"Upon your arrival you are to meet with my master at once, understood?" Dun barked to his holo emitter projection of Grenatar Cheln

"Yes sir. And what of the twilek?"

"She is of no matter to me. Proceed with her as you wish." Dun shut off the holo transmitter and rejoined his three man squad.

The four men were positioned on a roof top next to the road leading to the warehouse entrance.

"Are the claymores in place?" Dun inquired

"Yessir, two of them on either side of the road."

"Very well. I will give the signal for when to detonate them. If any try to escape, you will also wait for my signal before picking them off. Understood?"

"Understood." "Yes sir." "Affirmative."

With that Dun lept from the roof, and his heavy boots revealed their hidden nature: Rocket boots. The propulsion wasn't enough to carry him great distances, but just enough to help him make great leaps or soften a fall. He slammed to the ground, his cape fluttered behind him.


The Rodian Emmissary waited for a few of the bodyguards to move out before emerging from his cab. They had chartered two large transports, with 9 mercs in each and the emissary in one of them. It was a lot of security but it was standard procedure for a purchase this large. The Emissary was actually quite interested in this assault ship and what it brought to the table, considering its price and secrecy. Transporting it from Mandalore to its buyers location will require some smuggling to avoid Imperial entanglements.

The team now moved towards the large warehouse, wherein there was a hangar that stored the ship. The street was deserted, just as was arranged. Neither party wanted word getting out of this deal, considering the precious cargo involved.

One of the mercs made his way to the emissary "We're off schedule. Do you think we'll have to wait to make the deal?"

"Esschuuta doolun doora, no'osko eetal" (The deal is done already, and they will not wait for this one.)

The merc nodded and rejoined the group. Nine in front, and nine behind the emissary. Again, standard procedure, no one expected trouble this time around.

The transports could be heard behind them priming their engines. The Rodian and a few looked back to see them fly off and away. That was not what the emmissary had arranged. Something was wrong.


KABOOOOOM!!! The claymores go off and kill 6 men instantly. Smoke pellets whiz from unknown places and quickly fill the street with smoke. In seconds the mission had descended into chaos.

"Fan out!" A merc officer could be heard yelling to his troops.

Blaster fire erupted from behind them, the Rodian emissary bolted to a building, taking cover in an alcove while drawing his blaster.

Unseen to most, a very large Mandalorian Death Watch warrior clad in white was at the rear of the party, already hacking apart mercenaries with deadly efficiency.

Dun Gorah crept through the thick white smoke and approached a male Gree searching for any sign of friend or foe. With a swipe of his great blade he cleaved the Gree in two as he screamed with his final breath. Two men near him heard the death cry and began firing towards the position.

Moving the defensive cape in the way, Dun blocked the incoming fire and strode through the smoke to their position. He spun, wheeling the vibroblade in the air and chopping off both their heads while fear overcame them at the sight of the white beast.

Just then a thermal detonator thuds to Dun's feet. Without hesitation he punts it back to where it came, and as it explodes several death rattles could be heard.

The smoke began to clear, and many mutilated bodies came into view. Dun rammed his blade through another man's chest, and with only one more left the merc decided to bolt for his life.

"We've got a runner" Chimed in one of the Death Watch soldiers.

"I have him." Dun said as he lifted his sword, and heaved it forth with great force. It flipped and whirled through the air, and struck the merc with such velocity that it impaled him upon the wall beside him.

"Another, to the rear."

"Hold." Dun said as he unholstered his heavy blaster and flipped his  range finder into position. It easily acquired the target and Dun let loose a volley of three shots, two in the chest and one in the head. The man fell dead.

"One more, then we must flee." Dun informed the troops as he casually walked towards the last remaining humanoid alive: The Rodian Emissary.

The Rodian remained in his alcove, shivering from fear, overcome with astonishment as the rapidity with which his party was dispatched by one man... clad in white.

Dun's heavy rocket boots thudded as he made his way to the cowering Rodian. He looked up at Dun, as the white Mandalorian helmet and the black visor that showed no emotion. It was splattered with blood.

The Rodian lifted his blaster and Dun snatched it in his large hand, crushing the feeble fingers of the Rodian as it screeched in pain. With his free hand, metallic claws emerged from his gauntlet. Dun allowed a moment for the Rodian to admire the instrument of his own death, and then plunged them into his face, partially crushing his skull.

Dun rose, wiping his claws on the Rodian's vest before moving to retrieve his sword.

"We're moving out."

Dun Gorah wiped his mouth with a napkin as he lowered his spoon. After consuming three heaping helpings of Vhe'viin chili, Dun was now prepared for his task tonight. (Vhe'viin are small rodents native to Mandalore)

The chair creaked as it was released from the weight. No waiter came with the bill. The manager watched, sweating profusely, several feet behind Dun's table. He dare not go out of sight after the last visit.

"I believe the recipe is perfected. Where is the cook!?" Dun's voice boomed through the empty restaurant. All other patrons had fled.

"I'll fetch him right away, sir!" The manager stammered and scampered away into the kitchen.

Dun adjusted his armor. Turning his head, he peered out the window to view the storm once again. Lightening struck in the distance and flashed light into the dining hall of Fauna Foods. They had the best chili in town. Dun greatly enjoyed his food, and he looked forward to stuffing his face with the finest cuisine when his ambition takes him forward. He could be quite hedonistic when he wanted to.

From the window Dun could see his objective: A MandalMotors warehouse containing a brand new assault ship prototype. The buyers were arriving soon, and had paid a small fortune to have the opportunity to employ a state of the art assault ship for their cause. Dun's mission was to ensure the ship did not leave the warehouse. MandalMotors would soon be having a... change in management... and the prototype was highly prized.

"......." The cook had been standing beside Dun for some time. He gazed up at a hard jaw line and sleek black hair, and to eyes that seemed absorbed with something no one else could see.
"Sir you requested my-"

"Ah yes," The cook shuddered as Dun turned to him and looked him up and down with what would have surely been a look of disgust had Dun not enjoyed his meal so much. "The chili was superb, the best variation I've had thus far. I would kill you to ensure that none could pride themselves as I do now in eating it... however I have decided to return for more chili soon."

With that Dun took his helmet under his arm and strode out of the restaurant. The cook collapsed to the floor upon his departure.


Dun stood in front of the MandalMotors warehouse as three Death Watch soldiers approached him. They were his designated squad this mission. Many soldiers looked forward to being assigned "Wall Watchers" and accompanying Dun on his missions, as it usually involved sitting back and watching the beast at work.

"You're cloak has returned from repairs sir." Said one of the soldiers as he lifted a heavy, greyish white cape into view. Dun motioned towards his back and the soldier unfolded it, and clipped it onto Dun's helmet sized shoulders.

"The Rodian emissary arrived in Keldabe spaceport a few moments ago. Sources report he is on his way with his guard detachment. The scout reports 18 men, two squads of 9, blasters and heavy repeaters. 19 with the emissary." The solider detailed.

Dun nodded. "Child's play. Have you brought two weapons?"

"Yes sir." The other two soldiers revealed their haul. Each man had to carry a weapon and the cape because of their weight. Dun's cape was made of a durasteel allow inlaid with cortosis weave to defend against some blaster fire and extreme temperatures. It was his most defensive tool and his most expensive one at that. It required maintenance from time to time to restore it after numerous or particularly heavy battles.

One soldier handed Dun a gigantic double edged vibrosword that required two hands to wield. Running up the middle of the blade was an enhanced ultrasonic emitter that granted the blade added cutting ability. Dun took it and moved it to his back, where it magnetically held at his command.

The third soldier gave Dun his modified Mandalorian Heavy Blaster. The blaster had single and burst fire modes, with an enhanced module that granted added energy damage. Complete with an extended clip, the blaster was a formidable side arm.

Ready for battle, Dun briefed his squires. "The emissary is not to enter the warehouse. MandalMotors mustn't communicate with them, they are to be dispatched before the deal occurs. We evac, and the deed is done. The prototype never leaves the warehouse."

The soldiers confirmed their understanding.

"Do not get in my way." This point needed no stressing.

Dun looked up at the Keldabe skyline, the warehouse was on the outskirts of the city. The MandalMotors tower rose high, a notable edifice of the metropolis. Soon, Dun would be enjoying the view from its highest office.

Dun Gorah watched from a window several stories high as the storm broke above the Deathwatch recruiters. The newly emerging group were gathering their things and retreating beneath him, out of view and into the first floor of the building.

"Peons shepherding peons. I do not think we will gather many capable warriors from this lot. There were...pacifists... when I arrived at the terminal this morning. I had to exercise some restraint from vaporizing them." Dun turned away from the window, and faced his master. As his tall and wide body tilted, shadows crept along his dusty-white Mandalorian armor.

Dun Gorah's enormous and fearsome visage had earned him the nickname "The White Wall". A wall that few could pass. Dun was exceptional at combat and killing, using any and all weapons at his disposal. Whole squads had been massacred in seconds when wielded a heavy assault blaster, and the melee weapons he favored had sprayed the blood of guilty and innocent alike across his bone colored armor.

"I will worry about the recruiting. You only have to concern yourself with the eliminating, Dun. Who else would be so capable?" Dun's master smiled from the shadows.

A scarred helmet hung comfortably under Dun's thick arm. His armor provided the utmost defense, and supported him on his charges through barrages of blaster fire and chaos as he rained down death on his opponents. Combat prowess was only matched by the man's merciless ambition and calculating mind. The Deathwatch provided Dun with an opportunity for great power, and unrestrained death dealing.

"Their lack of will disgusts me." Dun said as he raised his helmet and slid it over his jet black hair and passed a jaw of rock.
Heavy boots thumped as he strode across the room for the exit, like a great beast on a hunt. His booming, baritone voice patched through the helmet.
"I must find the time to crush them between tasks."

(Left the Deathwatch leader empty for whoever or whatever. If any plot elements need to be amended, let me know.)


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Im still waiting for darth maul clone to pick up our fight, but ill wait a while longer and if he doesnt post i guess ill just move the plot along.


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Starwarsfan97, did you notice that no one has posted in this rpg more than a year?


Genn grinded his teeth beneath his robes cowl. Things had gone from bad...to pretty damn terrible.

The newly arrived Sith bore his purple blade in front of him, in an aggressive stance. The Sith troopers, bound by their duty stopped firing. The trooper behind him continued working on the control panel, he knew stopping Merlidan's message was a priority.

Genn was flanked, and although the troopers were holding off, the Sith could order them to join the fray at any moment. With a Force user here, there was no telling what other surprises awaited. He assumed this must be the apprentice, for there are always 2. The master must be sending a message of his own to Lord Malak.

"Merlidan! The Sith are here, try to send a second message telling the Jedi-"

The Sith charged and Genn had to drop the comm and grip his lightsaber with both hands to deflect the attack. The commicator fell victim to the Sith's foot with a crunch,

"Your friends can't help you now fool, you will fall before the might of the Sith empire!"

"I can say the same for you, friend." Genn retorted as he lowered his hood. The Sith responded with an attack using the Djem So form, utilizing strength.

Genn paced backwards, defending himself as necessary. His opponent lunged with a stab and Genn deflected it, leaving his opponent open for a hilt bash. His head rocked back and Genn took the opportunity to side step and take the offensive. The Sith recovered quickly and defended, adopting Ataru form to deflect Genn's expert attacks.

A blast of Force energy shot forth, and Genn was blown backward. The apprentice saw this opportunity while Genn was dazed and leapt after him, bringing his lightsaber down in a wide purple arc for a finishing move. Genn propelled himself with the Force upward before the strike landed, and touched down on the roof of a building behind him.

"You wont get away Jedi!"

The apprentice jumped after him, lightsaber first, with another strong attack. Genn saw that he utilized anger and strength for most of his strategy, as many Sith do. However Genn was tired of being on the defensive and needed to reach his ship to send a message to his own apprentice.

As the Sith came down on Genn, Genn parried the blow with a one handed manuever and with his open hand, grabbed the apprentice by the tunic and slammed him down on the floor. His opponent winced in pain and Genn stabbed downward to impale him.

The Sith thought quickly and swept his leg, catching Genn and he tumbled to the groud beside him. A flash of purple caught his eye and Genn held up his blade and caught the strike, blocking it with a flash of light and a loud clash. They both spun away from each other and stood, facing one another once more on the roof top.

"Thats the building right there. As you can see, the main entrance is heavily guarded and in the event of trouble they'll probably close the blast doors. I think theres a maintenance shaft behind." Merlidan said, surveying the building.

Genn and Merlidan stood in an alley some ways away from the building. Trask had seen that the guard remained in the building and not joined the mob, it seems they were all fanatical followers of his at this point. He might have to be disposed of after all.

"I'll go in through the front and I think you should go through the shaft and try to open the blast door from the inside." Genn said

"Why don't we both just go through the shaft?"

"We don't know where it leads, I think the distraction of me at the entrance should leave the rest of the building relatively empty of guards. Once were both inside, we go to the top of the tower and try to send a message to the Core. I think the council may send reinforcements, considering whats going on. However, there is a chance that they would not send any and not risk enticing the near-by Sith into an all out battle on Balkest."

"And if they dont send more Jedi?"

"Then...we're on our own."

"Damn...alright well you realize youre walking into a death trap by attacking the blast door right?"

"Clearly you've never fought with a Jedi Master. Keep your comm on."

Genn tossed his hood over his head and folded his arms within his sleeves. He slowly began walking to the entrance of the comm tower while Merlidan slunk into the shadows and approached the building from the back.

"Hey! Stop right there! No one's allowed into the comm tower without Mr.Heyurk's consent." A human guard said as he approached Genn while Genn walked up the steps.

The guard out stretched his hand and with a flash of yellow light the guard's whole arm fell to the ground and he yelled in pain.

"It's the Jedi, blast him!!!" Another guard said. Blaster fire erupted from the entrance and Genn deflected two bolts back to their sources as 6 guard droids clanked out from the building followed by more human guards with repeator rifles. Genn was forced to retreat slightly and couldn't penetrate the entrance before the blast doors slammed shut behind the newly arrived goons.

"Watch that lightsaber!"   BZZZZzzzt FZZZZZzzzzztchhh Two droids were cut down before their blaster arms engaged. Genn Force flipped backwards for more distance. He adjusted stances to be able to deflect more blaster bolts.

The barrage was intense with the number of bolts coming at Genn, and he couldn't deflect them all directly to their source. Slowly, guards began being picked off as Genn's fluid Jedi Master techniques formed an impenitrable shield which the guards blasters couldn't get through.

Slowly Genn pushed foward once again, until all that remained were 2 human guards and a droid. He Force pushed the three of them and threw his lightsaber in a great arc, finishing them off. He deactivated his lightsaber after it came back to his hand and raised his comm to his face.


"I'm on it, just a few minutes."

Genn walked up to the blast door. Perhaps he could melt through it with his lightsaber, depending on how good of a blast door it was. Before he could try, he sensed something behind him and he turned.

The street was empty, but the Force told him there was more than meets the eye. He ignited his lightsaber just as a volley of accurate blaster fire came his way and he defended himself.

"Merlidan, things have changed."

"What do you mean?"

One of the assailants changed positions and moved forward and Genn caught a glimpse of one of the attackers. Sith troopers. In their trademark silver amor, armed with blaster carbines. Four from the number of blast fire sources. Things had escalated exponentially quite rapidly.

"The Sith are here, 4 troopers." Genn said when he got a chance

"You can't handle a squad of Sith troopers?"

"Where theres troopers, the Sith are bound to follow. If they're not here already then they're on their way. This changes everything, we need to send the message, keep the blast door shut, I'm sending you the access codes for the Jedi Council, send them a message on my behalf about the current situation."

"You know, this building isn't exactly empty (blaster fire comes in over the comm) Besides, I dont have the access codes for the comm itself."

"I'm sure you can handle yourself."

"Oh, I see you know me so well already. What are you going to do?"

"Primarily, I need to reach my ship and send a message to my apprentice. If the Jedi can't get here before the Sith do, my apprentice may help us. He is not far from this system, on a mission of his own. But I will try and dispose of these troopers beforehand, theres just no time."

"Do what you need to do, over and out."

"I'll come back for you Merlidan. If I need to leave these troopers here, they will try everything to get inside and stop you."

"...Just go Genn." click

Genn put his comm away and put his full attention on the assault he was defending himself from. The four troopers were in good defensive positions around the street and behind buildings. Genn began advancing to go on the offensive.

"Sir, I'm afraid we're going to have to commandeer one of your speeders. We have an urgent situation-" Genn was cut off

"HELLS NO JEDI! The whole towns gone insane and I gotta hunker down here and see it through, these speeders are my life!" The man said leaning back on a speeder and holding on to it. It seemed that some people were less affected then others by this insanity, this man wasn't driven to a homocidal rage, and Merlidan wasn't affected much either. He assumed this had to do with weak minded-ness.

"You will lend us a speeder." Genn said as he waved his hand.

"I will lend you a speeder." The repair shop owner said, a blank expression overcoming his face.

"You will remain here and stay safe, and not succumb to the mob outside."

"I will stay here, stay safe." With that, the man ran to the back of the store and out of sight.

Merlidan grabbed Genn's shoulder.

"Get the fastest one." She said

"Merlidan, it is clear you have a grasp of this situation, you must continue without me. Queen Ka'Bae, this woman has helped us and I beg you take her with you to the hive, if only to escape this insanity for the time being." Genn said, addressing the queen. Barulian stood forward.

"I can not allow that Jedi, you know the risks, I must stop this now." He said shaking his head.

"He is correct Master Ostace, our hive would not welcome any human, expecially with the current situation. I believe you, however, might be welcomed as a Jedi. Why do you leave us now?" The Queen asked Genn

"I need to get to a communications relay center as fast as possible, I must send a message to the council." Genn answered

"I can show you the way to the nearest one. Its going to be a heavily populated area, things will become difficult..." Merlidan explained

"So be it. Barulian, I assume you will take the queen and your remaining guards in the speeder and go to the hive?"

"Yes, we must marshal our forces there, no doubt the humans are already ammassing a mob to attack." Barulian answered, helping the queen into a speeder. The 3 remaining guards followed.

Genn opened the bay door, and Barulian burst from the repair shop. The Queen held up her hand in thanks, all she could offer Genn and Merlidan in Barulian's haste. They watched the speeder hover off, just as a pack of swoop bikes emerged from various alleys and followed them. They weren't out of the woods yet it seemed.

Genn grimly looked at Merlidan, both aware of the danger ahead.

"Let's go."


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"Bith trinket..."

The term resounded in Genn's mind.

".... However what I do find interesting is that Mr Heyurk appears to be wearing the same ring the Zabrak once had." Queen Drenade finishes.

Genn didn't need the translation, he understood the language. Before the droid could finish the translation, Genn cut him off.

"-Forgive me for interrupting, but this information doesn't immediatly concern our situation." Genn said to Ka'Bae. He looked at her, and broke protocol by speaking to her through the Force.

*My Lady, forgive my intrusion. But that information is crucial to a problem I've been investigating that leds me to believe there is a dark side pressence on the planet. At the moment, I do not want Trask to know what we know, he could be more volatile then we're aware of.* Ka'Bae nodded slightly.

"Yes! You're right this time Master Ostace, this is a waste of time!" Trask said, relieved. He moved his hand to his lap, under the table when he caught Genn looking at the ring.

"Moving on...Queen Drenade, Trask has mentioned that your people repeatedly invade his mining territory. There are skirmishes, and people are killed. Is this so?" Genn asks

"Not entirely Master Jedi. His miners will carve into our tunnels and homes, then claim that they were built there in his territory and force us out, against our wishes. Violence nearly always ensues. We need to use area containing the minerals Mr.Heyurk seeks, because the land without it is not sutable for underground structures and living. We need some of those minerals to sustain our homes. According to the humans' definition of 'their territory', we are invading it." Ka'Bae finishes

"Good question, what exactly is defined as your territory Trask?" Genn asked. Before he could answer he continued, "Accountant, please provide the contract definition for the territory Trask is entitled to."

The accountant flips through his data pad then begins. "Specific territories alloted to the mining operations and manager are constituted by the percentage of minerals and ores located through out the planet. This percentage will be determined after an evaluation of the total planets resources are made."

"This was done I'm assuming? What percentage was determined?" Genn asked again


"...Meaning nearly all areas containing any minerals belong to Trask? This contract is futile! It was drafted without the Kubaz in mind, and they were here first. This gives you the false right to lay claim to any land the Kubaz can be living on or in." Genn explains

"I am not responsible for the drafting on that contract Master Ostace, do not point your finger at me! It was the companies decision, my funders." Trask told Genn

"That so? Accountant, in the contract, does it specify how much territory can be claimed per standard year?" Genn asks the accountant once more.

"Yes, 250 square miles. Our resources only allow for so much mining in that area at a time, any more would be a waste of time essentially. We wouldnt be able to mine all the minerals within."

"And how much area is being claimed per year as it is now?"

"THAT INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED!" Trask explodes out of his chair

"No. It is not. What is the number?" Genn asks the accountant. The accountant is now sweating profusely, deciding between telling the truth or following Trask's orders to keep his mouth shut. But he knew he couldn't lie to a Jedi Master.

"....653 square miles."

"What! Thats obscene Trask! You're breeching your own contract!"

"You're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong Jedi! The minerals here go to valuable production companies-" Trask was cut off by the Queen's second hand man, Barulian.

"YOU LIE HUMAN! WE KNOW YOU SEEK THE OTHER RINGS! YOU ABUSE OUR PEOPLE IN YOUR SEARCH FOR THEM!" Barulian yelled, his hand going to his weapon. All the guards now raised their weapons, the room was over come with dark side energy as Trask responded to the protocol droid's translation of what Barulian just said.


Genn used the Force and launched the massive table into the air. It slammed through the roof, exposing the sky. As rubble and debris showered them all, blaster fire erupted in the chamber and Genn ignited his yellow lightsaber. Everything had gone to hell.

Cutting down two of Trask's guards, Genn moved to the Queen but she was already secreted away by two guards of hers, they were already moving out the door.

"DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!" Trask screamed. He outstretched his hand...and the Force slammed Ka'Bae and the two guards into the wall. Things had become much more complicated. The ring had to be destroyed, Trask was now a weilder of the dark side of the Force.

Barulian and the Kubaz warriors slayed the last of the guards, and Genn raised his saber to Trask. The rest aimed their weapons, but Genn motioned for them to wait.

"Trask, that ring is too powerful, you've been overcome! Remove it at once or we'll be forced to stop you." Genn said

"Fools! You don't know the POWER of the dark side!" With that Trask released a massive surge of dark side energy, and everyone was blown off their feet. Before anyone could react, Trask Force jumped through the hole in the roof and disappeared.

"We need to get out of here, he will have the entire garrison on us in minutes." Genn told Barulian

"We must take the queen to the hive, there we can defend and launch a counter assault on these wretches!"

"For now we must defend, we are in no position to take chances." Genn wouldnt be able to stop Barulian from attacking soon, he had been too close to the Sith ring for too long. He had to preoccupy him with escaping the camp and securing the queen.

"Warriors, protect the queen! We must get back to the hive and marshal our forces!" Barulian ordered the remaining Kubaz who hadn't died in the firefight. They fled and Genn followed.

The town was about to become a battle zone. Genn guessed that with Trask's surge of energy, the camp was finally sent off the edge. He could hear blaster fire from various locations erupting in the distance, explosions from thermal detonators. Hundreds of humans corrupted by the dark side have now been sent on a deadly rampage.

(Its been a little quiet...time to start the action.)

As Genn finished his drink, the Force let him know that something critical to his mission had just transpired. Perhaps the right person for the job he needed walked into the tavern? He looked at the door but there was no one. Suddenly his comm link chirped at his belt.

"Genn here."

"Master Ostace? It appears the both of us have underestimated the Kubaz." Trask's snobby voice came in over the comm.

"What do you mean? What's happened?"

"The queen herself has just waltzed in to my office."

"I'm on my way," Gen burst from the table, heading out the door "Trask?"


"Don't go in there until I arrive." *click*


Genn strode into Trask's building, his cloak billowing behind him.

"Moyra, where are they waiting?" Genn asked the receptionist quickly. She was glad he remembered her name, a habit he's developed from years on the job.

"In the waiting room right there, Mr. Heyurk is still in his office." Moyra responded, her son now stood by her side looking at her console screen.

"Excellent." Things were going better than expected. However....the appearance of armed guards through out the building and on this floor made it clear that Trask had not dropped the possibility of ambushing the queen and trying to end this problem with blood shed.

Genn walked into Trask's office, catching Trask in the middle of some work on his console. Four armed guards with repeater blasters stood beside him, 2 on either side. The stood at attention when Genn walked in, but Trask set them at ease.

"Relax fools...I have no doubt this Jedi would cut you to pieces if you attacked him heh heh." Trask said, hastily shutting down his console.

"Is this necessary? It isnt a sign of good faith." Genn told Trask

"It is absolutely necessary. Clearly you havent visited them yet, she brought her own armed guard."

"Of course she did Trask! She just walked through this camp of people who not only fight amongst themselves constantly, but who want her and her people dead!"

"We cant dismiss the possibility of a trap Jedi Master, I thought your mystical abilities would provide insight to that fact."

"The queen wouldn't use herself as bait, any being could see that. Your guards however, are ALL on edge, and I sense them dangerously close to starting a firefight in this very building. This is a negotiation Trask, not a war treaty."

"You have not been here Jedi! For MONTHS there HAS been a war here with these creatures!"

"Then I intend to end it the most peaceful way possible."

"We shall see Master Ostace. You have no jurisdiction here, as you are here on the graces of the council and my OWN wishes. If i see fit to blow that bitch to hell then I DAMN WELL WILL! This is MY camp, those are MY people they've murdered, and those are MY minerals I have claim to. Lets see how far your abilities will take you in these negotiations."

"Trask, more than anything I need your cooperation. Both sides deserve a fair deal, but if I must ignite my lightsaber to defend innocents against your relentless anger, then I will. And it will not end well for you."

"Do not threaten me, Jedi. I control this planet and if I so wish for your ship to be detained and destroyed in the space port then you will be stranded here and I will hunt you down for sedition."

"These negotiations will go as planned, this conversation is going no where. Do you have a conference or meeting room?"

"We can have the meeting right here in my office-"

"Do you have a conference or meeting room...?" Genn didn't want Trask to have the luxury and comfort of his office.



The conference room was simple, yet satisfactory. Trask saved all the expenses for his personal office. The table was long and oval, Genn sat at the head. Trask and his accountant sat on one side, the Kubaz queen and her head guard/warrior leader sat by her side. A protocol droid stood at the other end of the table, opposite Genn, for translations. Both parties insisted on having their guards present, despite Genn's wishes. He'd try to dismiss them later.

"Let's introduce ourselves," Genn began and rose from his chair. Tensions were already rising. The proximity of the two parties was unnerving. Both guard teams were becoming uneasy. Genn tried using the Force to ease the room, but something was resisting. This was the first open indication of an outside dark Force power interfering. What could it be? What bad timing for a discovery....

"I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace. I've been called in for countless negotiations for many years, and I hope to conclude this matter peacefully just the same." Genn finished. He motioned towards Trask, who scowled at him.

"Trask Heyurk. Head of operations and governor of this camp." Trask did not extend his hand, nor look directly at the queen. The disrespect disgusted Genn.

"Pa ohcta recti dou ka?" The Queen spoke

"The queen asks if you are the king of your people, Mr.Heyurk." The droid responded in his metallic voice. Genn needed no translation, his job called for knowing this language. Trask beemed at this question and a giddy smile spread across his face. Genn stopped him from saying yes.

"Mr.Heyurk is not the king, my lady, this camp is not run as a monarchy as your people are. But Mr.Heyurk is in charge of the mining and the ...leader of the camp. For the purpose of this negotiation, he is the person you want to talk to. Please, introduce yourself." Genn requested.

Genn walked casually through town, keeping on the look out for any wandering Kubaz. There had been none yet, Genn had the feeling they tried to stay out of this harsh atmosphere. He understood completely, he hadn't been expecting the stares or the nagging feeling that someone was watching him. He was certain that there was, probably one of Trask's men. It was clear that a man who had amassed that much wealth had a good grip on his town.

After a few moments, Genn decided to duck into a tavern and rest for a few minutes before continuing his search. Maybe catch a glimpse of Trask's goon, or find a Kubaz inside. Trawler's Tavern was, naturally, a dump, and Genn walked right in.

The music stopped. All patrons, including some fighting in the back, stopped and looked at the robed figure of justice who walked in. With a wave of his hand, all the weak minded fools turned back to their drinks and/or fists.

Genn sat down in a corner, ordered a drink, and began the waiting game...


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Genn watched Merlidan leave in a hurry, she had business to attend to it seemed. He proceeded to Moyra at the reception desk, and before he could speak she assumed his identity.

"Jedi Master Genn Ostace? Mr. Heyurk is expecting you. Down the hall, the great durasteel doors lead to his office." She said with a smile. Genn nodded and smiled as well, then made his way down the hall.

Genn raised his fist to knock on the door, but they opened before him. This of course meant, he was being watched. He wouldn't doubt if it had begun as soon as he left his ship.

The office was too big. On pedestals surrounding the massive wooden desk were various pieces of art and rare artifacts. Behind the desk was a window that stood in place of the entire wall, providing an entire view of not only the camp, but various mining operations in the distance. The floor was of glistening white tile, and the walls covered by luxurious drapes. The whole office was so out of place, Genn thought he was back on Coruscant.

Behind the great desk, a tall chair, nearly a throne, sat facing the window. Clearly Trask was interested in wealth and luxury. The chair slowly spun around and Genn was met by...a tiny humanoid of about 4 feet, large round glasses and an arching eyebrow. His hands were clasped in front of him as he studied Genn.

"...uh, Mr. Heyurk. I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace, I -"

"BLASTED CHILD!" a fat man in expensive robes burst forth from the drapes on the wall, where a bathroom was hidden. The child in the chair lept from the chair and bolted down the hall, laughing histerically.

The man stode to the desk and held down a button. "MOYRA! CONTROL YOUR CHILD, THIS IS THE FINAL WARNING!!!"

"Yes Mr. Heyurk, im sorry this is the last time!" Moyra explaimed

"Oh yes, it is!" The man said and let go of the comm. He sat in his chair and wiped his blad head under his small turban. He curled his lip into his thick black mustache and sighed heavily as he sat down.

"I, am Trask Heyurk. I assume you are the Jedi sent to rid us of the vermin clogging our mining operations yes? We should get to work. The first assault should-"

"Mr.Heyurk, allow me to stop you right there. I am not here to exterminate any creatures, or to force anyone to submit to the other. I am here to assist in negotiations, to create a peaceful environment for both this camp and the Kubaz."

"VERMIN do not negotiate! They infest our mining tunnels and launch assaults on us, they make our work more difficult every day and I want them out or dead as soon as possible!" Trask slammed his fist on the great desk.

"The Kubaz attack your miners and attack your camps?"

"Yes! They know that we only want the minerals we've come for, yet their underground fortress extends farther and farther into our mining operations, and I fear there will come a day when they will launch an assault from under us. I have allowed them to make use of this camp and the space port, but only because they bring in enough profit to help keep our home running."

"That, or to fund your expensive habit for luxury Mr. Heyurk. Several of these pieces, I know, must have been exeedingly expensive."

"I assure you, Master Ostace yes?, that I have acquired these pieces on my own salary."

"Then said salary may be too high for the head of a mining operation. I will look past this for the moment, the Kubaz's actions are more of a priority at the moment. Why would they attack your mining operations?"

"Because they want more land, or more likely the minerals we mine. They are uncooperative with our efforts for understanding, we've tried to reason with them but they will not move to another location on the planet. They MUST be forced out. Patience in this camp is running low..."

"So I see. I will need to speak to the Kubaz queen before negotiations can begin. Would you know how to reach her?"

"No, they hide that monarch away in those tunnels. Our representatives have only spoken to couriers. Its quite difficult, I feel they have no desire to negotiate anything."

"We'll see. I will try to get in contact with the queen personally, and see if the three of us can conference together. I think it will take some time to find the queen, but rest assured I will contact you when the time comes."

"Good luck in finding that hermit. You can try any of the local vermin who use our home."

"I will have to ask you to stop refering to them as such Mr. Heyurk. They are not vermin, and respect must be had for each other if anything is to progress."

"Vermin live underground. Vermin invade your home. Vermin act as an irritating nuissance. The Kubaz are vermin."


That hadn't gone very well... Genn now stood outside, in front of Heyurk's office building, without much idea of how to contact the queen. He'd have to follow Heyurk's advice, and try to find a local Kubaz who could get him inside the hive.


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Name: Genn Ostace
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 48
Affiliation: Jedi
Occupation: Jedi Master
Appearance: Typical Jedi robes, brown cloak included. Shoulder length black hair, black goatee and mustache. Near-constant stern look on his face, though his true personality is quite the opposite.
Weapons: Yellow bladed lightsaber

Genn looked over his data pad once more. He was reading the details of both the Kubaz and the human colonies. He wanted all the information he could get to assist in negotiations. He knows from years of negotiating experience that any and all possible bits of data could prove instrumental.

Jedi Master Ostace is known to the Jedi community as 'The Negotiator'. He has gained this reputation from years of being sent to planets just like Balkest, and solving problems without ever igniting his lightsaber. For a time he would leave his saber behind, for the ultimate test and show of intention. The council put a stop to that when they caught word, ensuring that Genn should use the utmost caution in all endevours.

Genn's Jedi starfighter finally touched down in the ragged star port that Elderslie camp made use of, the auto dock feature disengaged with a click. Gen stuffed the datapad in his cloak while the cockpit shield lifted. He eased out of his ship, and a star port attendant appeared next to him at the top of a step ladder.

"Greetings master Jedi. We've received your preliminary report and have been awaiting your arrival. Accomodations for two star fighters were made however..." The attendant said in a droll, very bored voice as he looked around for a second Jedi.

"No need my friend, i'm sorry I couldn't relay this update ahead, but my apprentice will not be joining me at this time." Genn said as he walked down the step ladder.

"Ah...very well then. Any living accomodations can be requested through me, can I help you with anything else Master Ostace?" The attendant said, stepping down from the little stairs and guiding Genn down.

"No I think i'll be fine for now. If I do, i'll be sure to contact you." Genn said with a smile and nod. The attendant nodded off and walked away. Genn stepped down and his booted foot crunched down onto the grey dust of Balkest, he was instantly jolted with dark energy.

How had he not sensed this before? Had no one noticed this? A very odd dark side pressence was pulsating all around, and he was unprepared. His hand slid off his saber, the odd pressence unnaturally making him go for his weapon. He withdrew his datapad and made note of this planets dark energy, it would have to be investigated further.

For now, Genn walked out of the starport and into the camp, a molty town with the buzz of angry inhabitants. It was as if everyone had just lost alot of credits on a bet, but that animosity hung around at all times. It was clear this wasn't going to be a simple matter of negotiations... something was making these people extra aggressive. Were the Kubaz suffering the same condition?

Before visiting the Kubaz, Genn wanted to see the camp overseer, Trask Heyurk. From what Genn had read, Trask appeared the type of man more worried about the mining operations on the planet than anything else. His greed may have to be satisfied if any negotiations are to be successful.

Genn stopped a passing human, "Excuse me miss, would you mind telling me where I can find Trask Heyurk?"

The woman whipped around, her face barely holding back a light shock as she looked Genn up and down.

"Jedi?" She asked warily.

"Yes, I am Jedi Master Ostace, I'm here to see Trask Heyurk, the overseer? Do you know where I can find him?"

The woman scanned him up and down again, then glanced around quickly as if expecting an attack. She looked back at Genn then pointed to a three floor building a few blocks from the star port.

"Thank you, have a nice day miss." Genn said, and recieved no reply. The woman simply watched as Genn strode down the turbulent streets of Elderslie, a gem of peace among rocks of anger. She had seen the Sith team walking through town earlier, it was clear that Master Genn, had not.


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Excellent...I shall post tomorrow at work.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:
Miba wrote:

hot dogs

Uuugh hot dogs. Hate to barge in and add my 2 cents, but I really, really hate hot dogs. Just the smell of them cooking from far away is enough to make me feel sick, but to see them too...and see them being eaten.... ><;

It is clear that you have never had a good hot dog. I hated hotdogs when i was younger, now my favorite restaurant is Arbetter's Hotdogs.


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I was just talking about colonial marines with lord_revan the other day actually. It looks so amazing, im super excited too


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Ive tried it, everyone recommends that. Honey Nut Clusters is like, 10x that cereal. No joke.

Dan and Lev slowly crept down the vine into an ever darkening chasm. After a few moments, Lev touched down and squinted in the darkness. Dan heard the characteristic sound of a Zippo lighter being lit.

Coming up behind Lev, Dan turned on his chest flashlight and Lev looked and it, shrugged, and turned off the lighter, the SKSM coat of arms engraved on it disappearing into his pocket.

"Well...what a wonderful smell you've discovered." Dan said and looked around the cave. This area seemed to be cheap passage that was formed somehow, and may lead to another part of the crypt.

"Yeah...well you lead since you've got your oh-so-handy flash light." Lev said, stepping around in the muck.

The floor seemed to be moist, and the damp musty smell was bothersome. The two stalked through the chasm, and into the continuing black void. Dan's flash light seemed to end right in front of them, and when he turned on the laser on his G36c it stretched on until he could see it no longer.

After what felt like an eternity, Lev stopped Dan.

"Hold it."

Dan looked back and he could see Lev's shadow motioning him to the side. Entrenched into the wall was a corridor the flashlight couldnt pick up at its angle. They decided to change course and went down the passage until they reached a ledge.

Dan lowered his small flash light and he could see the floor some ways down.

"Ok, its not that far, we can lower ourselves." Dan said and crouched down. Lev was looking over Dan's shoulder, down into the pit.

"Dan...why does the floor, move?" Lev said and held Dan by the shoulder. Dan looked down and noticed it. The floor seemed alive. It pulsed and swayed...and slithered.

It was then that they heard what they ignored at first. The 'hissing'. Lev listened closely.

"Asps...very dangerous.....you go first." Lev said and released Dan's shoulder.

"Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" Dan said and leaned against the wall. Just then Dan and Lev looked at each other. Something was odd...

Lev spun and walked a few feet then stopped abruptly.

"Dan, the light!"

Dan turned and shone his flashlight down the passage they came, but there was no passage.

Lev ran his hand across the rock wall that had appeared out of thin air and sealed them in the snake pit chamber.

"You've got to be kidding me..."


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Shocking news time: I've never ever had a bowl of Boo Berry, Franken Berry, or Count Chocula in my ENTIRE life. And I had my first bowl of Captain Crunch less then 6 months ago.

Same here. Although Ive had capn crunch a few times, its good. My favorite cereal of all time is Honey Nut Clusters. Its so ridiculously good i would have like 4 bowls a day, but naturally i can never find it in stores now... But Frosted Cheerios is also amazing. Berry Berry Kix was my life when i was growing up too.


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Yes, he had to be quarantined. Let us pray he never finds a way out...


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

For all you Twilight haters on there...This is for you: http://g4tv.com/videos/41784/Kevin-Pere … ght-Spoof/

"You kill vampires, you dont date them."


And Miba, I did the exact same thing, and also couldnt finish it. She complains about everything yet her life is pretty good compared to most. I agree with pretty much everything you said.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Fringe is very good. 

Speaking of TV, regular season Hockey starts tonight.  Very excited.  The summer hockey withdrawal is almost too much to handle.  It will all be over soon...


Miba wrote:

Considering the first one was for Gamecube I'm certain the next one would be for Wii.

It was also for PS2, thats how I played it.

BFFC Admin wrote:
Regimas wrote:

oh great all seeing webmaster Aaron! what are your thoughts on the matter?

grace us with your insight!

I'm open to adding another 1 or 2 moderators. In the past, it's the moderators who keep new conversations on the rise during the low points. Right now, I believe all of the mods are on the down-low.

For anyone interested in being a moderator:
1. Use http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/about/contact/ or aaron@bobafettfanclub.com to apply.
2. Simple application: why you?

This offer is appetizing...yet my failure as news editor leads me to believe i should stand down.