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The topic is Commercials.  Why can't anybody remember that?


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Alo Fett wrote:

Yah but Marth's FS (final smash) is the esayest to dodge, I mean onw jump and he/she misses and goes bye bye.
Also Marth's FS only goes to the end on the ground you are on, iow: if your on a floting platform you shot to the end and no more.
Now Samus's FS...WOW

...and then you sit there, wide open, until all your clothes fall off, just waiting for someone (me) to walk up and knock your pretty little hinny off screen.

And use that spellcheck bro! Your not gonna get anywhere if know one can tell what your saying.


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Fett_II wrote:
Fetterthanyou wrote:

And Fett_II... most Final Smashes are prety much 1 hit KOs (not all like Peach, but most)

most Final Smashes are 1 hit KOs when your opponent is damaged badly. Marth's is 1 hit KO no matter what.

Not totally true.  While I am a big Marth fan, I do have to admit that if your opponent is in a highly walled area, they can just bounce around.  They get 60 damege, but they live.  And Ike's "no flinch" Ather allows him to ignore the knockback effect.  And unintentional suicide is a possibility.  But it's still crazy good.  And range isn't a big worry if you know how to time your shield.

And Snake is a awesome character and one of my fav's.  I just don't find him as effective as Marth.  Marth, Luigi, Snake, Sonic, and both Links are my favorite Characters.  Love the fact that they included a dark elf skin.


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This board is for anyone who has anything to say about brawl, whether it is simply saying that ____ is your favorite character or that ____ is a noob or whatever.

As it has been noted on the Avatar requests form, I think Marth is the best character in Brawl.  Great reach and power, relatively high priority in attack, good jump and fairly fast to boot.  Add to this his awesome counter move and a superb final smash, and you've got a character to be reckoned with.  His only weakness is a lack of range and a somewhat weak grabset.  Care to reply, Alo?


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I don't know, maybe we all vote, and you just can't vote for your own.  Or maybe you could, I'm sure that at least one person thinks that somebody else's video is better than theirs. 

And another question, what about the videos that are off topic (i.e. not commercials)? Are they disqualified?


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Fett_II wrote:


What the heck is a sludgehammer? Is it like a sledgehammer made of mud?

Now I'd say Chuck Norris is my weapon of choice, but there's just no way to control firepower of that magnitude, so I'm gonna have to say the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.  Nintendo, lethally arming one suburban family at a time.


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How do we decide who has the best video?  Do we vote or something?


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5. Any movie with either Jack Nicholson, Christopher Lloyd, Anthony Hopkins or Gary Oldman in it. Just love these actors and most of their movies, had to put them here, so let's say it's my #5.

That is not a series, hence the appeal to recheck your post.  Everyone else (except Fett_II) kept their posts by my guidelines.  Draco's "Alice Cooper concert films" I count as one since I think that they are all kind of a series.  If there not, then Draco and I both goofed, and I apologize.   But currently your last selection isn't in any way definable to a series.  Just pick one film for the last slot and you're good.


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Wow, thanks for the Avatar Bro, especially seeing as I didn't ask for one.  The cartoon one you have, while being nice...looks a little gay.  Could you get him in the Smash Bros Brawl form?  And yes, I know that you think he is gay, but he is still the best character in Brawl.


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Fett_II wrote:
Force Master R wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

1. Star Wars (like AA's preferences)
2. Indiana Jones trilogy
3. pretty much anything by Steven Spielberg (this covers a lot of movies)
4. the matrix trilogy, v for vendetta
5. Lord of the Rings trilogy (Hobbit doesn't come out until 2010, but i will wait)

You have several movies here.  I just want 5.  Please, is it that difficult people?

these are my top 5. you said trilogies and stuff count as one. and some movies are tied.

I'm pretty sure that not all of Steven Spielberg's films are a continuation in a series.  If you said "An American tale" and included "Fivel goes west" that would be a series.  But "just about everything by Steven Spielberg" is NOT a series.  V for vendetta and the Matrix are also not of the same series.  So pick ONE film by Spielberg and EITHER V for vendetta OR The Matrix trilogy.  That goes for you too, Terra.  Sorry if I sound miffed, but I EXPLICITLY stated that I wanted just five movies.  So if you don't have a fifth or some are tied, wait before responding.  Please.


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Fett_II wrote:

1. Star Wars (like AA's preferences)
2. Indiana Jones trilogy
3. pretty much anything by Steven Spielberg (this covers a lot of movies)
4. the matrix trilogy, v for vendetta
5. Lord of the Rings trilogy (Hobbit doesn't come out until 2010, but i will wait)

You have several movies here.  I just want 5.  Please, is it that difficult people?


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Yeah, as I said it's just an idea. I'd have to make the school black if you wanted the background red...but I do like the fade idea.
And when I said you should post this at the AMM thread I men like requesting it or something else now that a few people are working on this I don't know if it's necessary.


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Si Titran wrote:

1. Star Wars (I-III)
2.Star Wars (IV-VI)
3. Lord of the Rings (all)
4. Jaws
5. a VERY close tie between Jurassic Park and Clueless. I can quote both by memory and have seen each over 50 times.

As I said, all series count as one, so Star Wars (I-III) and Star Wars (IV-VI) should be combined.

And yes, I know that the 5th is the hardest to place, so take your time in getting to it.


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Fett_II wrote:

well, i have no official list of my favorite movies. besides, this has been done already? i know there was a favorite movie/tv show thread, so i guess that counts as the same thing?

Gaah! I just said this wasn't a copy of the other Movie thread! If their is another "top 5 movie" thread I apologize.  But I've only seen one that has "Favorite Movie" list that are ten to thirty movies long.  Read my post!  I had this same problem with my Gordon vs Fett vs Master Chief thread.  Read the stinking first post, dang it!


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This topic is just a little survey that I like to do.  I ask this question to almost everyone I meet.  It's surprising how much you learn about people by asking this question.  *This is not a repeat of the favorite movies thread.*  I have seen that thread and it is a list of movies that extends into infinity.  I just want 5 movies and only 5.  A few quick guidelines which I find really help.
1: The films can be in any order.  If you don't have a number one film or if you have a tie between third and fourth, that's okay.  Just keep your list to five.
2: All sequels, prequels, trilogies or continuations of any sort count as one.  So don't list all the Star Wars movies as your post.  You can clarify which movies you like in a series if you want, but they all count as one.If you want to clarify which films in the family you like, go ahead and tell us.  They still just count as one.
3: These are your own personal top favorite movies.  Not the best films you have ever seen, just your favorite.  You've seen (insert multiple Oscar winner here) and think that its a great movie but you really just like (insert favorite film that nobody has ever heard of).  That's okay, and that's what I want.  So don't feel bad that Spartacus didn't make the cut while All dogs go to heaven did.
4: JUST FIVE!  I know that we all have honorable mentions, and I know that the fifth slot always difficult to place, but it must be done.  For the sake of my poll, for the sake of brevity, for the sake of humanity, just five!!!

And with that I give you my personal top five:
The Spider-Man series (All of them)
The Indiana Jones series (All of them, so far)
The LOTR trilogy (again, all)
The Rocketeer
The Nightmare before Christmas

Wow, someone picked OOM-9 as one of their favorite characters?  That's funny.


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road warning


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{Sounds awesome! I'll have to requests something...}

Alo, what are you doing hacking my profile!  Just because I never log out of my profile is no reason to use it for your own nefarious uses.  I should report you...if you actually did anything.  You're lucky that your my brother. 

And yeah, it does sound cool.  Make me a cool avatar, and maybe I'll forgive you...maybe


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Half Life


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Video games


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