeline. Two vampires who also want to fix this universal problem we have."

"...I dont know how you put up with this Fortesque." Lev muttered to Dan.

"Have you forgotten what my brother is?" Dan answered back. Lev nodded in realization.

"Alright so we don't no much about whats going on, a stealthy approach will work best." Dan said, his mind began to race with his long military career, searching for the best plan.

"I don't recall nominating you as squad leader." Ronsom said without a hint of emotion in his gaunt face.

"Yeah? Well I DO recall be being charged with wiping your scum off the face of this planet." Lev spoke up.

"Uhhhh, no. Save it for the real trouble. Look, Emeline here educated me on whats going on. She's more involved than any of us, and has valuable information that could help us out. Lets listen to her for one second please...." Avlynn held her hand out to Emeline.

Emeline had remained in silence and her face showed she cared little for what was going on within the party. She kept looking into the graveyard, trying to cut through the fog to no avail. After a moment of silence, she accepted Avlynn's invitation and stepped forward to address the party on the truth about the amulet.

"Listen carefully, as this information will likely save your lives faster then your weapons will..."

(Go ahead and give us the low-down on Ansgars tomb and the story Mel. I nominate a cool mausoleum complex or something like that. I would gladly like to be involved in that. Also, i have plans for the griffon. Also, were only on pg 5, so im going to assume the cemetary is only the beginning of our adventure.)

After leaving Nasher with Lev and Fen in the truck, the party took to the road after Drogan. Dan was in the lead on his bike, his G36c clanking against the chassie of the motorcycle as it was strapped to his shoulder.

The team had to take some side streets to avoid running into police, but Fen was able to sniff out the vampire's faint scent and lead them in the general direction. A few minutes into the ride, Lev calls Dan for a halt. Dan slows down and pulls up beside the truck.

"Fen here says that were headed for a graveyard." Lev said out the window.

"...sounds about right. Its probably where the amulet is destined to go or whatever." Dan said

"Lets go, hes too far ahead of us already." Fen said. Dan nodded and the team drove off.


The large stone monolith at the entrance to the cemetary named the place as Griffon Park. Atop the structure stood a majestic stone griffon, facing the East. Its massive form held fast to the tall obelisk as if guarding the graveyard from hard....or from something within.

The team pulled up and could see the gate had been forcibly opened. Beyond that, only fog could be seen.

"Pff, doesnt get much sketchy-er than this." Lev said climbing out of the semi.

"Mmm...well Ive seen worse." Fen said with a loud canine-like sniff.

"Lock and load ladies." Dan said, cocking the machine gun. He made sure all his combat gear was strapped down, his Desert Eagle was on his chest holster, and his new katana (that had been giving him an odd feeling...) was attached to his belt.

Half-Life 2 wrote:
Valthonin wrote:
Half-Life 2 wrote:

(This is the extension from my previous post)

Cerberus reached a gate and quickly jumped over it landing in a uncomfortable way making him lose some speed, but he was determent to reach the burial ground. Cerberus was a couple of miles away from the stone a vampire was entering the grounds followed by a few demons he stood in the way of the vampire and roared -It sounded like thunder- the demons vanished into thin air, the vampire was no longer being followed but now has to fight something bigger.

...what? What demons? What vampire?

Drogan has the amulet and hes a vampire. and something in his post had demons chasing him. My character reached the gate and is now facing Drogan.

Re-read his post.

Half-Life 2 wrote:

(This is the extension from my previous post)

Cerberus reached a gate and quickly jumped over it landing in a uncomfortable way making him lose some speed, but he was determent to reach the burial ground. Cerberus was a couple of miles away from the stone a vampire was entering the grounds followed by a few demons he stood in the way of the vampire and roared -It sounded like thunder- the demons vanished into thin air, the vampire was no longer being followed but now has to fight something bigger.

...what? What demons? What vampire?

Dan and Lev looked at one another. They had been hoping to rid themselves of this mess. But Fen seemed skilled and truthful. It was odd for him to be acting this way with them, but the presence of foul magic was always a problem for everyone.

Dan held Nasher by the scabbard, he had pulled it out of the wreckage. "Alright, but we're having a transportation issue. I've got my bike, but you guys are going to have to find something else." Dan said, taking his keys out of his pocket so he could run to his bike and start it quickly.

"What's your name, lycan?" Lev asked the newest addition to their assault party.

"Call me Fen."

"Call me Lev." The two left the handshake out of the greeting. "It's going to be tough to catch up with the vamp who ran off with the amulet."

"I can sniff him out, but we've got to get going now." Fen said. Dan pulled up on his bike discreetly, they hadn't noticed he had hopped on and come back. The sound of the battle within the shop covered the rumbling of his bike.

"He went off in that direction," Dan said, pointing down the street "we should go before the cops show up."

"Dont start with me Squire..." Lev said as Dan helped him up. He was getting tired of his title..

"Hey, is everyone ok over here?" An unknown voice called. Dan instinctively whipped out his pistol and threw his aim back to the voice. It was a man with long hair wearing a trenchcoat, he could see a weapon behind his back.

"Just peachy. So where'd the psycho leach with the amulet go?" Avlynn rose from the wreckage and answered.

"I don't know. But...identify yourself." Dan said to the stranger.

(sorry, tiny post, but idk what to do)

A_A's char is a werewolf, and hes had the amulet for a while now

BFFC-Mel wrote:

She was just getting ready to leap out of the Hummer to clobber the vampire when another vampire beat her to it.

What other vampire?

Not knowing what this Avatar thing was, i saw a trailer on youtube.... It looks increadibly interesting. Idk why you guys are skeptical.

(Posting again out of boredom)

The black hummer crashed into the street and far down the street the party could see the red and blue lights speeding towards them.

"Here comes the calvary..." Dan said

"We're not supposed to get wrapped up with them now, we gotta get outta here and find whoever has the amulet." Lev said and sped in the other direction. After a few turns, Dan motioned for Lev to stop. He ran out and got on his bike. He strapped the katana to his back for comfort and the engine roared to life.

"How do we find this guy?" Dan called to Lev, Avlynn spoke up.

"Over there!" She said, pointing out the window and down the street. Fen could be seen, bolting down the sidewalk like the beast he was and flinging himself across the street on a lamp post, ducking into an alley. Fen was the last in the convoy chasing the amulet, but he was gaining fast.

Dan's bike screeched down the street and the hummer roared behind it. Dan turned into the dark alley, nimbly navigating through the debri and trash. The hummer plowed through it, sending boxes, trash cans and other things flying away from the massive vehicle.

Fen could be seen disappearing into the smoke of the alley, and the team accelerated after him.

(To answer your question, I think its actual contact with the silver that affects the werewolf. So touching it burns them, but i dont think the presence makes a difference. Its not like kryptonite.)

Dan watched Avlynn run into the museum, maybe to change. Turning, he saw the man with the revolver walking towards him. His appearance was oddly familiar.

"...They sent you didn't they?" Dan asked. Only one of the Knights would approach him so easily while he had a huge sword on his back, a machine gun in one hand and a long katana in the other.

"Yes. Lev Pliskin, call my Jimbo." Lev extended his hand and Dan took it after tucking the katana in his belt. "Knight of the Halo."

"So they sent a Halo Knight after me? Why?"

"You took too long. Now we know why. And your brother wants his sword back."

"I'll leave it in your car for now. Take me to my bike, we gotta go after that amulet before these undead go nuts."

"Right...why didnt you waste that wolf who ran into the museum?"

"She's...with me."

"With you? What the hell does that mean? Shes a damn werewolf, split her frikking head open."

"Look shes helped me so far, just leave her alone for now and we'll deal with her after this is over. Same with her friend, I'll point him out later."

"Just debrief me while we're in the car."

Dan and Lev got into the Hummer and Dan placed Nasher in the back seat. Lev was pulling out of the alley when Avlynn landed on the hood of the car with supernatural prowess.

"Taxi!" She said as she leapt off and walked to the back door. She wore combat dress and had a massive gun. Lev turned to Dan.

"...are you kidding me, squire?"

"Bear with me." Dan said as Avlynn got into the back seat.

"Jeez, I nearly sat on your sword and cut my a-" Avlynn was cut off

"Just sit tight were and you may come out of this alive." Lev said as he turned and faced her. Avlynn shot a look at Dan.

"Your friend's a little quick to kill here. I guess not every Knight is like you, Dan." Avlynn said

"Not every Knight is a Fortesque." He replied as Lev burst into the street.

Droideka, the mage 'class' isnt on Mel's starting post as a possible choice for character, any characters with magic ability were first put to Mel to see if she approved. You already have a character, whom you abandoned without a conclusion, and now you post this character out of no where. He is clearly overpowered and has conflicts, as the Freemasons were not around until around the year 1300, at the LEAST. Why does he need all that weaponry if hes a mage? How does he even know magic? Please consult Mel about this before continuing.

Dan had his hands full with the mages, their magic was stinking up the place and that dinosaur was even eating a few of them. He had blown away those that weren't protected with his G36c, and their numbers began to fall. Dan got the feeling that they were in this fight halfheartedly however, and that they were allowing this to occur.

As soon as that vampire had disappeared out the window, the bones of the reanimated T-rex clattered to the floor and the undead creature was no more. Everyone had run out the window to follow the amulet, and now Dan was last. He watched as the few remaining Brotherhood stopped casting spells, and poofed away in their green fire. Very, very odd.

Dan now had to follow the rest, and he ran to the window to assess the fall. He would live. As he climbed onto the window sill, something caught his eye beside him: a feudal Japan exhibit. Nestled in the now shattered display case was a long katana, among other artifacts. http://www.heavenlyswords.com/images/P/long-katana-00-7X28.jpg Dan read the place card next to it:

Bushido Musashi: This elegant and deadly katana was the blade of a samurai bodyguard and was gifted to him by his master for loyalty. To provide an advantage for his legendary body guard, the feudal master requisitioned the blade to be several inches longer than normal, providing the great warrior with distance and intimidation. The blade has been passed down through various families, each noting that the blade had strange-

"Ok, got to go. But you're coming with." Dan said and snatched the blade through the broken glass, that oddly seemed perfect for the sword to be able to slip out of. With his new weapon preferred weapon, Dan had fresh instilled confidence and leapt out the window.


Dan stood and saw everyone chasing the vampire, and also a man holding an odd revolver who looked on in wonder. He was about to approach him when he noticed Avlynn behind him.

"...Well now, I didn't know you were that type of girl." Dan said with a smile. Avlynn's hands weren't big enough to cover her endowments...


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