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I think a x.x eyed Boba would be cool!


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Same here...and the movies are great.

I think it's be a fairly long battle,but Full Vernian would win...


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ooooooh cool

Yeah,and the Slave I,I mean look in Bloodline he still uses it,it's still remembered,and it's even better even with the fact that it is considered outdated(right,like it could ever be!)


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I agree Boba would win,it'd be a long hard battle,but Stark just isn't good enough to beat Fett!

If I remember right Boba wanted to fly off in the Slave I and die alone where no one could reach him,but the hammock would be better!


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P.S. Iron Man ROCKS!!!


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The reason for that though is not because it has magnetic properties at all,if you didn't read what I already said I'll say it again,adamantium is not naturally magnetic,the only reason magneto can control it is because he's powerful enough to make it!Magneto can control metals that are not naturally magnetic be cause his power is so strong he can make other metal artificially magnetic.

I would prefer Black with a midnight blue trim

BalanceSheet wrote:

I love the part where you walk in the cantina and try to have a conversation with him.
Has anyone else let him finish counting to three?  smile

Yeah....it sucked,and it doesn't take very long for him to kill you...

That would be so freaking awesome if the episode was an hour long!


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I think that'd be all that Boba could do,but adamantium isn't naturally magnetic,plus none of Boba's weapons could do anything to him,I mean the guy survived a pool of lava!and being trapped in ice surviving on his own flesh!I seriously doubt that Boba could defeat someone that powerful with any mandalorian weapon!

Lol that's pretty funny,if you make any more like that I wanna see em!


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Very Nice,and the jaw does make a suprisingly big difference.


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Both are ok,but there's gotta be a site out there with more detail,like someone who actually makes costumes and gives real advice on how to make them,like say I'm having trouble with a Jedi robe it'd be nice if there was someone to talk to who had pictures and advice instead of giving answer that come with more questions.


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Fett_II wrote:
Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Emo is an abomination and they should propose a law that emos are executed on the spot!Sorry,I may sound a little extreme but in my area it's an everyday phenomenom and I just can't stand these suckers!


....not sure i'd go that far....

I agree he's a great actor,and I'd rather meet him than Bulloch or that one kid(can't remember his name) he didn't do the best job as Boba....of course that's just my opinion...

Dumb?that was great,robot chicken is hilareous!


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....so hard to choose....both so kick ***


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Lord Revan wrote:

Maybe an Old Rebublic Era, with Revan and Mandalore the Ultimate as the special characters.

That'd be awesome!and I also think that you should be able to choose from more than 1 hero per level!


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That was pretty cool!Especially since I'm a fan of band of brothers too!


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wraith wrote:

noone in my family was a real big star wars fan but about '94/'95 ish my mum put on the original star wars. i was hooked from there. i forget if it was my birthday or christmas that came first but i got one star wars toy that year, slave one. this ship was so unique looking and the tiny figures (boba and han in carbonite) sparked my imagination. i thought "who is this guy? he CAPTURED han?!" bear in mind i had only seen A New Hope. i was hungry for more and my fettish grew around a character who was so mysterious and involving.

Same here,I'll never forget my first time watching starwars,and I still have my slave I,it's on a shelf in my room I can't find the carbonite Han Solo though...

virtualbettie wrote:

ROTFL, I have one of those. Worse it gets dressed up the holidays, the best being Christmas. Santa hat and lights everywhere.

lol,the same thing happens to my Titanium Boba!my nephew put a santa hat on it last year,how he found one to fit a mini statue a little bigger than an action figure,i'll never know!


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:
The Chosen One wrote:
draco fett wrote:

Boba would not let himself get hit by such primitive creatures.

This question is like "the Human-Torch verses a snowman." Boba being the Human-Torch.

i agree with draco

I'd say it's more like Venom vs a jawa rofl (Boba being Venom)

I agree,I also like the comparison lol.No ewok could beat Boba Fett no matter how many of them there are,Boba has tech that makes the storm troopers look like cheaply equipped morons(I kinda think they are...) not to mention the difference in intelligence.
also,no poison dart is getting through Mandalorian armor,sorry,but it's not gonna happen,the logs would(they couldn't get him between the logs anyways),but no dart is!


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If I remember right she never actually said that to the Exile.