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Welcome to the BFFC Johnny


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Yes, you can, if you have a life size replica of the deathstar, or any other SW vehicle, you have gone to far.

If I had a lifesize death star replica I'd use it to hold all my starwars stuff lol

I like it, it has a lotta potential

lol that's such a great movie,they have a black knight costume in a town about 30 min away with one of the arms of and fake blood.


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draco fett wrote:
RC-3222 wrote:


There is a custom painted Mini-Cooper disigned to look like Alice cooper's make up. I couldn't find a picture of it, but that's the car I want.

I don't see how anyone can like those cars, personally I think they're the ugliest thing on wheels(ok...maybe not the ugliest but you get my point)

I want a Black metalic Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!With a few tubes of nos of course,I love purging when people get to close and start touching the car!
I do it when I'm in my friend's car all the time

how about, Hey you want a used EE-3?


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Can I get this as an avatar?
http://www.myloupe.com/disp_thumb_image … 117818.jpg

Being bought O.o ....no seriously,anywhere there's alot of bussiness there will be stock.


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You want to know?tell me what you have against Jango first. lol


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a few actually


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they are...


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Jedi are scum.


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Stranger H. wrote:

I think I would have one of those repeating blasters.

I forgot about repeaters,nice choice!
Are there replicas of repeaters?


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I'm 18,and happy b-day to everyone I missed.


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Si Titran wrote:

I've never thought about blasters all that much. Because I've had some experience with swords and foils in real life, I've always been drawn to vibroblades/ vibroswords and lightsabers.

Same here,but a Conc-rifle is just so kick A**


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Oooooh,mind if I print it out so me and my Vod can practice it?(we like singing war chants at Mc Donalds,it drives em crazy lol)


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Not here....the breese is gone here and it's starting to get hot again.Cen Cal


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Wow,I'm kinda suprised by how many people here play an instrument.

Awesome(wishes he could afford stuff like that)


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How about the ultimate Boba Fett fan quiz?with questions only a true fan would know?


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I tried starwars on the harmonica too(I play C) it was horrible....


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Trumbon and the harmonica


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I couldn't imagine not having firework....I mean it's bad enough that so many of em are illegal here(no one cares though) this year anyone who got caught with illegals(mainly bottle rockets and mortor) got a $10,000 fine

and Canadians are great(has several friends up there)