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I don't know, Sarin.  The fan comic I'm working on has at least 3 female mandos in it and all 3 have their own units to command.  None of them have any physical traits that show that they're hard as nails aside from the "well worn" look of their gear.  Daenna's mando probably has a  few tricks up her sleeve(s).


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very nice!!!
Is this the final design of your mando girl?  Or is this a totally different character?

That sounds interesting! ...but making female characters just for the sake of showing them wouldn't be very cool. I'm no feminist or anything (although I do tend to strongly take a stand when there is unfairness) but to see them just hanging around to make the male hero seem charismatic...

Oh no, it's not like that at all.  If anything the female mandos are main characters and have their own stories. The fan comic is actually a collection of short stories showcasing each of the mandos.

Miba wrote:

omg, that's wonderful!! I'd like to know a story behind it, it'd probably be really cool.

You need to pick up a copy of "Triple Zero" by Karen Traviss

Deanna, love the mando strike team.
I have a background story for the fan comic that could include your mando girl since there's at least three other female mandos in it.  Tell me what you think.


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I really like your art style.

I'll post some of my own doodles later on. I think you might get a kick out of it.