The two Vikings that had been knocked down had gotten up and were incredibly angry, even for Vikings.  They were all set to go and burn down the skeleton pirates ship, when they noticed a woman fall out of the ship and walk to shore in nothing but her petticoats.  “Could she be the one?”  One of the Vikings asked the other.  “She could be, could not be.”  “Let’s take her to the captain, just to be safe.”  The two rushed to the beach and grabbed her, and hurried off to their longboat before other cursed pirates showed up to try and claim her.  They arrived just as Skoll was calling his brothers back to the ship.  They brought her aboard the longboat just as the sun started to rise.  “Come my brothers” Skoll cried, “we sail…” He then saw Mary.  “Who brought this…woman aboard?”  He roared, spitting out the word ‘woman.’  “We thought she could be the one you were looking for…” one of the Vikings stammered.  “None of the women in town were sufficient, Skoll, so she could be her.” Another stated. “I’ll be the one to decide that!” Skoll bellowed to his crew. “…Still, she could be.  I’ll see after we have put out to see.”  With that the Vikings shoved off, disappearing into a snowy fog that rolled across the ocean, taking a confused and shaken Mary with them.

Sev Fett wrote:

((Personally I think it is hard to bring vikings into this with Adeptus's plot.  But just continuing on...))

(Well, If you want to know how I planned to work Vikings into the story, you can read the below post.  If you prefer it to be a surprise, then don't read the section titled  "Spoiler Alert."

SPOILER ALERT!  Skoll was a historian and an English Lord, and was fascinated by the tales of the Norse raiders of old.  He knew their mythology and ways better than anyone else.  When he first heard of pirates, he connected them to the Vikings of old who terrorized Europe for years.  He sailed to the Caribbean to learn more about them.  He eventually used his fortune to get together a crew to "play" pirate himself.  He joined the pirate captains who sailed to England in an effort to reenact the Viking raids upon England, and to burn his name into history like the viking leaders of old.  Yeah, he has a complex.  Anyway his crew sailed into the mist..and came out as accursed vikings.  Skoll went insane and truly thinks that he is the physical embodiment of Skoll, and is determined to fufill his destiny to consume the physical embodiment of the sun.  Whether or not there is any substance to this ravings has yet to be seen...)

It was at this moment Morrigan saw two of his crew members, named Marx and Finnigan, were attacked b vikings.  Marx and Finnigan were incapacitated by the large barrels they were carring.  As the two pirates stumbeld into the moonlight they reverted to their skeleton forms.  The vikings pressed the attack knocking the pirates to the ground.  One of the vikings called out "How do you kill a skeleton?"  The other replied "You just re-kill them!" bringing a large hammer down upon one of the two, reducing his bones to splinters.  The two then picked up the barrels the two pirates were carring and returned to the ship.  The last thing Morrigan heard them say as they left was "For Skoll, and for Ragnarok!"

Tortuga is a town in the Caribbean, tropical climate, warm all the year round.  It rained heavily from time to time, especial during the frequent hurricanes.  But it never dropped below 70 and it had never snowed.  So it came as quite a shock when a few of the locals noticed patches of ice floating in the water or the sudden chill that filled the air.  Not quite as much of a shock as skeleton pirates raiding the town, but still strange.  It was then that a strange fog blew into port.  And what should ride out of that fog but a the prow of an ancient and cursed craft belonging to raiders of a bygone age.  Accompanied by snow and lightning, the town of Tortuga had never seen anything like it.  No would they ever forget it.  The craft slid onto the shore, its flat bottom eradicating the need for rowboats.  As the vikings ran to the town, Skoll cried out "Go my invincible breathren! Destroy all you find, take what you like, and bring me the heavenly orb.  She must not escape into the dawn!"

Hello, hello, hello!  It has been a looong time since I was able to post so lets just get down to business, shall we?

Name: Skoll
Age: Unknown, presumed to be ageless
Gender: Male
Nationality: Norse (No, really, he's Norse)
Occupation: Cursed?
Appearance: He stands about 7' 6'', is incredibly muscular and has a thick brown beard and mustache that seem to cover his entire face.  He wears a shirt made of animal hide and trousers.  He has a helmet with the crest of a wolf and hasn't bathed in an age.
Weapons: Generally a large ax and a shield, but he has been known to use whatever he can get his hands on.
Ship:(If captain) Ragnarok, a longboat with the figurehead of a wolf.
Captain:(If not captain of ship)
Brief History:(Optional) His history is a mystery, but he and his crew believe that he (Skoll) is the personification of his namesake and will destroy the world.  (Google "Skoll" to find its mythological background)

Skoll burst upon his fellow Norsemen as they were eating their breakfast of pork and mead.  “Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in…Tortuga!


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(I would like a recap.  I've been gone and have just got back in the swing of things.  I am currently happy with where we are but would like to get back to the action.  To much talking and forced romance. tongue )

Que wondered about these humans.  Why did they always pick the worst times to let their hormones go?  And what was up with all the implied communication and subtle hints of their courtships?  Why didn't they just take each other?  Que then thought better of it and decided that he never wanted to see two humans mating.  Eww.


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"Give him to me," Que stated "I've got a solution."  He took the body and laid it out.  He then issued a command into a com link. "Initiate clean burn."  There was a sharp humming sound and a sudden flash of light.  An LJ Series Patrol Droid fired a particle disintegration beam, causeing the courpse to vanish.  "No smoke, no body, no mess.  Now can we get on with what we need to do?"


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"Well," Que said, "I'll just go out and see if your miffed friend is doing ok.  You guys met all sorts of people while I was gone.  You'll have to fill me in later.  That is, if you don't replace me before then."  Que went to find Vrook before anything else happened.  That's when he sensed him.  "Oh poodoo." Que spat, "Rekk's friend has gotten in over his head.  Why is it that humans always pick just the worst times to have falling outs?"  Que sent a mental warning to the others, hoping that they would come quickly to his aid. If they didn't, he'd have to take all the blame when their friend was killed.  He just hoped it wouldn't come to that, as he slowly prepared his saber of battle. Again.

"What kind of surprise is it?" Rekk asked.  "Oh, something involving LJ Series Patrol Droids that the city uses as security force."  Que replied.  "After our first meeting with one, I figured that they'd be a handy asset to control.  I took some, well, most of my winnings and visited a local authority here.  They were only to glad to give me the command codes.  I've even tested it just to be sure I got my moneys worth."  The news that was flickering in the background changed: "And in other news, a few figures who were rumored to be allied with the sith were brutally beaten to death by a few LJ Series Patrol Droids.  City police chalk the incident up to hackers.  Viewer discretion is advised..."  Utath grew pail as she saw the footage.  Rekk turned away, commenting "How did they get a stun stick there?" Que just smiled and said "Well, isn't someone going to answer the door?"

The smoke began to clear to show two figures, one standing and the other lying on the floor some distance away.  Aphotic's armor had a large hole in the chest where one could clearly see his body regenerating.  Demagol was lying in the rubble, badly scorched and still phased by the blast.  Aphotic began to approach the figure, preparing to finish the fight when he was interrupted by a metallic voice.  "Target sited." it droned, its voice changing to play a prerecorded  message: "Hello there.  Bet you didn't see this coming."  The voice changed back as the  LJ Series Patrol Droid unloaded its missles at the two figures "Unleashing Hell..."


(Hey it's good to be back! My laptop is still down but I was able to back up some files and dig up my password.  No, I didn't forget you guys. I've just been incredibly busy.)

"Hey,you guys have a visitor outside."  Vrook, Rekk, and Utath whirled around. "Que!" Rekk shouted.      "Where have you been?" "Out" he said, "Arranging a little something for our friends."


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(My bro said yeah, Aphotic is now with the sith, and can work with Demagol)


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Que flipped head over heals, doudging the shots.  He quickly whiped out his garrot and landing on the Gen'die's back began to pull, bringing his saber against the brute's side.  But saber just bounced.  "Cortorsis!" Que exclaimed.  "Yeah, nice ain't it." Aphotic gasped as he dropped his gun and pulled the garrot away from his windpipe and used it to hurl the dug to the ground.  Grabbing a rock, the Gen'die laughed, thinking of the mess it would make of the Jedi.  Que pulled the sonic cannon to himself and let off a blast in his opponets face.  The behemoth dropped unconcious to the ground, just as the police sirens could be heard.  Que went back to helping the injured, starting with his friends, to make it seem as if they were just innocent victems


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When? When would he learn to trust his feelings?  Que quickly turned to help the others, glad that his frequent brawls in the bars had made him tough and a master of healing.  Tending first to those in greatest need he decided that if he met the Gen'die again that he wouldn't be caught off gard again.  That's when he sensed him.  Que continued with his work, waiting for him to make his move.  He was ready.


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"That could work," Que said, "if we knew the sith's base of operations.  Otherwise we just end up with random battles.  Not that I'm opposed to it, but it dosn't get us any closer to our goa..." Que sensed somthing. Was his just his feelings, his old dark dealings, or was their somthing else?  "One moment." he said as he went outside.  "Tell me the details later" he told the others, motioning for them to remain seated.


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"Well, it's about time" said Que.  "I've been waiting here forever.  These credits won't spend themselves."

(My laptop's screen is broken, so we I might need to post under my bro's name later if the problem continues.)


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Que sensed a disturbance in the force.  He hoped they would find the resistance soon.  The Gen'die and the sith were going to strike soon. And strike hard.


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Indy.  I don't even know why my brother would even think that Lara would stand a chance.  Heck, Lara was going to be a guy with a fadora and a bull whip but the company was afraid of copyright infrigment.


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Boba Fett was entering the atmosphere of the planet Coruscant, when suddenly he died.

Oops.  Story over.

Ok, time for me to give my two cence:
1. Boba had other people do his work all the time.  Take using Bossk and Zuckess in the Bounty hunter wars novels.  He just double crosses them.
2. Boba wastes more the Jango.  If you've read the stories of Bar and Ry Kooda you see him use wrist darts instead of blasters all the time.
3. Jango is also more human the Boba, and explains a lot.  Sure, he walks about without a helmut.  Sure he leaves some people alive when killing them might be easier.  He even tries to raise a kid.  Boba is pretty mucha souless abomination.

Oh, and when about a bazzilion, quillion, million troopers have you're genetic template, I'd geuss you're not concerned who knows what you look like.


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Que casualy approched the group.  "Hey, my friends and I were just wondering if we could join your party." "We aren't looking for revelers." stated one of the group.  "We aren't looking to freeload" Que hastily said. "We got money," Que flashed a some credits to show that he spoke the truth, "and we just wanted to get with you before the fun started." The last remark was stated so as that, if they were part of the resistance, they'd get the point.


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"Hello.  You'd do good not to abandon those who only wish to help. But, enough. Let's find out what their up to." Que stated.  "A simple hello wound't hurt.  After all, it would be best to join them early if we're going to join them at all.


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"I noticed that you're very forgetful of those that are with you." stated Que, feeling irked that they just tried to leave without warning him.  "They might be waiting for someone to join them. Some friends.  Some friends with newly acquiered wealth.  They'll need cash, if they're independant.  If not, then we'd better find out who their working for and what their up to."  Que was uneasy.  Rekk was getting more and distracted by the girl.  This was not a time for distraction he thought.  He then realised that he himself was distracted by many things himself.  There was the money, lots of money, and what he could do with that money.  He could finance a revolution. Well, at least start one.  And what with his leadership, it could be a succes.  The end of years of oppresstion. The... No.  He mustn't think of that.  It was this distraction that drove him to his other distraction.  The sith.  He'd need to be careful that while fighting that which he most hated, well, second most, he did not scummb to it. Again.


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While I'll admit that Obi-wan is the best Jedi, he's second in my book.  Ploo koon is my fav.


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"If you two are occupied," Que snorted "I'll just go keep a look out for our 'friends' and collect my winnings."  Que was glad to leave the to humans to their talk.  He was worried that his winnings would attract the wrong kind of attention.  He was also worried about the Gen'dai was up to.  He sensed that he would have a large role in the time to come.  And not nessasarely for the good.  He hoped that they could meet the resistance soon.  He had credits to spare now.  A lot of credits.


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I, while not being the biggest star wars fan, know ow the  scene played out, and I haven't seen attack of the clones in over a year, maybe two.  Trebor, jumps down in front of  Count Dooku in an attempt to capture him.  Jango, simply standing over to the side, shoots at him.  Trebor simply fails to block all the shots.  Not cheap, unless you call not openly challengeing your enemy to 1 on 1 combat cheap.