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lol she had no right? Im sure that fat pay check signed by George Lucas says otherwise.

Im amazed that people complain about what Boba Fett had become due to the books and comics in the EU. Fine you dont have to believe it... That simply mean Boba Fett was a little punk with like 2 lines, 15 minutes of air time. and couldnt control his jet pack and DIED like a tool. Is that the cut and dry, black and white character your in love with? God forbind anyone give him character.

oh and my bet is that the second season of Clone wars shows a unified Mandalorian nation fighting against the republic (which is why they are going ofter obi-wan in the trailer). This means the cuy'cal dar never happened, no Mandalorian trained clones, no RC series.

Thanks for keeping everyone updated Lucas, I knew I kept you around for a reason.

Well I think the best was is to go to starwarsgalaxies.com and start with the 14 day free trial. If you like it there is a digital download on the website that you can get that includes all the expansions plus the new instant travel vehicle (amadallas ship) and an AT-RT (small at-st that you can drive). It might take longer to download this way, you can prob pick up the game at any video game store but im not sure if you can at like walmart. I think the newest one is called the complete online adventure. Just make sure it has expansions all the way up to Trials of Obywan and your good.

Lol I did talk to your brother. He didnt know your characters name so all I knew was his brother was in the guild lol.

I do not have AIM but feel free to communicate with me here or in our guild forums (link in my sig) Once you log into game you can communicate with me with /t dose (message).

theres tons of different types of armor, Only a bounty hunter or a commando can wear Mando armor. I think that Shinzion, one of our medics, wearing storm trooper armor.

For Adeptus_Astartes:

theres some links here with the diffrent ships.
http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/post … _id=248167

For Jai'galaar:
whos this?

For everyone else:
Free trial you say?

Not the Tie Phantom but quite a few Tie versions. When I get home from work ill see about linking a ship list.

Almost forgot the most important thing, you can hangout with...




sorry about that. I will try to keep that in mind

Raj'el Vhett wrote:

I need to get galaxies.  Is there somehwere I can download it, or just have to buy the CDROM?

um i think starwarsgalaxies.com has a free trial download. Other then that you could probably buy the newest version at some game stores

I like this combo. I have a full set in the green and black but i mixed it up with a diffrent type

http://img526.imageshack.us/my.php?imag … urieo7.png

Raj'el Vhett wrote:

What'd you use to make that?

I can't draw, but mine would be gunmetal, red and orange trim.

if yours asking me. Thats one of my sets from Star Wars Galaxies

This is my newest armor set. I like the way it looks

http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z290 … doseGM.jpg


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I donno, I would consider myself more of a Mandalorian fan then a Boba Fett fan. I love the fact that in the new books he starts to think about his legacy and take on a role of not only a Mandalorian but Mandalore. I guess mostly because it brought more to the people then there was before.

I found this picter awhile back


Never though it was someones actually made set


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Boba might not be the biggest toy on the block but I think will all the work Karen Traviss has been putting out he might be bigger then ever.

Hows everyone doing.
Im another noobie to the site but a long time Mandalorian fan. A Budy of mine pointed me to this site so ive come to check it out.

If anyone plays Star Wars Galaxies my names Dose Ordo on the wanderhome galaxie