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(Hey, Mel, can I somply say "Yah, the resistance is at ______" or must I wait for you to lead us to it? I'll make my post as soon as I know.)


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"Well, it looks like our large friend got himself a lot of attention." Que said looking at a vid screen showing Aphotic's rampage.  "And it looks like he's no friend of the sith. Wish I could have stayed to see that.  I've heard that there is a resistance forming somewhere. We should look into it.  And 300 on #2, #7 and number #1 to win the trifecta in that order."

Fetterthanyou wrote:
IG-88 wrote:
Force Master R wrote:

Hello there! And fearless isn't the same as courge.  Courage is doing something inspite of your fear.

It may be more than the average mission, but it's for who? Yeah, himself.  Everything revolves around him.

Actaully after he fights throguh the entire garrison he finds that his target helps orphans and he lets him go isnt that courageous? He took on the imperial death ship Azgoghk for only 100 credits.

Thats not courageous... its caring. Courageous would have been if he went out of his way to save him, not deciding to spare him.

But lets say that 1 or two of his accomplishments are courageous, because most likely he has a few. It still doesn't make him more courageous than the other 2. Chief risks life ad limb every hour of every day in order to save humanity. From what I know, not much, Freeman is willing to jump into any dimension to battle zombies, aliens, and the "law" to help the resistance. (Probably completely isguided, but you get the picture)

Well, not so much misguided as intentional.  What can you do when the human race is actively being turned into cyborgs and denided the right to "breed".  And his is offered power, lots of power, if he'd only join the combine and tell everyone to give up.
And "courage is just doing something even though there are big risks and danger regardless of the motivating factor" isn't right.  Gambleing involves big risks somtimes, but isn't a sign of courage. The phrase "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" comes from the fact that there is courage, and then there's foolhardy.  And any animal will fight when cornered, but this is self-presivation, not courage.  Boba has courage, just not of the same calibar as Chief or Freeman.


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"Thanks." Que quickly downed the painkiller. "What I don't get is, if people have been using the force for eons, why hasn't anyone found a way to use it to cure a hangover?"  Maybe that's what I need to do, the dug thought to himself, find a practical way to put the force to use.  He'd found countless ways to kill people with the force with the dark side.  He'd been taught how to protect others with the lightside, but nothing for the day to day, like how to use the force to mix a good cocktail.  Maybe it could be put work here at the racetrack.  That's probably what his new friend was here to do. Probably how he got the money in the first place.  Well, what good was the force if you lived lika a bum?  "Hey," Que said to Rekk "I think I'll place a few bets as well."


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He'd drive the batmobile. smile Boba's more of a "Function over form" guy, so I'd say if your thinking civilian cover, he'd dive a tricked out mini, like the kind in "The Italian Job".  Fast, manuverable, durable, modifiable, and incospicous.  For combat, proably an armoured Hummve.  And for the general stuff, nothing beats the direct ancestor (or decendent, if you go the "long, long time ago" stuff) to Slave 1, an old, heavily modifided and armoured, police crusier.  And I still think he'd drive the batmobile.


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(Maybe my dug forgot to remove his name tag. "Hi, my name is _____")

"Humph. Anyway, we better get lost. The sith don't take kindly to jedi. And they won't be as understanding or forgiving as our friend back there."  "Swoop Track?!?", thought Que, "Oh, this is going to do wonders for my hangover."


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"Acctually, the Swoop track would be an ideal place to hide" stated Que.  "And when did you learn my name?"

draco fett wrote:

Yes, but we are not discussing his megelomania.

But the fact that he is only concerned about #1 means that self-intrest is as far as his courge goes.  Anyone can be motivated to do somthing for one's own self, but true courage comes from acting for others.


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(Who pushed the grenade? Queconasis, Rekk, or both? And since i'm new to this, can I call in sith, mercinaries, and other goons for the sake of story/action progretion?)

Looking up, Queconasis realized that the Gen'dai was still hanging around. "He must really be P.O. to still hang around two jedi.  But he new that he and the other jedi couldn't hang about. The police would be here soon. Along with their new friends. Queconasis ripped the shirt off a nearby pedestrian and flung it over Aphotic's face. He then used the force to hurl the distracted foe into a stack of crates. "Come on", Queconasis shouted to Rekk, "or we'll both be easy targets for the sith!"


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I'm a guy (if that wasn't already obvious).

And on a side note, my brother and I are having an argument as to whether a female hunter is a "Huntress" or a "Huntess".  I say it's whatever is right. My brother picked the wrong one. wink

BobaFett Fan wrote:

By the way, hello everyone! I have been spying on you for about a year and finally got the guts to join tongue
Boba Fett is fearless though!

Hello there! And fearless isn't the same as courge.  Courage is doing something inspite of your fear.

draco fett wrote:
Force Master R wrote:

In reply for the demand of courage and accuracy...

17. Courage
Fett: Well, his courge goes to the extent of making sure that he gets out alive and payed.  However, thats as far as it goes. If you ain't Fett, he won't risk anything more than what your worth.

I have yet to read the story, but in "No Disinergrations, Please," Fett takes on an entire Imperial garrison, which is more than the average mission.

It may be more than the average mission, but it's for who? Yeah, himself.  Everything revolves around him.

In reply for the demand of courage and accuracy...

17. Courage
Fett: Well, his courge goes to the extent of making sure that he gets out alive and payed.  However, thats as far as it goes. If you ain't Fett, he won't risk anything more than what your worth.
Chief: It takes alot of guts to storm an enemy cruiser to free one's captin.  Cheif is willing to lay his all on the line for the good of his fellow mariens.
Freeman: Willing to storm the enemys home dimention a(Half life) and fortress (Half life 2) for the sake of others. Courge fefines who he is.
Winner: Freeman and Cheif share the gold. Fett gets silver.
18. Accuacy.
Fett: Give him a projectile rifle and you get a headshot.
Chief: Give him a sniper rifle and you get a headshot.
Freeman: Give him a crossbow and you get a headshot.
Winner: Three way tie. Hard to measure.

New Total:

Uh oh. I'm in trouble again. I just know my brother is going to post about how Boba is better.


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Queconasis, still reeling from the sonic blast, dodged the incoming shots and pushed the grenade away, where it couldn't hurt civilians.  He was tempted to choke the life out of the brut, but no, he'd sworn off that.  No more would he use the dark side.  That's what he got the garrot for.  He quickly looked to see if the human was alright. He then remembered that it was he who got hit with the sonic blast.  He relaxed, letting the force slowly heal the bruise.  He should of simply presuaded the Gen'Dai to leave the man alone. It would have been easy enough, what with his expereance.  He had been forced to use his saber. With the sith craling all over the place, he had to go and reveal himself like that. The worst part was that the sonics had doubled his hangover.


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Take an art class, you hack!
Just kidding, I appreciate my bro's work, seeing that I have know artictic ability, save in writing.


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Queconasis saw the the Gen'Dai purposely walk into the human.  Sensing a fight, the dug prepared to instantly throw himself into the fray, when he sensed a fellow jedi.  Thinking that he could use some aid against the Gen'Dai, he walked up to Aphotic and stated "Your mother was a nerff hearder. Wow is that the best you could come up with?  I've seen banthas come up with better insults. Speaking of banthas, judging by your smell, I could say you're related to them."  Queconasis prepared to throw himself away from the lived behemoth standing before him, hoping the human would have the good sense to either run or prepare himself for the upcoming battle.  "This fight is going to attract alot of attention from all the wrong kinds of people" he thought.  The sith were no push overs.  He should know.  He'd been one.

Valthonin wrote:
Force Master R wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

Hey dont rag on Indy! What has he ever done to you?

I love Indy!  Can't wait to see him in #4!  It's just that, seeing as he's using weapons that are from the 30's and has no armour, people would general state that he'd lose any vs. senario.  I personaly think Indy could beat both Chief and Fett at the same time, just don't ask me how.

I soooo agree with everything right there. He could beat them all, definitly. Me and you FMR, we know its true. smile
I'm slightly obsessed with Indy.
Back on topic, yes the stealth, wits, and speed I think are pretty accurate. I think that no matter what category's get added Freeman is still going to lose to MC and Fett however.(when all the points are tallied that is)

Long live Indy!  He who justly has his place as the number two Hero of all time, according to the AFI.  May he live on forever.

And currently, Fett and Freeman are tied for 1st, so if Chief is going to get back in the running someone had beeter post somthing that he'd beat both Fett and Freeman in.


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Name: Queconasis
Race: Dug
Gender: Male
Occupation: Jedi knight
Age: "Echuta!"
Weapon: Green Lightstaff (Think Maul), Cortosis Garrot, Force Powers (I'll reveal as we go along too)
Favorite Pasttimes: Picking fights and getting drunk.
Personality: Does the word "dug" not mean anything?

Wandering out of the canntina, the dug was brused, angry, and had a massive hangover.  It had been a fairly good day so far.  But the dug sensed somthing... he sensed the dark side.  Nothing runind a good day faster than the sith.  Well, he'd just have to stop that...

Valthonin wrote:

Hey dont rag on Indy! What has he ever done to you?

I love Indy!  Can't wait to see him in #4!  It's just that, seeing as he's using weapons that are from the 30's and has no armour, people would general state that he'd lose any vs. senario.  I personaly think Indy could beat both Chief and Fett at the same time, just don't ask me how. 

Anyway, to put in draco's cry for stealth and speed and my deciding to add split second tactics, which I will refer to as "wits", here goes...
14. Speed
Fett: He can run pretty fast and has a jet pack for extra speed... he just can't fly all the time.
Chief: "Hey guys, watch my run past that Zebra!"
Freeman: He can sprint at like, 10 mph for ten seconds...
Winner: Cheif, running laps around the others. Fett second, with freeman still at the gate...
15. Stealth
Fett: He can be stealthy when he want to be stealthy.  Heck, he can kill everyone in a bugged room with 2 bounty hunters outside have no one the wiser that it was me.
Chief: He try to be stealthy, but he alway end up either being spotted or blowing somthing up in 2 seconds.
Freeman: Sure he's stealthy.  But his stealth allmost always involves "Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire."  Sure, the combine won't find you, but who want's to look for someone in a town full of zombies?
Winner: Fett sneaks off with the trophie.  Freeman quietly takes second, with Cheif blowing up everything in third.
16. Wits
Fett: Most of Fett's moves are planned long in advance.  Never does a job by "making it up as he goes along."  He can think on his feet, after all, it keeps him alive long enough to put his long thought out plan into action.
Chief: Being crash landed on an alien planet, vastly out-numbered, he not only survived, he won.  Most of his thinking was "If it moves, shoot it untill it stops moving" to be sure, but what other plan is their when you stumble on intelligent fugus zombies deep underground?
Freeman: His entire life is on the fly.  What with being chased weaponless through the sewers, being abandoned in a zombie filled town, running into every combine checkpoint on a giant bug infested freeway, to leading a spur of the moment revolution, to running through the enemys own tower weaponless again, he better be quick with a plan.
Winner: Freeman.  Cheif in second with Fett in third.

New total:
Fett: 18


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Mwaaa ha ha!!!  My brother picture avitar failed!  It was supposed to be Jango Fett, but it just cam out as a fat Boba.
And what do you think of mine? I like it.

Thank you little bro. You too IG-88.
Why oh why can't people read my comments.  People, there are limitless ways to do comparisons  that favor anyone of the three.  Here's one.  Tight hallway with limited cover.  Freeman use's combine rifle's secondary shot.  Fett and Chief are ashes.  Heck, I could make Indianna Jones win.  Every one watches as the Ark of the covenant is opened by nazi.  Everyone but Indy is killed by the wrath of God.  See? It's pointless to use senarios for this because everyone (well, almost everyone) can win when a match is put in their favor. Hence the Tally sheet method.

My brother reminded me that Baba's Jet pack is a gadgett, one which I forgot to post.  But I still think the gravity gun is better, so I'm not changing anything.

I saw this a while ago. Stil just as funny the second time around.
This is under the fan films tab already.  Just so you know...

Man, for not being the biggest fett fan, I'm getting addicted to this site...

Karson Fett wrote:

Hello Boba Fett Fan!

Sev Fett wrote:

Weren't we just talking about spamming and relative posts?

I think he was trying to say hello to the new guy.  His post was a little late but nothing too bad.

BobaFett Fan wrote:

I say Boba could kill Gordan. His weapons are nothing compared to a blaster.
Boba verses chief would be difficult. Though MC could beat him in a fist fight, if Fett didn't stab him with his arm vibro-blades, I would say Boba would win. MC dies from ONE rocket in Halo and Halo 2. In Star Wars, they have a couple of hundred years of advanced technology including tracking rockets. One missile from Fett's Jetpack could blow up a tank, nevermind the chief himself. Plus, blasters are advanced plasma guns, not the crude random ones in Halo. An EE-3 rifle could cut through the Chief's shields.
So Fett would win.

As stated in the begining, I can't just write out a straight out knock down fight, because of the fact that, because the three are from differnt universes, we will never know weapon power, armour strength, or other such comparisons.  Thats why I say if you dissagree with a listing, or think I left one out, to post it. Like...

Fetterthanyou wrote:

While I don't always agree with his methods, FMR (snazzy new nickname for Force Master R) was most likely trying to point out the fact that your post was sorta useless. Why do you think Freeman is stupid? Why are the other two smarter than him? Questions that need to be answered.


Force Master R wrote:

Fett: Slave 1. Nothing else need be said.
Cheif: Warthogs, tanks, and some stolen Covenant ships.
Freeman: A rickity hoverboat and a suped-up dune buggy.
Winner: Fett. Freeman and Cheif tie.

While I agree that Slave 1 completely blows the other vehicles in this comparison out of the water... are you truly saying that Freeman's little buggy matches up to the warthog? And the corpion tank has met its equal in a hover boat? I don't really see the equivelancy. And what about the longswords and pelicans he has access to?

Fett, Chief, Freeman I say...

1st, thanks for the snazzy new nickname.  2nd thank you for clarifying what I said. Even if Maul's clone still won't accept it. And 3rd, looking back I agree, and so will change the running totals to...

New total:
Results in Fett and Freeman in a tie, with Cheif still in last.

So once again, if you think that I left out a listing or dissagree with one of the listings, post it, rather than ethier saying "Freeman would so get his butt handed back to him." or posting a senario.

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Freeman is dumb,that's all I can say,compared to the other two.

Well who asked you?

Force Master R wrote:

.So, if you disagree, agree, or think I missed something post below and I'll change the totals later.

Oh, I did.

Valthonin wrote:

I doubt that Freeman being a theoretical scientist would help him fight Fett. Also dont sell Fett's intellegence short, he's very strategic and has a very battle-wary mind, like Masterchief's.
Also Fett doesnt work for the Empire, he's just done jobs for them but he doesnt necessarily work for them.

Well, this isn't about a straight out knock down fight, it's a comparison.  There is no real answer in that situation.  If fett had time to plan, he'd probabl win.  If all three of them just walked in a room and started shooting, Cheif would probably win.  If the three were trying to kill the other two in a reactor chamber, Freeman would be the only one standing not having died from radiation poisioning upon entry. So that's why I'm using comparison, and not "Cheif could so kick fett's butt" arguments.  And Fett does work for the Empire, it's just he works like a contractor, instead of full time grunt.

Ok, got some sleep and am ready to continue:
Fett: Slave 1. Nothing else need be said.
Cheif: Warthogs, tanks, and some stolen Covenant ships.
Freeman: A rickity hoverboat and a suped-up dune buggy.
Winner: Fett. Freeman and Cheif tie.
13. Relationships
Fett: Has a kid with a woman then dumps her.  Some guy.
Cheif: None, unless you count an A.I.'s remark that his body is simular in structure to a space cruiser. Still don't know if she was hitting on him.
Freeman: Is good friends with many scientists, and has something in the works with Alyx Vance.
Winner: Freeman. Cheif comes second. Fett really should lose some points.

New total:

I know someones going to complain now that I've put Freeman in the lead.

Well, my brother and I were disscusing who was better, Boba Fett vs Master Chief vs Gordon Freeman. Decideding immeadiately that any strait up "So and so would kill whoever so fast his life would flash before his eyes in fast forward" debate would be pointless, we made a comparison list and this is what I came up with:

Fett: His Mandolorian Armour is pitted and scared, contains more hidden weapons then all the middle east combind, and gives off a vibe of complete and utter doom.  It also fails to cover a large part of his body, leaving him exposed to attack in any of his joints.
Cheif: Surrounded in his MJOLNIR armor, he has enhanced reflexis and strength, a the ability to store a "smart" artificial intelligence (Cortana is not included with the suit), not to speak of a incredible regenerating sheild.  It is also bulky, hiders acrobatic movments, and is an unholy shade of green.
Freeman: His smart Hev suit has a flashlight, radio, Geiger counter, morphine administrator, anti-toxin delivery system and a chargeable "sheild" of sorts, all run by a built in A.I.  It is also a tolerable shade of colors and is gap free.
Winner: Freeman.  Fett in a close second and Cheif in third.
Fett: Contains all sorts of vision and hearing enanchers, voice command links, jamming and scaning equipment, is nigh indestructable, and is just plain cool looking.
Cheif:  It keeps him from getting his head taken off by a plasma bolt...  Oh, it has a flashlight too.
Freeman: What helmet? (Yeah, come on, even if he does he never wears it.)
Winner: Fett.  He is his mask for Pete's sake.  Cheif gets second because at least he's got a helmet.
Fett: He has a modifed EE-3 carbine rifle, a Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor rifle, a blaster pistol, and a uncountable number of weapons in his armour.
Cheif: A few human made projectile based weapons and whatever alien weapons he can scavenge.  The needler is obscenely cool. The rest are simply standerd weapons.
Freeman: A couple of normal pistols, a SMG, grenades, guided RPG's, a shotgun, a crossbow, and a Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle.
Winner: Fett, duh. Freeman and Cheif tie, on account of needler/OSIPR tie.
4. Gadgettes
Fett: False eye/finger scanners, tracking devices, and other items helpfull in breaking and entry.
Cheif: Uhh...I can whack things with the butt of my gun...
Freeman: A nifty crowbar and a Gravity gun.  What am I saying! It's a freaking Zero-point energy gun! The enviroment is my plaything! Mwaaahaha!
Winner: Freeman. It's not even close.  All hail the Gravity gun!!! All Hail!!! Fett 2nd, Cheif 3rd.
Fett: Preety strong.
Cheif: I can bench press a Warthog and not even break a sweat.
Freeman: Well, he's preety str...oh, what am I saying.  He can't even climb over a chest high wall.
Winner: Cheif.  Fett comes in second, with Freeman trailing miserably in third.
Fett: I can chase after my merchendice for a while...
Cheif: I run for three day without eating.  Heck, I can fight an alien armada while continuously hopping for three days without sleeping or eating.
Freeman: I can run for about a minute. Less, if my flashlight is on.
Winner: Cheif again. Fett 2nd and puffing away in third is good old freeman.
Fett: Bounty Hunting, while sharpening the mind, is more blue collar than white collar...
Cheif: If it doesn't involve killing, it's not worth knowing...
Freeman: He's a theoretical physicist for cying out loud.
Winner: Freeman. Fett barely beats Cheif.
Fett: What allies?
Cheif: A couple of marines, and one good looking A.I.
Freeman: The human resistance, an alien race, a bunch of scientists, and (if you've got the bugbait) Antlions.
Winner: Freeman and Cheif tie. Fett wins too, but in a different way.
Fett: I jump, roll, flip, dive, and whatever else needs be done.  I'd give an olympic gymnast a run for their money.
Cheif: I get close, but this armour won't let me do a handspring.
Freeman: I'm a theoretical physicist, not a physical therapist.
Winner: Fett, than Chief, then freeman.
10. Enemies.
Fett: He picks and choose's who he's going to take on for the most part.  And he fights the scum of the galaxy, not the empire.  Heck, he works for the empire.
Cheif:  An alien race bent on our destruction and space zombies that threaten galaxy wide destruction.
Freeman: An alien race bent on our destruction and zombies.
Winner: Freeman and Cheif tie.  I mean, fett, you're cool and all, but I don't find your enemies all that bad.
11. Persona
Fett: The most heartless being in the galaxy. Emotionless and fearless, he is his mask and his mask is him.
Chief: To his enemies, the deamon.  The one being that hants them, who's appeance causes them to flee in utter terror.  To his allies, a living weapon capable of single handedly keeping the enemy at bay.
Freeman: To his allies, a messiah figure, a bond breaker (to the vortigaunts at least), "the last free man".  To his enemies, a simply man.  Not a soldier, not a warrior with advanced weapons training, just a simple man who will just not die.
Winner: They all win this one.
Tally: (2 points for 1st, 1 for 2nd. Ties score the same.)
Fett: 13 points
Cheif: 13 points
Freeman: 13 points

Well, it's a three way tie.  I'll add more later but I'm too dang tierd now.  So, if you disagree, agree, or think I missed something post below and I'll change the totals later.

Edit: In retrospect this is an obscenely long post.  Sorry everone for forcing you to read this.