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.....for the record I love the fourth,sure we waste a small fortune on fireworks we blow to hell anyways,but I think it's worth it to celebrate my freedom with the little family I have.And I don't know about where you all live,but very few peoplewere shopping today....almost everyone was firing off illegals and trying not to draw attention from the cops(they had a few choppers out looking for illegals)


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Yeah he would!

Actually I agree with that Draco no Boba=no Jango but at the same time in the story no Jango=no Boba (I hate this timeline s*** it gives me a headache)

Oh yeah I ment to ask permission in the last message I sent you for permission to put your banner on my site,and it would be cool to have bags and backpacks with the logo to!


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Last year's heat killed so many people here that this summer they have 5 ambulances on constant patrol looking for people who haven't faired so well...and it's very humid here,reached 111 f today(bad time to walk to the library)


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It's not so bad here in Cali only 108....I'm not eager for it to hit 120 again like last year x.x

Ok....so many things to say.

I agree with draco,blasters don't make explosions,there may be an 'explosion' like discharge if they hit steel however.

Hiring other bounty hunters to do a job you accepted isn't cowardly,it's actually pretty smart.Especially if you need to get another job done at the same time.

I don't think it's a bad idea to have bright armor(unless you're in a situation needing stealth) I mean,anyone that is trying to get away from him by hiding would probobly panic at the sight of the armor and run,making the hunt considerably easier.

And anything you find on wiki can be messed with,which is why you double check wich LA first,but not everything on wiki is a lie.

And Jango could not have killed Obi-Wan and Anakin,maybe one of em with the first shot,but the other wouldn't fall for the same thing!

,And I still don't see why you dislike Jango so much Draco!?


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Well....yeah,it has....And if we could just make our own that'd be great too,there's a place in our mall that does that,I got my name put on my money clip there. O.o


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So do I,but hats would be just as good,I mean I'd buy one!....ok four...(is addicted to hats)
And if BFFC and As you wish are taken then what else could be put on em?
And going to Lucas for rights to use Boba would cost alot.....


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Ouch 50?and I though 5 was hard x.x,anyways have a good hike!

Lol I'm not so sure about the Vault,I think he's more of a RedBull kinda guy. O.o

Yeah,especially with his leg!and his doctor,the best of course,probobly cost a fortune just to see!
And I don't think the Slave I needs insurance,plus I don't think any insurance agency could aford to fix or replace anything on the Slave I if it got in a 'fender bender' lol (is imagining how badly Boba would react if he came back to the Slave I and it had a dent)

He spends money on ways to make more money too(that sounds kinda confusing) like when he bought an entire neighborhood on a planet he had only been on for an hour or so because he beleived they could double or even triple in worth,I heard he buys stocks to.....why?because he can lol I would too!
and aren't you all going off topic by argueing about Gustavo posting jokes?

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Slave 1 is just so unique!I didn't like the other Slaves very much...

Yeah the Slave I is the best,the other just don't seem....well....Fett...


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There are high intensity weapons that could desintigrate,and doesn't Boba have a weapon capable of instant desintigration?


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Lol!I've only been stung once by a wood bee,in the stomach,13 years ago....


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Blues Brothers
All Starwars
StarTrek Nemesis
The Mechanic
Once Were Warriors

TV Shows
Dirty Jobs
All StarTrek(except enterprise)


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Mano steel is pretty cool though,man how long is this thing ganna go O.o and Origin was pretty good

Fett_II wrote:

lmao Slave 1 is a starfighter. Full Vernian is a giant robot with WMDs.

http://www.dannychoo.com/images/photo/l … bs/385.jpg

Awesome pic BTW and I beleive the sabers are plasma,but either way Full Vernian would win.


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Yeah,Boba has next to no armor on his legs,and Greivious wouldn't stand a chance!not unless he was in the condition he was in before Windu got to him.


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I used to play it,but I recently gave my deck to a friend who played it alot more than I did.
BTW that's a cool card

bob man wrote:

just say wat u think his favorite car is.

i think its a mclaren f1

Nah,it's a Porshe 911 Turbo!


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Very Nice!

Full Vernian,is very powerful,and is much larger than the slave I,not as big as godzilla though,somewhere averaging between 10 and 20 meters I think,maybe larger depending on the MS.