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To those of you that participated on this RPG, I apologize.  I have let this thread die, due to lack of time and it was inexcusable.  I am posting this in order to let the participants know that I will no longer finish this RPG.  I would, however, love to get some feedback on how the game can be improved and what, if any, were your impressions, likes, dislikes and other comments on how the game was played/written.

You can either post in here, if it is okay with the mods, or PM me directly.

Once again, sorry for the death of this thread and hopefully future moderated RPGs will carry through the accomplishment of the mission.

Thanks for everyone's participation.

I posted an answer to the last pic you're working on but I guess it didn't go through.  Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm glad that you at least know how to use photohop, I suck at it, badly. tongue

I also didn't realize that you digi-ink your work.  Incidentally, I just love the umpteen active thumbs on the taskbar, busy busy Daenna, :lol

Can't wait to see the finished pic.

D 13, you're a Machine!  THANK YOU!!!

Thank you, I try to be tongue  and you're very welcome.  If you have any other time line questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll see what I can come up with.

-The Dinner

Several hours later, Spinx and Grov sighed almost simultaneously when the door chime to their suite rang.  Sure enough, Roleks was rihgt outside waiting for them.  They had both changed into a more relaxed attire albeit still not the armor and weapons they were used to.  Grov now wore a grey robe almost without any ornaments aside from the "senatorial" seal hanging from his neck.  Spinx had a more modest gown, showing less of her skin but still quite elegant, she was still quite upset for having to masquerade as such and was in fact, quite angry about her shoes.  It took a lot of her self control and balance not to scream out loud from the frustration of her high-heeled designer footwear.

Shortly the whole team was assembled and sitting around a richly food-laden dinner table in a lavishly decorated dining hall.  Roleks had told everyone discreetly that it was safe to discuss issues of the mission at the table as long as no one was in ear shot.  Roleks also tucked a note in Spinx' hand while he pretended to kiss it before taking his leave.  "Mrs. M'an, I do hope you find everything to your liking.  I shall leave you for the night and will check back on everyone in the morning."

As soon as Roleks had left the dining hall, Spinx looked down at the flimsi in her hand. -Move tonight, they are preparing to leave, gear and weapons moved to storage room in basement.  They are at a hangar 72 couple clicks.  Heavily guarded.  Have hostage, the daughter of the King of Kalderast. Ransom.  Good luck.-

Spinx knew that the hostage would complicate things, at the worst they could just disregard her and let her take a stray blaster bolt, at best they could rescue her and earn the gratitude of the King.  Spinx discreetly passed the note under the table to Grov, who in turn passed it to Orsusk until the whole team knew what the situation was.  They knew they would have to move quickly as soon as they left the dining hall.  If they didn't return to their rooms, the Deathwatch would be suspicious and could take off before they could get to them.  They needed to secure transport to get to the hangar quietly and quickly.  At the most they had a few hours and they knew nothing of the number of their opposition.  They would have to plan on the fly or on the way there.

Time was of the essence and they were walking into a situation blindfolded.

-Briefing on Kalaar

The turbolift ride was uneventful and the small mando group played their parts convincingly throughout the scanning checkpoint until they were all led to the two rooms where they were to "stay" during their diplomatic visit.

The first room was that of Senator Dik M'an and wife, a luxurious suite complete with an ordinately large balcony with a view of Kalaar and the planet surface several hundred feet below the floating city.  The room was definitely large in stature and in luxury, fur carpets line the exotic hard-wood floors, a fully loaded bar was in one corner and a decorative but functioning fireplace was in another.

Roleks had opened the door and let Spinx and Grov inside and whispered non-chalantly "Don't say anything, until I get back" then in a more normal voice "I take it the room is to your liking, senator?  I shall leave you and show your aids their quarters, but I will be back shortly", with that, Roleks had shut the door behind him, leaving the astonished couple staring at the only bed in the room.

Back at the "servants' quarters" Roleks gave the "aids" the same whispered message, but also shook Bjor's hand while he once again welcomed them enthusiastically.  "Welcome to Kalderast, I do hope the senator will enjoy his stay".  Bjor looked down onto the palm of his hand, on the note scribbled on a scrap of flimsi.  -They are here, your room is bugged, be extremely careful of what you say, dinner is the best time to talk unwatched-

Mari quickly picked up on the expression of Bjor's eyes and decided to play along.  She could not help but wonder what Grov and Spinx where upto though.

Back at the senator's suite, Spinx and Grov were finally relieved to have Roleks back.  Roleks shook Grov's hand vigorously and left him the same note, shortly after he was out in the hallway and down the turbolift.

All five mandalorians could only wonder what else was in store for them, but that would have to wait until dinner, for now they would have to wear the robes a little bit longer and avoid talking about their mission, at least in not so obvious words.

Does anyone know roughly when the character Ailyn Vell makes her appearance, time line wise, and how old she might be? (In relationship to ANH)

-Unfortunately, I don't know enough about Ailyn Vell, if I were to guess though, she should be in her late teens/early 20s by the end of "Return of the Jedi"

And, if you had to take a wild guess, when would you place the Fett vs. the Clones battle that took place in one of the video games?

-Considering that Boba is about 10 when Episode 2 takes place, and Episode 3 takes place three years later (Boba=13) and the Empire rises soon after that, my best guess is, Boba is probably in his late teens/early adulthood, more that likely +5 years after the events that took place on ROTS.  Incidentally, the clone rebellion on Kamino in BattleFront 2 would also place Boba about the time he meets Sintas Vell and fathers Ailyn.

Also, any guess as to how hold Fett is based on cannon, at the start of ANH?

if at the end of ROTS, Boba=13 and ANH occurs 18-20 years later, then Boba would be in his early 30s.
If calculated correctly, and assuming Boba fathered Ailyn at the age of 17, Ailyn would be 13-15 years old at the time of ANH and anywhere between 18-20 years old by the end of ROTJ.

From what I gather, Ailyn mistook SPAR (clone with Jango's memories who decides to revive the mandalorian clans) for Boba and kills him.  If Ailyn kills Spar, she must've been in her mid teens or early 20s which places that period at ANH where boba would be in his 30s.  Follow me now; if Spar was cloned near the end of the clone wars, he would be around 20 years old during ANH, but technically 40 physically which could explain the confusion since Spar is close to the physical age of Boba.

After the death of Spar, Fenn Shysa, another mandalorian takes over the clans while Boba escapes the Sarlaac and kills Jodo for impersonating him.  Ailyn also impersonates Boba using Spar's armor, but I don't know if Boba actually finds out about this.

I'll dig more and see what else I can find out.

- Kaalar Hangar

Once the Nubian ship had landed and the ramp had been lowered, the mandalorian team, disguised as diplomats were suddenly all business.  Orsusk and Bjor had taken the task of carrying the "luggage", Mari took her place as a helpful handmaiden, Grov had casually wrapped his arm around Spinx' while she displayed her best "happy bride" smile.

As soon as senator Dik M'an set foot on the hangar floor, a man in flowing blue robes came rushing towards the small mandalorian group.  Orsusk and Bjor kept their calm, both resisted dropping the cases they were carrying to reach into their robes for the tiny hold-out blasters they both decided to hide.

The man suddenly stopped a few feet in front of them and bowed gracefully.  "Your elegance, I am Roleks Gold, representative of Kalderast and your guide for the length of your stay."

The team was somewhat taken aback by the greeting and before they could say anything, Roleks was patting Grov on the shoulder, kissing Spinx' hand in a welcome gesture, had his arm around Mari and had in fact thoroughly frisked them all discreetly.  Orsusk and Bjor almost protested but before they could do anything, Roleks had removed the tiny blasters from them and made them disappear into the folds of his flowing blue robes.  "I said no weapons, we will be going through a scanning check point" he whispered discreetly.

Everyone almost looked at each other simultaneously but instead just smiled diplomatically.  Roleks then turned toward Grov and loudly announced his welcome routine.  "Welcome to Kalderast, senator.  Please follow me and we shall endeavor to make your stay a very pleasant one."

They had made contact, and they all had questions about the mission.

"Why certainly, milady" the droid chimed in then turned to attend to Spinx' request.  The "milady" title felt out of place, but Spinx didn't think much of it, she figured it was just how the droid was programmed.  Shortly thereafter the full team spilled back into the main cabin all wearing their "civilian" disguises.  They all stared blankly at each other, trying to be comfortable in their new roles.

The pilot had taken off shortly after they went to their respective cabins and slipped on their new garb.  The mandalorian strike team didn't look as menacing as they first did when they came on board.  The pilot chuckled silently in his seat while he observed the uneasy men and women through the security cameras installed in the cockpit.  "Ten minutes till touchdown, we'll be coming out of light speed shortly" the pilot finally announced over the intercom.  "If I were you, I'd start packing your tools.  The special scan-proof cases should be able to hold all your armor and equipment, and since you are supposed to be a diplomatic group, no one would dare inspect diplomatic luggage."  The pilot peeked back into the main cabin, "I need senator Dik M'an to come up to the cockpit and get everyone's diplomatic IDs".  He let out a loud laugh that finally ended in another chuckle before he handed a pouch filled with "official" papers to Grov.

Grov grumbled loudly and mumbled under his breath before he roughly grabbed the diplomatic pouch out of the pilot's hand.  "If I find out who came up with that name... mumble mumble".

The rest of the team all suppressed their laughs while Grov came back to the lounge, handing everyone their respective paperwork.

Finally packed and ready, the team got ready to touch down on Kaalar, one of the major cities on Kalderast, and shortly, Kaalar's main tower was giving authorization for the Nubian ship to land in the main hangar.

The game was suddenly cut short when the holo-projector fizzled to life.  Var's face looked ominous but was staring blankly into space, a tell-tale sign that this was not a live broadcast but rather a recording.  Var's authoritative voice still made the squad almost stand to attention.

"You all may be wondering why you are travelling aboard such a luxurious vessel rather than your standard dropships.  The explanation is simple; although we have the location of the Deathwatch group, one can hardly hide the arrival of a ship on Kalderast."

Var paused a second.  "If you read your mission files, you already know that there are three major cities on the planet and that the Deathwatch are located on one of them.  Your main problem is, intelligence does not know which one.  Any messages beamed off of Kalderast is obviously being monitored so our spy network was unable to confirm their exact whereabouts.  However, upon arrival you will be contacted by one of our intelligence agents.  Unfortunately, meeting an assault team of Mandalorians would mean blowing his current undercover status, thus everyone on this group will land as a wealthy family accompanied by their aids."

"Until further notice, no one will have access to armor or any weaponry that would compromise your landing on Kalderast.  Your ship has been loaded with clothing and accessories in order to achieve this discreet insertion, the team will infiltrate as civilians, carrying all equipment and weaponry in standard luggage until you have met with your contact and confirmed the exact location of your quarry."

"Remember, don't look for your contact, he will find you.  Kote, ner vode!!!"

Everyone was silent once again, but now everyone seemed to want to express their opinions on their "unique" insertion method.  Roles needed to be distributed, who was to be a noble and who was an aid, and who was this mysterious intel agent.

The Flight to Kalderast

On board the luxury ship, the assault team walked into the main cabin.  Everything about the ship was "shiny".  The main cabin was circular with hatches leading to the several adjacent private quarters.  A holographic projector was in the middle of the room, surrounded by 6 very extravagant nerf-hide covered reclining seats.

The sight of the main cabin was way too unusual to the small group who was used to the cramped loading bay of their standard dropship, they did not know what to make of such lavish accomodations and why they were flying with such "style" towards a mission that would involve heavy use of artillery.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard, how could I be of ser.. " They all simultaneously drew their weapons and spun around when they heard the voice behind them, and were met by a cowering silver protocol droid.   "Oh my word!  Have I displeased you?!  I was merely trying to be of service..."

The pilot, once again, peeked out from the cockpit.  "Whoa, easy there, don't blast your butler, he comes with the ship you know, inventory would like everything in one piece.  Just enjoy his service will ya, he'll bring refreshments and whatever else.  Once we're airborn, I'll play your onboard movie."  With that he disappeared back into the cockpit.

The mandalorians looked at each other, suprised by the turn of events while Orsusk rubbed his hands together gleefully.

"This team is getting bigger by the minute!"  The pilot leaned inside the mess hall which was, except for the now 5-man team, was completely empty.

"We better get going, before you guys multiply any more" he nodded softly and snickered.  "The ship is all fueled up and your gear has been loaded in the main cabin.  We are running a bit late, so if you would all climb aboard, we'll get this show on the road".

The pilot stepped out and left the 4 mandalorians still stunned with the arrival of their new member.  The cybernetic arm wasn't so much of a surprise, but the fact that she was a combat medic was a novelty.  Neither of the four had had the chance to work with a medic before, none of them were that lucky and relied on themselves to patch their own wounds, their mission would definitely benefit from their fifth member.

After a brief introduction, everybody collected their gear from the table and all headed to the waiting Nubian vessel.

The pilot first nodded in the positive then answered with a very flat "no".  Bjor could almost see the mischevous grin behind the pilot's helmet and suppressed the urge to backhand him.  Before he had time to reconsider, the pilot had turned around and headed up the loading ramp.  "Luxurious and no weaponry was what the request sheet said, I just pilot, you guys do all killing".

The rest of the assault team suddenly realized that the mission was going to be less of a cake walk that they were first led to believe.  Somehow it did make sense, arriving on Kalderast with an assault craft would tip off any Deathwatch members and further complicate the mission.  They couldn't help but wonder what other suprises were waiting for them upon their arrival at their destination.

The Hangar

- The small group of mandalorians had arrived at the hangar where their transport awaited.  Although initially they were three, they were now accompanied by a fourth member.  There were very few words exchanged and everyone was curious as to what Grov had in store for them.

Upon entering their alloted docking bay, they were greeted with the sight of a ship very different from their usual assault craft, a Nubian luxury ship without a dent or a scratch.  On the far end of the landing pad they saw what they could only assume to be their pilot, busy discussing with a maintenance droid.

They all paused for a moment, waiting for the other to make a comment or say something about the mission at hand.


True Warrior, I would very much appreciate it if you would also use the <OFF TOPIC> tag.  As I've mentioned previously it allows for the other readers to skip ahead of the non-story posts.  Additionally, I don't think thelastMandalorian's post was too bad, however, it did seem that Dealer of Death's request is a valid one, since the RPG should be quite clear for everyone involved.  Thank you thelastMandalorian for editing your post.

If at all possible, could you both edit your last posts and put the <OFF TOPIC> tag at the beginning please?  Thanks in advance.


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Here's my take on the subject.

Everyone's been taking the "Boba's a deadbeat" approach or the "protect his family from enemies" approach, but it could actually be more tragic and sadder than that.

What if Boba didn't know he fathered a daughter?

Hear me out.  Boba is a bit older, wiser.  He's had a few close calls where his life flashed before his eyes, as in almost died from a hunting job.  While not necessarily looking to have a legacy, he's probably rethinking his view on the "no sex" thing, after all he could die a violent death without experiencing it, let's face it, everyone grows up and interests change.

Boba's living fast and he kinda likes this other bounty hunter chick, cause she's strong and again let's face it, there's not many attractive women in the bounty hunter gig.  One night they're going for the same bounty and end up on the wrong end of an ambush, they get out of it, bag the bounty, but barely.  Both still under the rush of the fight and scared to an inch of their lives, and fearing that they wouldn't live past tomorrow,well.... they end up doing it, in the heat of the moment.

Boba, not exposed to the mysteries of life goes "it was great, cool, we should do it again some time" and then heads of to hunt other bounties, forgetting about the chick completely.

Sintas, mistaking Boba's inexperience for being a deadbeat, decides to have the kid and tells her that "daddy left us when you were still a baby".

Baby is mad, cause mommy is the only person she has (and who else would she believe?), so she vows to kill the deadbeat daddy when she's all grown up.

Meanwhile Boba's gotten even more mature, even wiser and he's thinking he should now have a legacy.

The irony is, his legacy wants him dead.

The only glitch in this theory is the holovid pic of a mando and Sintas holding Ailyn, but then again Sintas could've just posed with Jodo Kast or some other wayward mando.

Actually, I'd say Boba is the proverbial "chip off the old block".

Think about it, Boba is definitely more "raw" in the way he interacts with people, both bounty and client, but you have to think about the reason.  Dad pretty much dies while he watches, the only person he knows that took care of him just got decapitated, that's gotta make ya mean inside.

I don't know what happens to Boba after geonosis, if I understand it right he learns his craft pretty much by himself, trial and error.  And when error can cause you your life, you tend to be on the extremely cautious side and you will make sure that your opponent is toast or otherwise unable to hurt you.

Jango was adopted into mando culture, he grew up in a "social" environment.  He'd still kill you because he had the skill, but he grew up being "civil".  That explains the less gritty attitude when it comes to talking with Jedi.  When Jango talks with Obi wan, he's sizing him up, checking to see if he's going to be difficult to kill.  You actually have to commend Obi wan, lesser Jedi have died in Jango's bare hands, I repeat, bare hands.  You have to consider how many Jedi Jango took out, including Trebor Coleman (shot down from the balcony on geonosis) and consider how many Jedi Boba killed.

Jango also escaped from a prison ship, contributed to the end of the Deathwatch, stole a prototype firespray (Slave I), became the template for the hundreds of thousands of clones you have grown to love, and spawned our very own Boba Fett.

Boba nodded, quick drew, and asked what would happen if solo died because he's worth a lot to him, and that made him the coolest "bad guy" in the original trilogy.  It's true he goes on to reassemble the mandalorians and becomes mandalore, has an actual daughter that's not cloned from himself, and does perpetuate the fear of being hunted by Boba Fett, but you have to consider the source.

Truly, dad was actually quite busy during his prime and accomplished quite a bit in the star wars universe, an exact duplicate of him could only achieve equally impressive things yet we know very little of what Boba has accomplished and that's what makes him more mysterious, more raw, seem somewhat more deadly. 

In the end, Jango wasn't less of a Fett than his clone/son, he was just a more elegant bounty hunter from a more civilized time.


Very good first "in-game" post.  As you can see I have labelled the header of this post with the <OFF TOPIC>.  This is simply to avoid confusion between off-topic discussion and in-game discussion, this method also allows the potential readers to skip ahead and continue reading the story instead of having to read through the off-topic discussions.  Try and keep the <OFF TOPIC> labels to a minimum so the story and the game flows.  Make use of your PM boxes, that includes me of course.

Alrighty, since there hasn't been any activity (ie people wanting to join) in the last 24 hours, I am starting the game.  Any new players can be added to the team later on, but for now let's begin.

Chapter 1: The Job

Spinx, Grov and Bjor had barely had the chance to get back from their previous missions when they were all called into the briefing room.  There was a job to be done.  Their "taskmaster" was a highly respected Mando'ad and he had had them called in personally by his droid rather than by holo-coms.

Everyone was seated sparsely in the large briefing room and wondered about the urgency of the meeting when their superior spoke from the middle of the room.  "I do not believe either of you have had the opportunity to work under my command, I am Var Zolst and I have been contacted by a very high-paying client."

He paced around and continued "Unfortunately, I am unable to fill this request as something of greater importance has come up.  You will therefore have to take the contract on your own.  I have heard great things about each of your abilities and I am confident that you will succeed in this mission, specifically since some of you have a personal interest in this job."  Var Zolst paused again.  "Our contractor wants a certain group eliminated, private vendetta I believe.  The job requires you to do away with a smaller Deathwatch group, this mission is two-fold as you will have the chance to eliminate some of your worst competitors and get paid doing so.  I will not talk of reward specifics, but our contractor insisted on a bonus for each Mando'ad that succeeds in eliminating this specific group."  He then turned around and proceeded to walk towards the exit "Details have been downloaded to your helmet viewfinders... Good luck, ner vode..."

All three mandalorians simply nodded at each other as they simultaneously put on their helmets and proceeded to read the files of their mission.

-Location: Kalderast, a planet on the outer rim territories with low gravity, most of the cities are established on gigantic floating rocks which have been detached from the surface of the planet.  The cities themselves have a standardized artificial gravity allowing normal activity.

-Target: DeathWatch group, number unsure, speculated to be somewhere between 10 to 12

-Travel distance: 12 par-secs

-Weaponry: Standard

-Note: There are 3 major cities on Kalderast, in view of logistics and ease of leaving the planet, intellegence suggests that the target is located on one of these major cities.  It is highly unlikely they will separate their forces since it is a smaller DeathWatch group.  You will be contacted by an agent on Kalderast as soon as you land.

The three mandalorians sat there for a second, pondering their next move.  There would be a ship waiting for them in the hangar along with a pilot but none of them knew who the other was, this was the first time they were working with each other and did not know what to expect.  They would have to rely on each other's skills even if they did not know what they were.

<Take time in interacting with each other and head on out to the hangar where your transport awaits.>

Welcome to the game, "Kirath".

I'm glad with the composition of the team.  Currently we have a long-range weapons specialist, a demo expert and an assault mando.

Here are a few more pointers and rules before we start the actual RPG.

-All mandos in the game have a standard kit, namely; wrist gaunts that have flamethrower, whipcord, dart launcher and of course a wrist rocket.  Each mando also has a built-in rangefinder on their helmet.  Remember that you have these items available to you.

-Certain Non Player Characters (NPC) will either help you or hinder you, some of them have recurring "roles".  Try not to kill those that actually help you.

-Discuss things among you, either in PM or by starting your post entry with <CONSULT> and then posting what issue you want to discuss.  However, certain situations will not allow you the opportunity to discuss.  These are situations of urgency or in which a specific mando player is in jeopardy and must react on his/her own.

-It is possible to kill each other, but I typically advise against it.  After all, you are supposed to work together to achieve your goal.

-It is not my goal to kill you off at every opportunity, it's not fun and it's counter productive.  It is my job to try and make your character's life miserable though, because a mando's life is tough but rewarding.

-It's a very very loose RPG, wander around, pick up stuff, flirt with the twilek dancers, you get the idea.

-Blasting something, sometimes, is the best solution.

-Be creative and have fun.

I will see you on the field soon ner vode.

Welcome to the game, Vontross.  Your skills will be much needed.

Tell me if you two want to start or if you want to wait for more members.

The game is very much based on a standard RPG with very few rules.

-You may shoot at anything and anyone, killing or wounding it us totally random.  As game moderator I may decide if it's a kill, wound or miss.   Remember, don't shoot at anything you don't really want killed/destroyed

-The game relies on your wits and creativity, the more creative the solution, the more fun the game will be, both for you and me.

-You do not have life-points, but that doesn't mean you cannot die.  Be smart, don't attack tanks head on, you may be mandalorian but not invincible.  Mandalorians are cunning and can always improvise, there are other ways of taking out a tank without getting killed.

-Pay attention to the description given of your surroundings and the number of "baddies", it could mean success or failure of your mission.

-Kill only when it's necessary.  There is a lot of information to be had from a wounded, but living, prisoner.

-If unsure of ANYTHING, ask questions.  And if you think it could work, try it.

More rules and info later.

Welcome to the game ner vode!!!

Thanks to the moderator for the sticky and thanks to you Atinvod for being the first to join.

Great choice for you primary weapon and love the background.

If by tomorrow there are no other people that join, it'll be a one person RPG.  If that happens, bear with me, you might actually enjoy the game on your own, much like one of those books "in which YOU are the hero".  LOL

This is a moderated RPG, I will play the role of RPG mod/game master and all other Non-player characters.

I am limiting the number of players to 6 because it becomes too cumbersome with more players.  (with a better system, I might be able to allow a whole army of player characters in the future)

Each player that wants to join needs to post:

Height: (player's choice)
Armor Color: (player's choice)
Race: (choice of any SW humanoid creatures and races, since mandalorians are a mixed bag)
Sex: (male, female or other)
Primary Weapon: (blaster types not larger than a rifle or a carbine)
Secondary Weapon/Special ability: (blaster weapon no larger than a pistol or any special ability, be creative)

Short history and description: (the better the description, the easier for everyone to picture your character)

-The Era is pre-clone wars, sometime between "open seasons" and "episode II", keep that in mind, there will be no imperials or clones yet.





Get to posting, I post the synopsis as soon as there are at least 4 players.


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Atinvod, tell her I love her doddles.  Where did she draw these comics as dailies? Do you have a link?
Keep spazzing the both of ya.


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These doodles are soo cool, you should make it like "dailies" a bit like VGcats or penny arcade.  (wif color, even better)