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Which was odd because no one knew what had happened to cause an entire NFL team to be made up of men named Patrick.. Then Boba Fett became a plot element again.


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Continuing down the street Jonas was passing what seemed to be the towns main social area, seeing as there was a bar and games hall on the right side of the street and on the other side a more 'aged' establishment which probably contained a bunch of scantily-clad twi'leks swinging around and claiming to be using it to pay for a degree or some other story. As he approached the bar his eye suddenly filled with static, not fully losing the vision but obscuring it enough so he could run into some local looking guy who had probably spent his weekly earnings on booze.

The drunken man muttered something Jonas didnt understand, and stumbled off. Grumbling under his breath about useless miners Jonas continued to the command center


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Name: Jonas Merill (changed after birth)

Occupation:Private Contractor/Mercenary

Weapons:Zabrak Blaster Carbine, two modified Mandalorian Rippers http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/6339/r … iewxf0.jpg
(Helmet linked scopes)Short Vibrosword(no cortosis)

Armor: http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/090.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/091.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/089.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/086.jpg
Helmet and arm sections(excluding gloves) are retractable
Visor includes tactical display, showing region of planet, GPS map, Translations, weapon and armor status, kill counter. Right arm section(and glove) are cortosis weave

Appearance: Standard Echani phenotype, Right eye is augmentic blinks is of poor quality and doesn't give a good image when it works at all, long scar running down right side of face, Augmentic Jaw (think Malak, but not without the neck protection) voice is rendered mechanical and raspy by this.

Personality: Generally a loner, doesn't speak much to people he doesn't know, or doesn't like.

Slightly force sensitive, ability mainly comes across as him being lucky, and usually 'knowing' when something bad is about to happen

Short History:Both parents were spacers. At the age of 14 his family was spending a day at a port city, having lunch in the hills off to the east. Jonas began to feel ill and stood to take a walk, on returning he heard blasterfire. He rushed back to find his siblings and mother dead and witness his father being shot by a group of heavily armed fighters. He began to believe that his parents died due to the Echani culture and its general neglect of heavy armor or weapons.He embraced these things, and became a mercenary.Due to this he is generally disliked by most Echani, and has become a pariah to his species. In more extreme cases their dislike turns to hate and disgust, many would kill him just as soon as see him.




Jonas secured himself against the drop pillar, lowering the harness so he didnt go flying about bay when the ship took the plunge an alarm sounded, it was unnecessary Jonas didnt have any company, but he didnt want to turn it off, he found it oddly comforting. He felt the drop and felt the forces begin to push him against his harness. It didnt last long, his ship righted its self, low enough for him to drop into what it had designated as an lz. The ramp dropped, revealing the ground rushing past below him. The red light turned orange. He unhooked and stepped to the ramp, with a loud buzz the light turned green and Jonas jumped.


Landing was interesting, Jonas flared his parachute and touched down in a busy street,  the main Czerka office in the distance. He was thoroughly aware that parachutes were not very common anymore and he drew quite a few stares as he withdrew the thing. Checking his surrounding he began to trudge towards the Czerka building. The street was full of stands, people selling things trying to make some extra money, a man who was vending clothing on his right took a step forwards and suddenly disappeared along with half the street. He swore and smacked his helmet, hoping the shock would put whatever piece of machinery in his augmentive eye was out of place this time and causing him not to be able to see out of it. He continued to the headquarters and made a note to get the damn thing replaced.


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they would drop into the surrounding area and have some terminators teleport in


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Actually, that would be pretty tight.



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Unless the Adeptus Astartes send in some drop pods that is


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in the terrifying monsters that are totally harmless sector, so hit switched on his hyperdrive after making some corrections, but Tim the Tool Man Taylor showed up and brought his whole 'Tool Time' show. Al was sucked into Slave 1's engines and caused the ship to reach ludicrous speed.


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Went and got his helmet. Problem solved.


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The Ghostbusters crossed proton streams.


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Press the galactic reset button. He then went on the internet so he could figure out how much experience each action would give him, and how badly it would effect his morality meter.


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Way awesome....And he was wearing a helmet so he gets a 5/5 for safety lol


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And ordered Big Macs. And got them. Then Boba Fett walked in and once again became a plot device, instead of just the character this was named for.


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What if they hit some weird intergalactic beam or something and go plaid for some reason?


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And its more accurate, isnt it? is there as much risk of say hitting an asteroid or something?


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However due to a technicality it was called the B.I.G.C.H.E.E.S.E.P.U.F.F.F.D.O.M. because words such as of, on for, the, with, in, and and are not used in acronyms. The incorect acronym angered the Acronym Armed Forces and they struck out at the weapon and blew it up with their shortened names


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Or it just makes for better fiction that way, and civilization is probably like 10 times older in SW then in Star Trek.


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Ok, so your telling me, that in the middle of an orbital engagement theres going to be more then a squad of stormtroopers on the bridge? and their not going to be stunned when five or six guys just pop out of nowhere and start shooting the officers?


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Thats not a tiny guy in armor now is it? tongue


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Hmmmmm.Tiny man in armor vs eight foot tall dude with a missle shooting machinegun who could flick your head and break your neck as a result? Oh and add power armor to the eight foot tall guy.


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Accuracy is always a problem though. I would rather have a pistol that hit every time you pointed it at something then a high powered sniper rifle that didnt. All it takes is one good hit on the right spot (aka the bridge) and the ship is pretty much done. Another thing. The Enterprise could conceivably beam an away team directly onto the bridge of a ship and take the bridge crew hostage/eliminate them.


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"Negative negative, target not neutralized. "

Mu-4 leaned into the stick, looping his craft around, and with a quick burst of fire caused a fatal hull breach in the back of a shuttle. In the distance small figures tumbled out of the ship as it began to spin. He scanned the area  searching for his target. Mu squadron was assigned to defend the capitol ships as well as to target and destroy the Jensaraari and jedi pilots before they went planetside. The Jensaraari were priority, as Mu squadron was considered to valuable to be thrown against the jedi this early in the battle, however two pilots were tasked with harassing the Jedi known as Tanis and the wookie. Mu-4 caught sight of his target and began to trail him. He checked his sensor, the enemy ship danced back and forth, holding in his brackets for a millisecond. His tactical display trailed in, providing vectors of approach and velocities that would have been much more useful in a controlled environment. He hit the throttle and made his turn tighter, edging the ship into his crosshairs. They switched from blue to red. Mu-4 opened fire.


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Tho'un turned quickly from the window overlooking the Korriban landscape, dispite himself his hand had dropped to his saber.

"Admiral. Report."

The blue shimmering holographic form of one of a low ranking admiral knelt before him, most likely volunteered by his supperior to make the report. He rose and began to speak.

"Rebel forces are numerous and fight with much tenacity, lord. However we have the situation under control. The might of our Star Destroyers will crush them."

"Are all available fighters deployed"

"No, lord, we have ten squadrons deployed in reconisance and early-warning missions to prevent flanking, as well as the planetary defense forces."

"Divert the ten squadrons and have the planetary defense forces on high alert."

"Your will be done, my lord" the admiral said as he began to kneel again

"Oh, and admiral?"

"Yes, lord?"

"Deploy the death squadrons and Mu Squadron"

"Yes lord."


The seven black TIE-Hunters sat waiting in the fighter bay. It was a small bay, and empty of other ships, one entrance, and a door to the black void of space, green and red lights flashing in the distance. An alarm began to blare and a door oppened. Seven pilots, black clad in scout armor with a spaceflight helmet over their heads ran out, on their chests was the sigul of the empire, a skull in the center and lightning bolts to the side. They were the pilots of Mu squadron, possibly some of the deadliest non-force sensitive pilots in the galaxy and the best of the empire. Their ships were special, faster, stronger shields, deadlier. Their mission was simple, defend Koriban at all costs, the survival rate for their squadron was nonexistant, they all would die in service for the empire if it were asked. On the wings of each kill tallies were proudly kept, the lives of thousands were taken by these angels of death, and more would be taken soon.


The Death Squadrons of the Imperial Navy were newly formed. The pilots were mostly identical to normal TIE-pilots, and so were their ships, however these men carried one special difference. They were trained to crash their ships into the bridges of the enemies capitol ships when their crafts received a high amount of damage. They were kamikazes, and they were en route to the battle.

Not if combusting into flame/burning into ash counts as sparkling then only the good ones do....but it dont so sev wins

Im going with the vamp dude......He doesnt sparkle does he?


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And then the cops came over, found nothing wrong, and went to run over some zombies