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What about this one? http://www.starwars.ntrnet.pl/mandalorian.jpg


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Devil Girl wrote:

I think Jango was a great role model for Boba.

He gave him a good understanding of the basics of survival and I am sure that that had he survived for longer he would have managed to teach him a lot more.

From what I have read so far Boba thinks of Jango with love, and positive memories of his upbringing with him so that has to be good.

I agree,although I think Boba could of done without the last image Jango left him with(the whole decapitation thing) as for Draco he's intitled to his opinion,even though I completely dis agree with most of the things he has wrote here.


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Feirfek....I'll look for something else then...


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Bagh!do you know how they were defeated at Malachor V?and if you ask me,all the jedi are really cripled by the force,I would have to agree with what was said in the KoTOR series,a jedi without the force is useless,but on the other hand look at Boba Fett and tell me he needs the force!


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can someone make this small enough to be used?if it hasn't been used already.

1:Boba Fett
2:Canderous Ordo
4:Bendak Starkiller(think I mispelt it)
9:Kal Skirata
10:Cassus Fett


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Thylacine wrote:
Devil Girl wrote:
draco fett wrote:

I'd hate if that happened.

Me too. It would not be right for Boba to have force abilities.


A Force sensetive Mandalorian is sort of an oxymoron.

Mandalorians don't need the force.


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RedBaron wrote:


I got this vintage Vespa just yesterday and it reminds me so much of Boba Fett, my fave SW character (of course) since, well, birth.  It's green, probably a little shinier than Boba Fett because it's got a new paint job and has yet to receive any battle scars... BUT, I want to give it a name in honor of our favorite bounty hunter, and I would love some suggestions!!!  Obviously, Slave I and Slave V came to mind immediately (like, I could name it Slave VII...) but it just doesn't seem to fit.  I was also thinking MANDALORE.  I'd love any suggestions from you out there in the galaxy!!!!!  I will take every one of them to heart..  If you have a REALLY great one that is SW related but not necessarily bounty hunter related, I'd love to hear those too!  smile

If you're lookin for a good way,do what I did,go to the nearest KB-toys(seriously don't laugh they really do have alot of good collectibles) and if you're lucky and no one took it already you can find titanium Boba Fett statues(in a display case,removeable helmet,the works!and it's under $20....or atleast it is here)
btw I'm Volk O.o


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Consider me in!


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Stone Mando wrote:

it would be a good thing to have a hard copy magazine which can be posted to people.i have some short stories which are too long to post on a computer.i cant be bothered to type them on one.it would take too long.some local club meetings for The Mandalorian Army would be good too(hey a name for it).i cant buy things online as i dont have a card.

Do what I'm ganna do,save up as much as you think you need and put it on a green dot card,then register it so you don't lose the money if you lose the card.....well....at least that's what I consider the best way,cause it lets you buy stuff online.


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Miba wrote:
Mandalorian wrote:

So um, who's going to get it up and running?  I made the idea, we need someone with the know how!

Well, sites cost money, and I don't feel like doing that. And I suggest not using a free-hoster like geocities or something cause you won't be taken seriously. I recomend http://www.godaddy.com, my stepsister referred me to them a few years ago, and I've never had a problem with them.

Also, if we are going to do this we do need to be serious and think in the long-term. Like, is this just a passing thing and in a month or two it'll die off? A while back I had a bunch of people ask me to make a message boards on my site, so I did and after a month or two it died, go take a look at what it is now. Is that how this idea will end up? Or is it something everyone's willing to stick to for a long time?

I for one am Mando for life!and as far as the site thing goes,there's alot of choices,both free and not,but personally I prefer msn groups,it's simple to use,very customisable,and free.


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Dageen Fett wrote:

i think the club should also offer helpful guides to help building a set of armor as well as reliable places and sellers in which to get sets/missing pieces of armor for those of us who dont have them but would liek to join.

I agree,armor would be an important part of making a clan(club),and I for one would rather build my own armor than buy Boba's or Jango's.